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Sony and Samsung Breaking VBR

For years, users have known variable bitrate (VBR) as one thing only: bandwidth varies, compression stays the same. This is not an accident but an...

By Ethan Ace - 3 days ago | 4 Comments

Pelco Matrix End Of Life - End Of An Era

Pelco Matrix switchers, once the pinnacle of large SD analog installations, are now literally impossible to build. The Matrix products were not ca...

By Brian Karas - 4 days ago | 13 Comments

Axis Video Revenue Down

An important milestone. Axis revenue for video products is down year over year. But Axis is now focusing on 'diversification'. In this report, we...

By John Honovich - 4 days ago | 3 Comments

Worst Access Control 2016

Two access control providers stood out as being the worst to work with for integrators. In this report, we analyze the answers to: "In the past...

By Brian Rhodes - 5 days ago | 34 Comments

Hacked DVRs Surge To 400,000

The global internet is under attack from record breaking botnets. And it is getting worse, Mirai doubled in size in the last month. Shamefully, th...

By Brian Karas - 5 days ago | 28 Comments

Longse Rips Off Hikvision

Longse is on the attack, and now they are targeting Hikvision. Evidently not content just to rip off Milestone and Video Insight, Longse has now a...

By Brian Karas - 5 days ago | 44 Comments

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