Verkada's "Best Place To Work" Investigated

Less than 3 months after Verkada's CEO fired 3, "addressing sexual harassment at Verkada", Verkada announced being one of the 'best places to work'...

By John Honovich and Donald Maye - 1 day ago | 10 Comments

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Brivo Favorability Statistics 2021

COVID-19 has strengthened cloud offerings but how strongly would Brivo do in IPVM's integrator statistics? Inside this report, we examine the ...

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Directory of 237 "Fever" Detector Suppliers

This directory provides a list of "Fever" scanning providers to help you see and research what options are available. While the once-booming m...

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Meraki Object Detection Analytics Tested

Cisco Meraki's cloud analytics performed poorly in our 2019 testing. But now, they are claiming increased accuracy through machine learning. W...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 3 days ago

AMAG Favorability Statistics 2021

IPVM is starting its 2021 series of 40+ manufacturer favorability statistics with California-based AMAG. AMAG is a subsidiary of G4S, in proce...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 days ago

Door Swing Tutorial

The direction doors open might seem minor, but it can greatly impact access lock selection. There are four basic ways a door can swing, and kn...

By Brian Rhodes - 4 days ago

Q-See Going Out of Business

Q-See is going out of business effective January 31st, 2021. The once mega-budget surveillance provider may cause significant problems in how it is...

By Isabella Cheng - 4 days ago | 8 Comments

The IFSEC "Global Influencers" Is A Joke

IFSEC, best known for its struggling UK trade show, is expanding its 'influencer' rankings. Ranking 'influence' is inherently dubious but IFSEC's r...

By John Honovich - 4 days ago | 40 Comments

Gallagher Access Control Profile

For decades, Gallagher has been one of New Zealand's most famous companies. Now, they are aggressively expanding into North America and, if they fu...

By Brian Rhodes - 5 days ago | 3 Comments

Ava Cameras Tested

Ava has released their new direct-to-cloud IP cameras competing with Verkada in the growing cloud connected camera space. But how well do these new...

By Derek Ward - 5 days ago

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