CES: Our Awards Are Not Endorsements

The CES show has added an Orwellian disclaimer that it does not 'endorse' the products it gives awards to, following IPVM criticizing CES for givin...

By John Honovich and Zach Segal - about 4 hours ago | 7 Comments

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VA Replaces Genetec with Avigilon

IPVM found a filing from the US Department of Veterans Affairs that replaced Genetec with Avigilon. In this note, we examine the VA's approval...

By Sean Patton - 2 days ago | 10 Comments

Dahua Bids Direct in Brazil, Loses

Dahua has lost a controversial $20+ million USD deal for 1,000+ cameras in which it bid directly to the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. Ins...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 2 days ago

Fever Detecting Doorbell Wins CES Award, Fools WSJ

Fever detection was a booming, comical, and dangerous market in 2020. While the market has now mostly busted, a new entrant has won a CES award for...

By John Honovich and Zach Segal - 2 days ago | 12 Comments

Mobile Badges From Openpath vs Physical Badges

A key weakness of mobile credentials is eliminating credential cards that served as physical badges identifying employees. Now, Openpath is introdu...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 days ago | 7 Comments

Hik-ProConnect Examined

Hikvision launched a new commercial-focused VSaaS, Hik-ProConnect, but what does it add to the existing Hik-Connect? In this note, we examine ...

By Sean Patton - 3 days ago | 2 Comments

Tyco Cloudvue VMS and Cameras Tested

Cloudvue is touting "Never Buy Another New Camera", offering hardware along with their cloud VMS for one annual subscription. We tested Cloudv...

By Sean Patton and Derek Ward - 3 days ago | 3 Comments

Camera Course January 2021

This is the only independent surveillance camera course, based on in-depth product and technology testing. Register now. Lots of manufacturer ...

By IPVM Team - 3 days ago | 22 Comments

H.265 Usage Statistics 2021

H.265 has been widely available in IP cameras for many years but new IPVM statistics show that a significant percentage of cameras still are not us...

By Zach Segal - 4 days ago | 2 Comments

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