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Axis: "Everything is IP" - False

Axis is congratulating itself, with executive Fredrick Nilsson declaring: "Now the conversion is all done and everything is IP and analog is rap...

By John Honovich - about 2 hours ago

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Dahua 4K HD Analog Cameras Announced

HD analog has been gaining popularity (even if Axis hopes otherwise). Last year, HD analog's max resolution doubled from 1080p to 4MP (see our 4MP...

By Brian Karas - 1 day ago | 7 Comments

Uniview (UNV) IP Cameras Tested

"We're #3," in China says Uniview (UNV). While the company significantly trails Hikvision and Dahua in total sales, one notable difference is that ...

By Ethan Ace - 2 days ago | 7 Comments

Glass Doors and Access Control Tutorial

The biggest challenge for many access control systems are glass doors. Here's what happens when a maglock is improperly installed to an existing gl...

By Brian Rhodes - 2 days ago | 11 Comments

Exacq Favorability Results

For years, Exacq has been one of the most frequently favored VMSes in IPVM integrator statistics (e.g., see Favorite VMS Manufacturers 2016). Howe...

By Brian Karas - 2 days ago | 3 Comments

The Hot RMR Company - Electric Guard Dog

The financiers at the Barnes Buchanan conference praised a company named 'Electric Guard Dog'. While the name sounds fairly low tech, the money and...

By Brian Karas - 2 days ago

Hikvision Leads Multi-Manufacturer Sales Promo

Earlier this month, Hikvision launched new 'super value' kits, with 40% discounts, and now Hikvision is offering another promo, but this time they ...

By Brian Karas - 3 days ago | 6 Comments

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