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H.265 Usage Statistics

H.265 has been available in IP cameras for more than 5 years and, in the past few years, the number of manufacturers supporting this codec has incr...

By Sean Patton - 2 days ago | 10 Comments

Access Control Course Spring 2019 - Last Chance

Register for the Spring Access Control Course. IPVM offers the most comprehensive access control course in the industry. Unlike manufacturer train...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 days ago | 9 Comments

Riser vs Plenum Cabling Explained

You could be spending twice as much for cable as you need. The difference between 'plenum' rated cable and 'riser' rated cable is subtle, but the c...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 days ago | 5 Comments

Verint Victimized By Ransomware

Verint, which is best known in the physical security industry for video surveillance but has built a sizeable cybersecurity business as well, was i...

By Dan Gelinas - 3 days ago | 4 Comments

Milestone Drops IFSEC

Milestone has dropped out of Europe's largest annual security trade show (IFSEC 2019), telling IPVM that they "have found that IFSEC in EMEA no lon...

By John Honovich - 3 days ago | 7 Comments

Door Operators Access Control Tutorial

Doors equipped with door operators, specialty devices that automate opening and closing, tend to be quite complex. The mechanisms needed to achi...

By Brian Rhodes - 4 days ago | 15 Comments

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