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Blink Totally Wireless Camera Tested (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 12, 2016
"Wireless cameras almost always still need a wire for power. Given that, many argue to just used wired cameras anyway. Now, startup Blink has released a battery powered wireless camera that needs no wires. Plus, the camera / kit sells..."
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Average Frame Rate Video Surveillance 2016 (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 11, 2016
"What is the average frame rated used in video surveillance systems? Historically, 30fps has been considered 'full' frame rate and, in the past few years, 60fps video has become increasingly common. Previous IPVM survey results found..."
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Goodbye Dropcam, the $50 Home Security Camera Era Is Here (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 10, 2016
"Remember those days not too long ago where a $200 home security camera with a $100 per year for storage was considered novel and exciting? That era is closing. A new era of Chinese fueled, direct sale, no recurring cost cameras are..."
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Hikvision H.264+ Tested (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 10, 2016
"Is 'regular' H.264 soon to be a thing of the past? Last year, Axis started the 'smart' H.264 trend with their Zipstream release. Later last year, Hikvision announced their own offering, named H.264+. IPVM finds 'smart codecs' to be one..."
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Camera Coverage Areas (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 10, 2016
"How wide and far on an area can a camera cover? A fundamental metric in analyzing this is pixel density (aka PPF or PPM). Three key factors contribute: Resolution of the camera (e.g., VGA, 720p, 1080p, 4K) Size of the area (e.g., a..."
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US Capital Paying for Homes and Business to Get Security Cameras (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 09, 2016
"Since 9/11, US cities have spent hundreds of millions collectively on city-wide video surveillance system. Now, the US Capital, has an interesting and quite uncommon idea that essentially pays for local homes and business to get security..."
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Brivo Access Control Company Profile (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 09, 2016
"This is our 9th in a series of access control company profiles. In this entry, we cover Brivo. Profile Brivo is a US based access company offering hosted systems, where users subscribe to a monthly cloud service to manage their systems..."
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Axis Is In Denial About HD Analog (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 08, 2016
"For more than a decade, Axis' #1 argument against analog has been no HD. This, of course, is no longer the case. Unfortunately, Axis remains in denial and trying to deceive about the reality of today's market. Axis Analog vs MP..."
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Surveillance Commissioning / Install Checklist (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 08, 2016
"This 60+ point checklist helps end users, integrators and consultants verify that installation is complete. It covers the following sections: Camera Physical Setup Camera View Setup Camera Network / Security settings Camera..."
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Favorite Camera Manufacturers 2016 (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 08, 2016
"The market has changed significantly since 2014, where our previous Favorite Camera Manufacturer report was led by traditional brands. Now, with the Chinese surge, will the favorite camera rankings be shaken? 150 integrators told us who..."
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Mega Chinese Electronics Manufactuer Xiaomi Yi Camera Tested (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 05, 2016
"Xiaomi's revenue is 4 to 5 times larger than Hikvision's. Only in business for 5 years, Xiaomi has rocketed to be one of the world's most formidable electronics and smartphone manufacturers, with an astounding $45 billion..."
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Trade Mag Admits 84% Prefer Online Over Print
Posted on Feb 05, 2016
"Some say the industry is so old and conservative that print is still important. Well, even a print trade magazine is now admitting this is no longer true. Online Dominates Print Security Systems News declares, "SSN readers look online..."
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Hikvision Video Analytics Tested (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 04, 2016
"We tested Hikvision's video analytics on six Hikvision models, ranging from entry level to high end Hikvision cameras, in this outdoor test scene: We tested against Avigilon's advanced analytics and Axis' Video Motion Detection 3 to..."
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Last Chance - IP Networking Course
Posted on Feb 04, 2016
"Our most popular course starts next week (February 9th), with all new training of network security (the top growing concern for video surveillance networks) plus improved coverage of network installation. The reason for its popularity..."
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Add Your Preferred Camera Manufacturer to the Calculator
Posted on Feb 03, 2016
"One of the most popular features of our Camera Calculator is choosing specific models. Indeed, members select models for 80%+ of their calculations. And selecting the model helps significantly, as the map then shows what AoV the camera..."
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Axis vs Avigilon vs FLIR vs Hikvision vs Samsung Camera Pricing (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 03, 2016
"The 'race to the bottom' is a big issue, with average prices dropping sharply over the past few years. But who is racing the hardest? And how do manufacturers compare? To find out, we compared cameras from Avigilon, Axis, FLIR,..."
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Network Security for IP Video Surveillance Guide 2016 (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 03, 2016
"Keeping surveillance networks secure can be a daunting task, but there are several methods that can greatly reduce risk, especially when used in conjunction with each other. In this guide, we look at several security techniques, both..."
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Resolution Usage Statistics 2016 (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 02, 2016
"In the past few years, 4MP, 6MP, 4k (8.3MP) and 12MP cameras have become increasingly commonplace. By contrast, our 2014 resolution usage statistics showed that the most common resolution used then was only 1MP / 720p. How much has this..."
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Avigilon H4 HD Cameras Released (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 01, 2016
"Avigilon has announced a new generation of cameras, the H4. In this note, based on speaking with Avigilon, we examine what is new, what has changed and how this impacts Avigilon's competitive positioning. Existing Avigilon Fixed..."
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Honeywell Pro-Watch Access Control Profile (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 01, 2016
"Inside we examine Honeywell Pro-Watch access control line: Comparing Honeywell to their competition Examining their management and client software Reviewing their product and support costs Examining their dealer..."
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Axis Acquires Video Analytics Firm Citilog (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 01, 2016
"Axis rarely makes acquisitions. They get acquired, of course, (i.e., by Canon for $2.8 billion USD last year) but they generally do not buy other companies, typically focusing on internal developments and partnerships. Now, Axis has..."
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Face Recognition Camera Tested (Netatmo) (PRO Only)
Posted on Jan 29, 2016
"Can face recognition make home security "better"? That is the bold claim from startup Netatmo with their Welcome camera. But with face recognition's historical challenges, can it really work in a sub-$200 consumer camera? In this test,..."
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Analyzing ADI Branch Sales (PRO Only)
Posted on Jan 29, 2016
"ADI's branches are the heart of the trunkslammer / low end installer network. Cameras on ADI's shelves are more likely to be sold, as the value of convenience regularly trumps more sophisticated product selection for this side of the..."
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New Blank Canvas Camera Calculator Released
Posted on Jan 28, 2016
"Members have asked for a blank canvas version of our popular Camera Calculator so they can design cameras without using or seeing a map. For example, if a building is not yet constructed, or if they want to do a quick design or if all..."
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Worst Camera Manufacturers 2016 (PRO Only)
Posted on Jan 27, 2016
"Can Arecont do it again? In 2011, integrators overwhelmingly selected Arecont as the Worst IP Camera Manufacturer. And then in 2014, Arecont repeated. Now, in 2016, the market has changed significantly. Arecont has faded while the..."

Displaying reports 1 - 25 of 3807 in total