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IP Networking Course September 2017

This is the only networking course designed specifically for video surveillance professionals plus it includes live training, personal help and cer...

By Brian Rhodes - 2 days ago

Directory Of Consumer Security Cameras

The consumer camera segment continues to grow, with new startups and models from existing players released seemingly every month. In this report we...

By John Scanlan - 3 days ago | 2 Comments

Hikvision Responds To Cracked Security Codes

Hikvision has responded to IPVM's report on Hikvision's security code being cracked, both with a 2 page update to dealers and communication directl...

By Brian Karas - 4 days ago | 22 Comments

Stolen Video NVR / DVR Statistics

"But what happens if someone steals my recorder?" Anyone who has done more than a handful of jobs has probably heard this question several times. ...

By IPVM Team - 4 days ago | 12 Comments

Axis Laser Focus PTZ Tested

Axis has been touting its new Q6155-E laser focus PTZ as 'always in focus' and 'always in color'. Does it really deliver? We bought and tested th...

By Ethan Ace - 5 days ago | 37 Comments

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