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Last Chance - October 2014 IP Camera Course

[This is the last chance to join the October 2014 IP Camera Course. Register for it now.

IPVM offers the world's best training that leads to industry recognized certifications.

Join over 500 IPVM Certified Professionals by taking and passing our Video Surveillance and Access Control Courses.

No need to travel. Do it all from your computer.

Our next course starts in October 2014 on IP cameras. Register now for the IP Camera Course.

Top 4 Advantages of Taking The Course

There are 4 unique benefits of IPVM courses:

  • Personalized Help
  • Cutting Edge Information
  • Focus on Hardest Topics
  • Structured Time To Learn

Personalized Help

IPVM's teachers help you throughout the course, unlike most courses that just dump information on you.

During the live webinars, we answer questions throughout, either live on the call or by providing a direct message text response.

After each 1 hour live webinar, more than half the attendees stay on and we answer even more questions - about technology and their own projects, helping them solve key issues.

In our private course discussion group, attendees can ask any question they want and we provide feedback and solutions to them.

At the end of the course, our teachers review every mistake you made on the final with you to make sure you understand and resolve those errors.

Cutting Edge Information

Our courses leverage our industry leading testing program, rather than simply repeat manufacturer marketing claims and antiquated 'lessons'. Everything we teach is based on our recent testing of modern technology.

We update each course, every time, to reflect new technology and product options that are released annually so that you can make the right decisions. 

In the IP camera course, we expose myths about CCD superiority, older codecs, the use of minimum illumination, the fear of integrated IR, and many more, showing you real test results.

Focus on Hardest Topics

IPVM maintains statistics of the topics that professionals have the most problems learning. We focus our time and efforts to make sure you understand them, rather than waste your time teaching you things you can easily learn yourself.

In the IP camera course, we focus on lenses, compression, bandwidth and pixel density, 4 fundamental areas that people struggle with routinely. We want to make sure you understand these cold and can use them in your systems.

Structured Time To Learn

Most industry courses are sadly packed into 1, 2 or 3 day sessions. While this is logistically necessary for traveling to physical classes, most people lose focus during such long events, have no time in between to study, and quickly forget what was taught.

By contrast, IPVM sets up 2 class meetings per week over 6 weeks. This allows studying and quiz taking in between each class so that the attendees can really learn the material. Plus during the 6 week term, attendees can ask questions, figure out problems they are having and have IPVM teachers help them.

Course Schedule

The course will have 12 classes over 6 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each class will meet for a 1 hour live webinar session at 11 am EDT / 15:00 GMT allowing both individuals in America and Europe to participate during work hours.

Everything is done online, from your computer. There is no need to travel.

The course starts October 14th:

Classes last 6 weeks and then the exam is held the first week of December:


You will learn far more than any manufacturer class can offer, vastly improving your ability to specify the right camera for the right application, plus understanding the key factors to avoid and optimize in real world deployments.


Additionally, if you pass the final exam, you will become IPVM IP camera certified and join these 500+ IPVM Certified Professionals.

Pre-Requisites / Intro Quiz

Though the class covers fundamentals, it covers them in-depth, and therefore expects participants to be aware of basic terms and parts.

If you can score at least a 50% on the Video Surveillance 101 Quiz and have time to study 5 to 10 hours a week, you will do well. Otherwise, do not take this course.

Register For the Fall 2014 Course 

The price for the course and certification is $299 USD:

What Past Attendees Said

Here's the experience and benefits of past students.

First up, end users:

  • "Invaluable. Starting up and implementing a standard in our organization for IP video surveillance, this course has allowed me to set a working baseline."
  • "This class covered so many topics from security and surveillance. It was incredibly helpful."
  • "Better understanding of camera design, placement, and network requirements."
  • "I developed the ability to speak with designers and technicians and understand the terminology and technology."
  • "While I do not manage selection or installation of video surveillance systems directly, I do work closely with the folks who do, and this knowledge will make my dealings with them much more fruitful."
  • "Improved my understanding and knowledge of camera security. I now feel confident when making my camera selection."
  • "By the time class was completed I was also able to sit in on a 'show & tell' session from a group of vendors that installed our city's IP camera system and ask intelligent questions - and even better, was able to understand the answers!"

Next, integrators and consultants:

  • "Helped me sharpen skills I already have and clear up areas that are not covered in traditional manufacture training."
  • "Now I can apply camera types and lens types to applications without hesitation."
  • "It showed me how to disregard non-essential information and focus on technical information that is crucial."
  • "This course gave me good insight to understanding the ins and outs of IP cameras. It showed great depth in not only how IP cameras work but as to how each type applies to various applications."
  • "I've been doing this job for a few years but never had any real training for it. This course has expanded on many things that I had the basics but may have not fully understood."
  • “It has brought clear perspective of surveillance basics - many things that we assumed or just used rules of thumb were made clear. It is helping me in my day to day work at my job.”
  • "I think it's very easy to learn about technical specs of a camera, but it's very difficult to learn how to answer correctly to "what kind of camera and what specs should i choose" and "what is the best place and how should I install this camera" regarding the needs of the customer. And this course teaches how to do that."
  • "This course helps to sharpen my skills and understand the basic how the technology works from scratch. This helps a lot when I am working on integration project & it helps me become an better communication bridge our customer & technical and development team."
  • "I just recently got into the security camera industry, I was in aviation maintenance for the past 7 years. This course helped me understand how cameras work from the ground up not knowing anything about them to begin with. Great course."
  • "Besides the fundamental knowledge, there are also sharing sessions by the facilitators as well as industries participant on what they are experiencing on the ground. It also allow me to see the numerous consideration that one need to take note for field deployment."

Finally, even manufacturers (who hate us) had positive things to say:

  • "IPVM helped me understand key concepts and fundamentals of IP cameras to the point that I can explain it well to people that are not necessarily tech savvy. This is invaluable knowledge as I work in the tech support department of an IP camera manufacturer."
  • "This course allows me to identify the strength and weakness of the product that we are using, that will help better marketing approach to our clients."
  • “I have learned basic knowledge for camera in general and the essay questions in the final exams actually helped me to reorganize my thoughts as I was explaining what is in my head in words. Now, I understand what the engineers in our company talk about and am able to ask questions against their opinions.”
  • "I am a technical writer for a home automation equipment manufacturer that recently expanded its IP camera line. This course helped me to better understand the features and functions of the various IP cameras, as well as the best practices used for selecting and implementing the correct camera needed a particular application or environment. I can use this information when I write the documentation that accompanies our cameras."

Register For the Fall 2014 Course

The price for the course and certification is $299 USD: