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By IPVM Team, Published on Mar 24, 2020

For nearly a decade, IPVM has been a leader in online live courses. Now, we have on-demand versions for all courses.

The same course materials (videos, tutorials, quizzes, assignments, exams) are now available for on-demand. Start whenever you want. Take as long as you want or finish as soon as you can.

The price, $299, is the same for both versions. If you are not already an IPVM member, registration also includes 1 month of IPVM membership.

Personal Help / Call / Office Hours

While many online courses leave students to figure out the instruction on their own, we've made personalized help a priority for our on-demand courses. Every on-demand student gets a 20-minute phone call with an IPVM expert to get started and we offer 'office hours' every week to help any student learning the materials.

5 IPVM Courses On-Demand

Live Courses Continue

Our live courses continue as always. Plus each time we teach the live course (2 - 3 times a year), we will take the updated course materials teaching breaking events and developments, inserting them into the on-demand course.

Why Now?

Coronavirus has increased the demand for on-demand courses so that companies can take advantage of any downtime or work from home. More broadly, many people want or need to work at a faster or slower pace than our live courses. Our including personal help and office hours to on-demand help ensure that students get personal attention in either version.

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This is really important. We have wanted to get our techs on some of the training but the issue is freeing up time during the middle of the day.

This is an absolutely flexible schedule.

Very nice, good job IPVM team!

Would you consider putting together a course (or at least a "101" page) on how to do estimates? My main business is not cameras, but in the interests of diversification and having been presented with a surprise opportunity, I am giving strong consideration to expanding into it.

I just gave a new customer a quote on a job and thought I quoted fairly, and they accepted the quote. Time will tell when we start the install whether I was high or low, but I definitely would appreciate tips and pointers on what to look for when assessing a customer's premises for a job. Up till now I have been doing mostly camera replacements for associates and the occasional new install, but nothing quite this extensive. Thanks!

Thanks. We are excited to be able to offer materials like this.

Would you consider putting together a course (or at least a "101" page) on how to do estimates?

We will queue up a 'Video Estimation Guide'. We have posts like Bluebeam Revu Security Floorplan Estimation App Test but we need to update a substantial amount of our material, ie: cost guides, etc. Thanks for the suggestion.

I just gave a new customer a quote on a job and thought I quoted fairly, and they accepted the quote.

Interesting, when you performed the estimate, did you do a line-item 'sticks & bricks' type of number that essentially totals the entire design/labor/materials? Or did you use a general estimate (i.e: 20 cameras * $1,400 per camera = $28,000)?

Time will tell when we start the install whether I was high or low, but I definitely would appreciate tips and pointers on what to look for when assessing a customer's premises for a job.

A saying I hate but is often true: 'He with the lowest quote forgot to include the most stuff'. :(

Hi Brian, I did the quote like this. I met the customer at the premises (apartment block) and proceeded to ask him what his needs were. Once we'd determined locations for the cameras I made notes about focal lengths (most either 2.8 or 4mm), and roughly how far they were from the NVR location (I forgot to bring my laser distance measure so I actually used Google Maps afterwards to plot lengths).

I gave him a line-by-line cost of all the equipment with a generalization for things like materials (conduit and connectors, junctions, CAT5, fire stop, etc). I prefer to itemize the hardware because I like to provide upgrade/downgrade options at the bottom, for example "Upgrade 4MP camera to 4K camera, add $150 each" or "Downgrade 4MP camera to 2MP, less $50 each".

I had to make a rough guess as to what it would take for labor to install the conduit and I quoted two guys working one week to get it done, me and a helper. There are 11 cameras, mostly ceiling mounted, and we were going to put it all into 3/4" EMT surface-run on the ceilings alongside the other infrastructure there. I did a mental calculation of roughly how many LBs, Tees, and junctions we'd need and added another 25% just in case. Everything had a profitable markup built in.

Honestly if it does only take us a week to get it done I think it will be more than worthwhile. If it drags on or we encounter issues I didn't initially pick up on, that's where the problems will start.

the timing of this offering is genius.

as integrators above have already mentioned, in times like these with otherwise-busy techs being immobilized, online self-paced learning is one of the few positive things that they can do at this time.

Awesome, I know I asked about this a while back.

The timing of this could not be any better!

I might have missed this, but is there an estimated time to complete each course, for example, the IP Networking course should take you about 8 hours to complete, etc.?

Tony, the classes (videos in this case) are 12 hours. In addition, one will need to study somewhere between 24 and 48 hours, depending on how much one already knows. This is, of course, based on an estimate to gain certification. Some people just watch the videos, do some of the quizzes, etc to improve themselves but do not go all the way to study in-depth to pass the exam.

RE + many people want or need to work at a faster or slower pace than our live courses. Yes this (slower pace) would be a big plus for me.

Game changer! You will see me at the chow line soon✌🏿
Access, Cameras and most definitely networking again as a brush up.

Thank you guys for this!

Perfect timing! I have 2 more weeks of isolation here in Puerto Rico so its the perfect time for upgrading my knowledge.

This is a great idea, I'd suggest putting the 20 minute one on one conversation at the end. This would be an opportunity to clear up any last questions from the student, debrief the experience, and the students could submit their questions in advance so you could give them the best information possible and maybe have links to other articles or resources ready.

Good idea. My only pet peeve has been trying to pay for classes for other students (my employees). The class signup didn't let you designate another person as the student when you're paying for the class. Has there been improvement in this?

If you contact John via email, he will get you in touch with the right person and get you taken care of.

We have had several techs take some of the other classes.

To address this, we are looking at adding a software future where a member can create a new account for a non-member who is not part of their group. Also, we provide a free month membership upon registration.

The link currently has an error message " not found"


Hey Dean:

Where did you spot that link? The '%20' at the end of the URL above is an extra space that makes it invalid, and I'll fix it but didn't see where it came from.

clicking on the course registration tab under the courses navigation tab


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