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IPVM offers both live online and on-demand courses where we teach video surveillance and access control based on our unique ongoing research and testing.

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Live Courses

You can take the live courses from anywhere in the world, attending live or watching the recordings on-demand. We include weekly quizzes, a final exam, extensive personal feedback, and certificates for those who pass.

Launched in 2012, over 3000 professionals have earned IPVM course certificates.

Our Up-Coming 2023 Live Courses

On-Demand Courses

The same course materials (videos, tutorials, quizzes, assignments, exams) are now available on-demand. Start whenever you want, take as long as you want or finish as soon as you can. Learn more about each course:

Every on-demand student gets a 20-minute phone call with an IPVM expert to get started and we offer 'office hours' every week to help any student learning the materials. More information and available courses can be found on the On-Demand overview page.

How People Benefit From IPVM Courses

IP Networking Course

Learn to set up an IP video surveillance system: configuring a managed switch, connecting IP cameras, VLANs, QoS, bandwidth management, and network security. Aimed at people with limited experience managing IT networks.

The IP Networking Course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) from 11am to 12 pm ET.

Student Feedback:

"This course and its technical content has opened my eyes and broadened my understanding of all of the different components and equipment that are needed for building both compliant and efficient video surveillance networks."

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October 10th - November 16th, 2023

IP Networking Course On-Demand

Video Surveillance 101 Course

Understand the most important terms, technologies, and trends in the video surveillance industry. Aimed at people with limited technical exposure to video surveillance systems.

The Video Surveillance 101 course meets for 3 days, Tuesday - Thursday, from 10AM - 3:00 PM ET.

Student Feedback:

"It perfectly summarized the knowledge I need to have when talking to systems integrators and other stakeholders in the security industry. I am working in the security industry for 2 years already and I regret that I didn't take this course earlier, it was very helpful and gave a good overview on topics I already knew or just touched on briefly during my job. Thank you for this great training!"

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December 5th - December 7th, 2023

Video Surveillance 101 Course On-Demand

Advanced Access Control Course

After completion, students understand how current physical access technologies best achieve security goals and are used in access systems.

The Access Control Course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) from 1pm to 2pm ET.

Student Feedback:

"As a newcomer to the field, I loved the volume of information I was able to get and the way it was presented in an easy-to-grasp way."

"Even though it was high-level, I thought it was a thorough review of basic aspects of access control."

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Advanced Access Control Course On-Demand

Access Control 101 Course

IPVM's new 3-day Access Control 101 course is designed for those new to access control business roles or who need an overview of access control topics without becoming experts.

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Access Control 101 On-Demand Course

Surveillance Cameras Course

Learn to design video surveillance systems based on 1000+ tests and unique research, teaching the underlying technologies and tradeoffs of current cameras.

The Surveillance Cameras course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) for 1 hour from 11am ET to 12pm ET).

Student Feedback:

"By the time class was completed I was also able to sit in on a 'show & tell' session from a group of vendors that installed our city's IP camera system and ask intelligent questions - and even better, was able to understand the answers!"

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Cameras Course On-Demand

Video Surveillance Analytics Course

Understand how video analytics work, what problems they have, and how to responsibly sell or deploy. This course is for anyone who currently or plans to manage, design, sell, or support video surveillance systems using video analytics.

The Video Surveillance Analytics course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) for 1 hour from 10am ET to 11am ET.

Student Feedback:

"We are installing a new camera system and this course has helped me keep a more measured opinion of how cameras will be installed and what to actually expect with camera analytics."

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Video Analytics Course On-Demand

VMS / VSaaS Course

Understand the trends, terms and technology for VMS and VSaaS. Based on the latest reporting at IPVM, analyzing and testing products to determine which are best and worst at various capabilities, and what companies are emerging.

The VMS/VSaaS Course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) from 1pm to 2pm ET.

Student Feedback:

“I really enjoyed the wide coverage of both VMS and VSaaS and how it allowed seeing not only the difference between them but also to highlight the unique advantages in each. Sean did a great job as an instructor, not only the handling of the course but the knowledge and ability to provide examples.”

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VMS/VSaaS Course On-Demand

How The Courses Work

Live Classes: Each live course meets twice a week for ~6 weeks. We meet using webcasting software and live chat, presenting demonstrations, graphics, and explanations. We answer dozens of questions every class that helps you get the most out of each class. In IPVM classes, you are able and encouraged to interact to get the most out of it.

Below is a recording of the intro to one of our class sessions:

And below is a recording of a portion of the attendee Q&A at the end of a class session:

Course Readings: Each course includes ~300 pages of readings. These readings are based on our ongoing research and testing of security products to ensure that you learn what is current, which is critical given the ongoing changes in technology.