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ONVIF Favorability Statistics 2021

ONVIF now supports over 20,000 products, but how well do integrators think of the organization? Inside, we examine statistics and commentary...

By Ethan Ace - 1 day ago

New Products April 2021 Show Concluded

The April 2021 New Products show is complete. Day 1 recordings are available at the end of the report while Day 2 and 3 will be added by the end of...

By IPVM Team - 1 day ago | 12 Comments

Mobotix Favorability Statistics 2021

Mobotix is attempting a turn-around in the past few years, releasing their first ONVIF conformant models, a new 7th generation line, and working...

By Ethan Ace - 2 days ago

Simplisafe Raises $130 Million

Simplisafe has raised $130 million and IPVM estimates Simplisafe is on pace to have more total monitoring customers than ADT in 5...

By Isabella Cheng and John Honovich - 2 days ago | 4 Comments

Dahua Operates China Police Surveillance

Inside the PRC (China), Dahua directly operates police video surveillance, significantly different from its Western common perception as a low-cost...

By Charles Rollet - 2 days ago | 2 Comments

Panasonic Favorability Results 2021

Panasonic was once a major video surveillance provider, spun out in 2019. But now how do integrators feel about them? Inside, we examine...

By Ethan Ace - 3 days ago | 4 Comments

ADT Sues Former Employee and Subcontractor

ADT Commercial is suing a former employee and subcontractor for allegedly stealing ADT's proprietary pricing tools, customers and...

By Isabella Cheng - 4 days ago | 7 Comments

AxxonSoft Russia Business and International Expansion Examined 8 comments - less than a minute ago

Is Conversion Available For An Old ADT System That Ran 6 Position Wire With Factory Ends? 1 comments - 16 minutes ago

False Verkada HIPAA Compliance And Legal Risks Investigated 11 comments - 23 minutes ago

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New Products April 2021 Show Concluded 13 comments - about 11 hours ago

Hikua Cameras Same As 'Enemy' 'Tunneling In', Says Retired US General 5 comments - about 11 hours ago

Hikvision RSM Joining Verkada 12 comments - about 14 hours ago

Canon Company Arcules Violates ONVIF Rules 19 comments - about 14 hours ago

Verkada Revokes Global Admin Access To Cameras, Says Requiring 2FA 'Excellent Suggestion' 44 comments - about 15 hours ago

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ADT Sues Former Employee and Subcontractor 8 comments - 1 day ago

Simplisafe Raises $130 Million 5 comments - 1 day ago

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Dahua Operates China Police Surveillance 3 comments - 1 day ago

Motorola/Avigilon/Pelco/IV Drops ISC West 2021 77 comments - 2 days ago

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