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Access Control Course Winter 2015

The next IPVM access control course will meet live online, starting on January 20th for 12 times over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday from 11am - 12pm ET) teaching access control - regulations, doors, locks, readers, controllers, networking, management software and more.

Have a busy schedule? All classes are recorded so you can watch on-demand, and you'll keep your access to them as a member. Those who successfully participate and pass the final shall become IPVM Access Control Certified (see list of IPVM Certified Professionals).

All materials for the course are selected from readings available to IPVM PRO members, but presented in a structured format that includes weekly quizzes and discussions to drill key concepts home. For more details on the curriculum and topics, be sure to check out the Access Control class syllabus.

Class Schedule

Classes will meet on the dates listed below:

The Final Exam will open on March 3rd and close on March 10th.  The course will be held in January, February and conclude in March.


Unlike manufacturer classes that focus only on vendor-specific equipment, IPVMU educates on the entire system. Not only do we address the design fundamentals of controller boards, interfaces, and databases, we examine how to choose the right mix of devices for an optimal system: We address the door itself, and move backward into credential types, readers, and locks - and how life/safety codes impact their use.

Get Certified

At the end of classes, you will take a comprehensive final exam including multiple choice and essay questions. If you pass, you will become IPMVU Access Control certified (see list of IPVM Certified Professionals) and receive a printable certificate like the one below:

What Previous Attendees Say

First, System Integrators, designers, and installers:

  • "Did a great job breaking down access control I have used and will continue to use the tools IPVM gave me to educate customers and prospects on access control."
  • "I had a general understanding of access control systems but this course helped me better understand how all the pieces work together and influence each other. It also made me aware of some technology I had not heard of before."
  • "Knowing video surveillance very well I was still somewhat green in my Access control expertise. IPVM's Access Control Fundamentals helped me with the critical knowledge needed to feel confident when working with more access control projects."
  • "Great course that gave me a comprehensive understanding of the Access Control business. I really liked the essay portion of the final exam as it reinforced the knowledge learned, and made you think in terms of real-world scenarios.
  • "This was a course I was really waiting for, good examples and experiences shared through out the classes really helps understanding technical details."
  • "Far better knowledge of the nuts/bolts of access control systems. As a PM, very helpful to have details behind engineering decisions that need to be made."
  • "This course in nice whole package allow to discover all sides of Access control. Even after 100 implemented projects it was something to learn and find new inputs for future projects. Real eye opener was section on legal and code implications of EAC."

Next, end users:

  • "Obtained a solid foundation on understanding types of locks, doors and how electronic access control works. As an end user this course enhanced my knowledge in choosing types of locks and dealing with contractors."
  • "This course was an excellent overview of Access Control landscape, but yet detail enough for hands on understanding. "
  • "Information regarding Codes, electric Locks, and doors are helpful."
  • "I had no previous knowledge regarding access control. This class helped tremendously."
  • "I am responsible for card access at my institution, and this course gave me a deeper understanding of how things work, the components involved and alternative products on the market."
  • "The material over Life Safety Codes, lock hardware, egress, credentials was all good stuff. We will definitely recommend others to take future classes."

Finally, even manufacturers had positive things to say:

  • "In almost every seminar, training, etc. I'm ever in I almost always hear something I don't full agree with, but I'm not sure I did here."
  • "I learned about most basic but very useful and practical knowledge in access control. Even though I am a product manager in a access control product company, the information in this course gives me great idea to improve my products."
  • "It was very nice to touch on all technologies used for connection (showing a logical connection between all devices), I have been in the industry for over 14 years and there was still a lot of info that learned in the course."
  • "I think this course is good for an introduction to Access Control. It covers common language used in the industry, the main components of a system, the different technologies and even some electrical concepts related to a PACS. The most interesting section for me was on the safety and legal aspect."
  • "This course helped me to get the insight into the industry, which i needed to have to do a better job developing new products."


The course costs $299 and is only open to IPVM PRO members. All live classes are recorded, student gain access to a special 'class-only' discussion group, and there is private feedback from us.