Hikvision NVR Load Testing

IPVM members recently debated Hikvision NVR's performance under load in Hikvision 30+ Cameras On NVR - Apps And Client Really Slow Down And CPU Usa...

By Ethan Ace - about 4 hours ago | 3 Comments

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Integrator Managing Projects Statistics

Who actually manages projects for security integrators? Does the average security integrator have dedicated project managers, or are technicians, s...

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This Manufacturer Shuns IP Cameras

One manufacturer has chosen a bold strategy in avoiding getting caught up in the race to the bottom: shun IP solutions. We spoke with an executive...

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BBC Features Dahua

Hikvision is not the only mega-Chinese video surveillance manufacturer getting global attention. Last month, the WSJ investigated Hikvision and now...

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Hiring Camera Calculator Product Manager

We are working on making the Camera Calculator even better and hoping you can help us find the right person to join our team. IPVM is hiring a P...

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Robot Vandalism

Vandalism of security systems is a common concern. It is so common that camera vandalism statistics show that designers routinely sacrifice camera ...

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Access Controller Software Guide

Properly configuring access controllers software is key to a professional access system. These devices have fundamental settings that must be conf...

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2018 Video Surveillance Cameras Overview

This report concisely explains the developments for surveillance cameras offered in 2017 and the state of offerings going into 2018, including cybe...

By IPVM Team - 3 days ago

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