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Intransa Overview

Intransa quietly went out of business. Former Intransa employees started a company named 'Viakoo' to service and support Intransa customers.

Intransa Company Coverage

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Ingram Micro is Back to Defend IP! on Nov 13, 2015
"..." Their citations includes one of their own posts and a 2011 article from Intransa's marketing guy. The irony of citing a failed company's marketing when defending something being..."
PennyAlerts is Pretty Interesting on Jun 25, 2015
"We have criticized Intransa / Viakoo pretty harshly. And they deserved it. Quietly going out of business, dropping all..."
How Embarrassing - 28 Security 'MVPs' on Jun 03, 2015
"... And the best video surveillance app? The fine folks at Intransa 2.0: Another winner based on the only company willing to pay. The trade mags need money and..."
Bad Marketing Beware - Intransa is Back! on Mar 13, 2015
"...million on a mythical 'secret sauce', quietly going out of business, dropping all warranties, could Intransa top themselves? They are trying. Reborn as 'Viakoo', the bad marketing is back. Petitioning..."
Intransa Management Software Query on Dec 10, 2014
"... I am simply asking anyone here if they have or know someone who has, a copy of the Intransa storage management software for Windows that they could send to me? "
Invest in a Video Surveillance Storage Startup on Nov 06, 2014
"Did you miss out on making millions investing in Intransa or Pivot3? Well, here is a limited opportunity to get in on an up and coming video surveillance..."
Winners Losers Fall 2014 on Oct 13, 2014
"...the plus side, they are still in business, which is more than can be said for their direct competitor Intransa, who silently went bankrupt and has now morphed into a video monitoring service..."
Milestone Launches Professional NVRs (Husky) on Sep 12, 2013
"... In this note, we break it down comparing it to Exacq, Intransa and Arcus partners. Product Overview The Husky series is available with 3 configurations..."
Intransa is Dead, Long Live IntransaBrand! on Jul 09, 2013
"Since 2012, Intransa had been fighting to keep its head above water after spending more than $100 million in hopes of..."
Competitor Ad Mocks Intransa on May 29, 2013
"Intransa has still made no public announcement about its reorganization, mass layoffs and quasi..."
SOLVED: Fixing a Broken Intransa System on May 02, 2013
"We installed an Intransa system some time ago consisting of 2 VA30's, a VA100 and an expander. A couple years go by and a..."
Intransa Wind Down Investigated on Apr 23, 2013
"While we have been reporting for more than a month about the failure of Intransa, there is still no official public announcement. Indeed, visitors to their website who did not..."
Intransa From the Ashes, Viakoo on Apr 15, 2013
"... We broke news a few weeks ago that Intransa's employees were laid off. While the company never publicly acknowledged the situation, there's..."
Pivot3 Q1 2013 Update on Mar 27, 2013
"Intransa's troubles have raised concerns about the viability of specialized surveillance storage..."
Entire Intransa Staff Laid Off on Mar 20, 2013
"Intransa has laid off its entire staff and will no longer be a company by the end of the month, according..."
Intransa Phone Line is Back? on Jan 31, 2013
"Every so often, we call Intransa to try to speak to a human being. In the past few months, we almost always were transferred to..."
Dumbest Awards We've Ever Seen on Dec 04, 2012
"... The Winner for Best Video Storage/Digital Transmission Systems Here are the finalists: Vievu Intransa Panasonic And the winner is .... Panasonic for their WJ-ND400 recorder. I suppose we just..."
Top 5 Moves November 2012 on Nov 28, 2012
"...Avigilon Huge Growth Continues Axis Doubles Edge Storage Size Supported Genetec Announces Cloud Offering Intransa in Trouble ObjectVideo Settles with Bosch and Pelco (examined inside) Order of presentation:..."
Executive Monthly Meeting - November on Nov 17, 2012
"... Topics on the November call include: Genetec's cloud announcement, the OV lawsuit resolution, Intransa's downfall, Axis edge storage enhanced, Avigilon's financials and more. Here's the recorded..."
Intransa in Trouble on Nov 07, 2012
"...$100 million trying to become the standard appliance for VMS software, multiple sources indicate that Intransa is in trouble and may be going out of business unless a buyer is found fast. UPDATE: Entire..."
Winners and Losers Fall 2012 on Sep 25, 2012
"... However, Intransa released sunglasses and, according to them, they were a big hit (Intransa continues to dominate..."
Cisco Virtualizing Video Surveillance on Mar 20, 2012
"...how virtualizing VMS software fits into this approach, how it compares to virtualized offerings from Intransa and Pivot3 and what this signifies for Cisco's future in the surveillance..."
