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Camera Multi-Streaming Usage

IP cameras typically support multiple streams, allowing a single camera to transmit multiple streams at different resolutions, frame rates and even...

By IPVM Team - 1 day ago | 3 Comments

Law Breaking Longse Enters USA

Longse has established itself as world class, at least in spamming the industry, ripping off Milestone and Video Insight as well as Hikvision. But...

By Brian Karas - 1 day ago | 24 Comments

Amazon Key In-Home Package Delivery Examined

Interesting idea or invitation for criminals to rob you? Amazon's recent announcement of Key, a service that will help manage visitors, welcoming ...

By Brian Karas - 2 days ago | 4 Comments

CBR vs VBR vs MBR - Surveillance Streaming

How you stream video has a major impact on quality and bandwidth. And it is not simply CODEC choice (e.g., H.264 vs H.265). Regardless of the COD...

By IPVM Team - 3 days ago | 26 Comments

Dahua Hard-Coded Credentials Vulnerability

A newly discovered Dahua backdoor is described by the researcher discovering it as: not the result of an accidental logic error or poor programm...

By Brian Karas - 4 days ago | 13 Comments

Amazon Cloud Cam Is Poor (Tested)

Retail behemoth Amazon has entered the surveillance market with the Amazon Cloud Cam, the eyes of its just-announced Amazon Key delivery service.  ...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 7 days ago | 3 Comments

Nest Secure Alarm System Tested

Google's expansion continues, this time into home security with their Nest subsidiary's move into alarm systems. They paid more than a half-billio...

By Brian Rhodes - 7 days ago | 5 Comments

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