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Broken Hikvision App Exposes Hypocrisy

While Hikvision talks about a commitment to cybersecurity, their broken app and their insecure 'solution' exposes not only their engineering proble...

By John Honovich - 5 days ago | 58 Comments

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Robot Vandalism

Vandalism of security systems is a common concern. It is so common that camera vandalism statistics show that designers routinely sacrifice camera ...

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Access Controller Software Guide

Properly configuring access controllers software is key to a professional access system. These devices have fundamental settings that must be conf...

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2018 Video Surveillance Cameras Overview

This report concisely explains the developments for surveillance cameras offered in 2017 and the state of offerings going into 2018, including cybe...

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Hikvision NA Biggest Sale of 2017

Hikvision North America has been relatively disciplined the past 5 months, reducing the number of sales and the breadth of what is on sale. No mor...

By IPVM Team - 4 days ago | 25 Comments

Security Integrator IT Expertise Statistics

20 years ago, putting physical security systems on IP networks was just emerging. Today, almost every system is networked in some way, IP cameras a...

By IPVM Team - 4 days ago

Lighthouse Deep Learning Camera Tested

A Silicon Valley startup, Lighthouse, with a Stanford PhD CTO, has released a deep learning AI camera with 3D sensors for just $300. The company...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 4 days ago | 7 Comments

Access Control Course Winter 2018

Learn more below about the Winter 2018 IPVM Access Control Course. Register here. IPVM offers the most comprehensive access control course in th...

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'Catastrophic Problem' For Videofied App

Less than 2 months after closing their DIY division DragonFly, Videofied has been hit with a problem the company calls 'catastrophic'. Now the comm...

By Brian Rhodes - 5 days ago | 6 Comments

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