Genetec's Expanded Hardware Examined (SV-PRO) on Feb 19, 2012
"...these changes, how the compare to existing models and competitive options from Dell, Milestone, NLSS, Intransa and Pivot3. SV-PRO Overview The SV-PRO is a single rackspace Dell OEM server intended for..."
Top Surveillance Storage Manufacturers on Feb 12, 2012
"...Options The breadth of potential options are vast: Will surveillance specific providers like Pivot3 or Intransa dominate? They are after all the companies spending the most to market to our industry. Will..."
Surveon Milestone NVR Examined on Jan 05, 2012
"...update we will take a look at this offering, its pricing and how it compares to existing options such as Intransa. Product Overview The EMR9000 consists of two parts: the "head", a single rack space server,..."
VMS / NVR Hardware Usage Statistics on Nov 21, 2011
"...second option, "DVR/NVR Appliances" is used to refer to both surveillance-specific offerings such as Intransa and Pivot3, as well as boxed NVRs, such as those offered by NUUO, Panasonic, or others.Summary..."
Intransa vs Dell - Surveillance Storage on Nov 15, 2011
"Recently, an integrator member asked about using Intransa vs Dell for video surveillance storage. This note provides our feedback to the integrator based..."
Intransa's Low End Product Line Changes on Nov 14, 2011
"Surveillance-focused server and storage provider Intransa has significantly reduced the number of items that are available pre-configured in its product..."
DataDirect Networks Surveillance Storage Overview on Nov 01, 2011
"...to general IT storage providers, such as EMC and Dell, though surveillance-focused products such as Intransa and Pivot3 have gained some traction. Best known in the IT industry for high-capacity,..."
Mistaking Surveillance Start-up Success on Sep 28, 2011
"... In this note we explain why companies with a low ratio, such as 3VR, Intransa and Pivot3 are in far worse shape and riskier than companies like Avigilon, Exacq and..."
Winners and Losers Fall 2011 on Sep 25, 2011
"...' Intransa - Intransa's 'major' new announcements for the show included certifying Visionhitech's cameras..."
New Surveillance Products Spring 2011 Final on Apr 06, 2011
"...Milestone will now be competing with some of its hardware partners - most notably JVC and Intransa. For a number of years JVC has been offering 9 and 16 channel Milestone NVR appliances. From..."
IONODES Cirrus NVR Appliances Examined on Apr 04, 2011
"... Inside, we contrast the positioning of IONODES Cirrus to Intransa and Pivot3 appliances. Here are some key product particulars: Model Options: CIRRUS consists..."
Can Milestone's NVR Appliances Compete? on Mar 06, 2011
"... Milestone will now be competing with some of its hardware partners - most notably JVC and Intransa. For a number of years JVC has been offering 9 and 16 channel Milestone NVR appliances. From..."
Investments & Acquisitions Directory 2011 on Dec 26, 2010
"...Envysion (New Funding) ExtremeCCTV Firetide Flir Genetec (Acquired Company)ICx (Acquired by FLIR) Intransa (New Funding) Intellivid ipConfigure JDS Milestone Systems NLSS ObjectVideoOptelecom-NKF..."
Cisco's Video Management (VSM and Stream Manager) Examined on Dec 07, 2010
"..., Intransa, Pivot3)No recorder or central management redundancy / failoverLimited access control..."
Intransa's Storage Optimization (VSOP) Examined on Nov 16, 2010
"As Intransa has evolved from storage only to NVR appliances, a key question raised is the incremental value..."
Surveillance Manufacturer Trends 2010 on Oct 24, 2010
"...in future appliance releases, this could develop into an important offering that has broad appeal.Intransa: With the launch of 3 new software features, Intransa showed important differentiation from..."
Examining Intransa's New Enterprise, Energy and Availability Management... on Oct 17, 2010
"Intransa has released a series of new enterprise, energy and availability management features,..."
Highlighting New Products Released During ASIS on Oct 17, 2010
"...is a very interesting expansion especially after Cisco's initial disappointing entry into the market.Intransa vs Pivot3The two very well funded storage companies specializing in surveillance continue to..."
New Products Reviewed Fall 2010 on Oct 12, 2010
"...Review) GeoVision's Panoramic Cameras - (see IPVM Pro Review)GVI Razberi NVR - (see IPVM Pro Review)Intransa New Features - (see IPVM Pro Review)ipConfigure's Hybrid DVR Appliance - (see IPVM Pro..."
Intransa Raises $6.3 Million on Sep 07, 2010
"An August 2010 SEC document discloses that surveillance storage manufacturer Intransa has raised $6.3 Million. A total of 13 investors for this offering was cited.In an email,..."
