Axxon Next VMS 4.0 Tested

AxxonSoft is one of the biggest VMS vendors (reporting 263,000 channels sold in 2015), especially strong in their home market of Russia, but not we...

By Ethan Ace - about 17 hours ago | 23 Comments

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Milestone Declares End-To-End Is A Dead-End

While Axis celebrates their end to end system win at top 50 global retailer H&M, their Canon sister company Milestone is proclaiming that end-t...

By Brian Karas - 1 day ago | 10 Comments

Hikvision 20% Price Cut Twice In A Month

Days after celebrating the Chinese government's commitment of up to $3 billion USD more in funding, Hikvision USA is now launching up to 20% across...

By John Honovich - 2 days ago | 13 Comments

Axis Lists Itself First Among VMSes

When you think of VMSes, who do you think of first? Well, Axis, the camera manufacturer, thinks of itself. Axis declared: There are a variety o...

By John Honovich - 6 days ago | 8 Comments

Camera Course September 2016

This is the only independent surveillance camera course, based on in-depth product and technology testing. Lots of manufacturer training exists bu...

By Brian Rhodes - 7 days ago

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