IPVM Conference October 2021 - Register Now

Registration ends in 7 days on September 22. Make your plans now and Register now to attend the first-ever IPVM conference. IPVM will host its...

By IPVM Team - 14 days ago | 52 Comments

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Wyze "Teach Your Own" Video Analytics Coming

Wyze says it is adding "teach your Wyze cam whatever you want" early next year, fresh off obtaining $110 million in VC funding. Inside this...

By John Honovich - about 13 hours ago | 9 Comments

VMS/VSaaS Camera Integration Guide

This 16-page guide explains the fundamentals and challenges of integrating cameras with VMS/VSaaSes. In this report, we examine the factors...

By Sean Patton - about 14 hours ago

ADI USA Adds UNV, Then Removes

With the NDAA ban and the impending FCC ban, long-time Hikua promoter ADI has been seeking alternatives. ADI USA added UNV (Uniview) recently but...

By Ethan Ace - about 16 hours ago | 5 Comments

IDIS NDAA Cameras Tested

Korea's IDIS has struggled to gain traction in North America, despite big tradeshow booths and international expansion plans. But now, with users...

By Derek Ward - about 17 hours ago | 7 Comments

IPVM Testifies at Uyghur Tribunal

IPVM provided expert testimony to the Uyghur Tribunal in London on September 12, outlining how PRC China authorities use various surveillance tools...

By IPVM Team - 1 day ago | 28 Comments

Door Closers Access Control Tutorial

Door closers have an essential access control function: To automatically shut doors, because open doors do not control access. In this...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 days ago | 30 Comments

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