MiniBank Product Line Examined on Jun 06, 2010
"... The MiniBank should be contrasted to Intransa's appliance offerings, specifically Intransa's 'Simplicity' line. Intransa does not offer..."
New Funding for Intransa - June 2010 on Jun 02, 2010
"Storage / video appliance supplier, Intransa has raised additional funding, furthering a massive amount of investment. According to US..."
Storage Manufacturers Enter NVR Market on May 14, 2010
"... In the last few months, well funded startups Intransa and Pivot3 have both launched NVR solutions. Intransa's VideoAppliances offers IP video..."
2010 Spring Surveillance Trends on Apr 01, 2010
"...innovation in video analytics signals worse short term future Over hype of high end storage (Pivot3, Intransa, TimeSight) will result in disappointment Over hype of PSIM will result in..."
Pivot3 2009 Revenue Growth Examined on Feb 22, 2010
"... There are a few direct video surveillance focused competitors including DDN, DNF, Intransa and Overland. The most well known, Intransa, has been pursuing a strategy away from selling SANs..."
Growing Sales of NVR Appliances on Dec 06, 2009
"Intransa reports growing sales of its appliances that pre-loads many of the leading VMS software packages..."
The Case Against Hybrid DVRs on Oct 10, 2009
"... For instance, Intransa has a program that certifies and provides external iSCI storage for American Dynamics, Bosch,..."
Expands Server Offerings on Sep 20, 2009
"Intransa has added a number of new servers/appliances to their product offerings, further "completing..."
Ionodes - Video Surveillance Startup Examined on Sep 19, 2009
"... While Genetec's VMS software is available on Intransa's NVR VideoAppliances, this is the first and only hybrid DVR running Omnicast. Moreover, the..."
New Product - ServerBank Review on Sep 02, 2009
"... The best competitive comparison is to Intransa's VideoAppliance line. The ServerBank's MSRP is lower than the VideoAppliance (e.g., the VA100..."
ipConfigure's Video Management Offerings Examined on Aug 13, 2009
"... Furthermore, ipConfigure's appliances are significantly less expensive than the Intransa series available for Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI ($1900 for ipConfigure 2TB vs $6300 for..."
New Product - VideoBank Review on Aug 01, 2009
"... The VideoBank product line is similar to Intransa's VideoAppliance though Intransa's appliances start at 2TB and can ship with NVR software from a..."
VMS / NVR / DVR 2009 Mid-Year Market Review on Jul 19, 2009
"... The most discussed entry was Intransa's NVR series that supports 3 of the biggest software providers - Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI...."
June 2009 IP Video Monthly Summary Report on Jul 04, 2009
"HDcctv and the Intransa NVR announcement were the two most discussed topics at IP Video Market for June 2009. Both..."
Genetec, Milestone and OnSSI NVR Appliances Launched on Jun 15, 2009
"... This is changing with Intransa announcing that they are providing NVR appliances pre-loaded with Exacq, Genetec, JDS, Milestone..."
Will Intransa NVRs be a 'Game Changer'? on Jun 15, 2009
"Is the Intransa introduction of Genetec/Milestone/OnSSI NVRs the real disruptive force? A number of important..."
IFSEC 2009 Announcement Directory on May 11, 2009
"...264 PTZ Dome Camera Dedicated Micros Launches Integrated Camera Recorder (with video clips) Intransa Releases NVR Appliance Line IndigoVision announces 21st 3rd patry integration Mirasys and..."
ISC West 2009 Announcement Directory on Apr 01, 2009
"...SightTracker: GPS Based PTZ Controller BRS Labs announces support for analytics on PTZ pre-sets Storage Intransa Certifies 150 vendor partners Pivot3 Adds NVR Recovery to Serverless Computing..."
2009 Best New Video Surveillance Products on Mar 22, 2009
"...Scallop DV-IP Hybrid NVR from Dedicated Micros HD Day/Night IR Megapixel Camera Line from Avigilon Intransa StarterBlock Small Form Factor Storage Array Ocularis Investigate - Video Management User..."
Extended Storage for DVRs Examined on Feb 25, 2009
"Intransa and Pivot3 continue to market aggressively their storage solutions. One major positioning..."
ASIS 2008 Announcements Review on Sep 15, 2008
"... Intransa released a small storage cluster starting at 2TB. Pivot3 and Intransa both announce support to..."
Top 3 Emerging Technologies in Video Surveillance 2008 on Sep 02, 2008
"... Evaluate Intransa and Pivot3 as the leaders in this segment. Managed Video as a Service Today's norm is for end..."