Most Disrespected Manufacturers

200 integrators told IPVM which manufacturers they most disrespect and why. America and China dominated the list, with 5 American companies and ...

By IPVM Team - about 14 hours ago | 5 Comments

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Most Respected Manufacturers

Integrators told IPVM what manufacturers they most respect, and why. In this report, we examine the responses, including detailed feedback for...

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Hikvision Growing Xinjiang Operations

Hikvision's massive Xinjiang operations are growing, with the firm showcasing the China Communist Party Constitution and boasting how a customer to...

By Charles Rollet - 1 day ago | 5 Comments

Hanwha Wisenet 7 Cameras Tested

Hanwha has released their next generation Wisenet 7 cameras claiming "exceptional" resolution, "extreme" WDR, and advanced noise reduction. But how...

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