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Bosch Dropping Dahua

Bosch has confirmed to IPVM that it is in the process of dropping Dahua, over the next year, as both IP camera contract manufacturer and recorder O...

By John Honovich - 1 day ago | 12 Comments

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Hanwha Wisenet X Plus PTRZ Tested

Hanwha has released their PTRZ camera, the Wisenet X Plus XNV-6081Z, claiming the "modular design allows for easy installation". We bought and t...

By Derek Ward - 3 days ago | 4 Comments

IPVM Conference 2020

IPVM is excited to announce our 2020 conference. This is the first and only industry event that will be 100% sponsor-free. Like IPVM online, the...

By IPVM Team - 4 days ago | 25 Comments

London Live Police Face Recognition Visited

London police have officially begun using live facial recognition in select areas of the UK capital, sparking significant controversy. IPVM visi...

By Kayleigh Long and Charles Rollet - 4 days ago | 6 Comments

Monitoreal "Completely Autonomous" Home AI Tested

Monitoreal claims to allow users to "see the things you want (people, vehicles, animals) and ignore the things you don’t”, using AI to distinguish ...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 5 days ago | 49 Comments

BICSI For IP Video Surveillance Guide

Spend enough time around networks and eventually someone will mention BICSI, the oft-referenced but only vaguely known standards body prevalent in ...

By IPVM Team - 6 days ago | 4 Comments

Glossary / Acronyms for Video Surveillance

This directory provides definitions and explanations for over 70 common video surveillance industry terms, including links to related IPVM tutorial...

By IPVM Team - 6 days ago | 13 Comments

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