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IPVM is the world's leading authority on video surveillance, delivering unmatched reporting, research, and test results.

The Authority On Video Surveillance

Founded in 2008, we are independent and dedicated to objective information, we do not accept advertising, sponsorship nor consulting projects from manufacturers. We fund our work through our paid member's service.

Who is IPVM?

  • IPVM is a team of 12 with extensive experience working for security integrators, organizations, and manufacturers.
  • We have dedicated specialists covering cameras, video analytics, VMS, IP networking, access control and more.
  • IPVM research is cited in US Congressional reporting as well as global publications ranging from the WSJ, BBC, Financial Times, NY Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, VoA and many more.

Where is IPVM?

We are based in Pennsylvania, USA. In 2019, we opened our 12,000+ sqft test lab:

Who Uses IPVM?

  • IPVM receives over 200,000 visits per month
  • We have over 10,000 PRO Members from 100+ countries.
  • The site is the most read and discussed resource by leading executives, designers, and technologists in the security industry, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to government security directors and the largest technology companies in the world.
  • IPVM offers live online courses where we teach video surveillance and access control based on our unique ongoing researching and testing- we've instructed over 1,000 students.

Why Join IPVM?

Independence is at IPVM's core

Advertising, especially in smaller industries like video surveillance, forces publications to self-censor, promote their advertisers (who are invariably selling products or services), and hide criticisms. We are a different.

Being independent, we provide far more value to end-users, integrators, and even manufacturers, as we can reveal and uncover problems as well as better spot positive trends instead of being beholden to what advertisers want to be said.

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