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VMS Webinar Series - Milestone, Avigilon, NUUO, OnSSI, Network Optix (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 21, 2014
"Over the next month, each Monday at 11am EDT / 15:00 GMT, IPVM will be hosting a webinar on a different VMS (Milestone, Avigilon, NUUO, OnSSI, Network Optix), doing a live presentation and review of the software in action. Each webinar..."
Panasonic Series 6 IP Cameras Tested
Posted on Jul 21, 2014
"Can Panasonic make a comeback? One of the early entrants in IP cameras, Panasonic has been slipping, dues to faster and more aggressive competitors. Now, Panasonic has released a sixth generation plus added a 20%+ price cut. We tested..."
Top 5 Access Control Problems (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 21, 2014
"Here's what integrators say are their 5 top problems with electronic access control: High cost End-user knowledge Lowball Competition Complex Doors/Hardware Low System Turnover Inside, integrators explain in-depth about what..."
Milestone Sues Hawk (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 18, 2014
"Last year, an inventor / troll said they were going to sue end users for violating a patent they have on video surveillance technology. Now, they have fulfilled their promise with 28 lawsuits this year. However, Milestone Systems has..."
Surveillance Camera Imager Tutorial (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 17, 2014
"Imagers - CCD, CMOS, 1/2", 1/4", big pixels, small pixels, etc. In this tutorial, we explain the fundamental issues and drivers in surveillance camera imagers, including: Sensor vs Imager CCD vs CMOS Imager Manufacturers Camera..."
Conduit for Surveillance Explained (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 16, 2014
"Cameras frequently need conduit to protect wires and cables connecting them to the headend / recorder. However, with so many types available, it is may be difficult to determine the right one to use in each application. There are..."
Favorite Access Control Software 2014
Posted on Jul 16, 2014
"What are the favorite access control software platforms? Is it the elder incumbents like Honeywell, Lenel and Software House? Or can newer providers like Brivo, Genetec or S2 make a dent? Just like we did with favorite IP cameras and..."
What If Axis Acquired Genetec? (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 16, 2014
"The shocking acquisition of Milestone by Canon and the rapid ascent of 'solution' provider Avigilon has increased questions about the viability of independent manufacturers. The two best known and largest of these independents left are,..."
Testing Samsung vs Google/Dropcam
Posted on Jul 14, 2014
"Samsung is charging hard into IP cameras. Last year, they attacked the professional market with their WiseNet III launch. Now, they are going after the consumer / residential market with their "SmartCam" offering. Not only does Samsung..."
Favorite Access Control Credentials (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 11, 2014
"When it comes to the most popular way to unlock a door, which access credential type holds the favored spot among integrators? The 'contenders' include: Barcodes Biometrics Contactless 125kHZ Contactless..."
HD Video: IP vs Analog (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 11, 2014
"In the past, the only way to get megapixel / HD was to use IP. Now, a crop of alternatives are emerging including SDI, CVI, TVI, 960H, to name just a few. Here is a high level overview of how they compare: Inside, we break down each..."
Summer 2014 IP Camera Course
Posted on Jul 10, 2014
"Registration is CLOSED. IPVM's industry leading IP camera course provides certification and enables you to master the key concepts, drivers and factors in selecting and deploying modern surveillance cameras, through unique live..."
Maglocks - Who Uses And Hates Them (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 10, 2014
"Many integrators hate maglocks. However, they are a common sight on many controlled openings. But how widely are they used? In our exclusive integrator access control survey series, we share usage statistics and, more importantly,..."
Testing the Smallest HD Cameras
Posted on Jul 09, 2014
"Miniature HD IP cameras are a growing trend. It started with cameras that had small 'heads' but large 'base' units. Increasingly, though, the bases are shrinking. Recently, we even found one without any base at all, just a small head,..."
OnSSI Mix and Match - Save Money on VMS? (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 09, 2014
"OnSSI is promoting what it calls 'Mix and Match' that they say will save money on VMS purchases. Generally, VMS software is offered on multiple tiers, like "Basic", "Medium", "Advanced", at increasingly higher prices. A user typically..."
Axis Q2 2014 Growth Up But (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 09, 2014
"Axis' seesaw growth continues. After Axis missed and profits sank in Q1 2014, the second quarter's overall growth numbers improved. However, the geographical breakout shows this to be an anomaly and downward revised market growth rates..."
New Hosted Access Provider: Feenics (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 08, 2014
"There is a new entrant in the hosted access market, Feenics. Not only are they aiming for the cloud, they are looking to expand into advanced monitoring. In this note, we examine their offering, Keep, and compare it to other hosted..."
IP Camera Statistics 2014
Posted on Jul 07, 2014
"All IPVM members can download our new IP Camera Statistics 2014 report.  Here's what's inside the 54 page guide: This is a companion report to Favorite IP Cameras 2014, Worst IP Cameras 2014 and Ranking 95 Manufacturer's..."
PTZs Declining, Multiple Fixed MP Replacing (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 07, 2014
"New IPVM statistics show the rate of PTZ declines, where they are still being heavily used and what the most common replacement for PTZs is. Overall, just 1 in every 10 cameras being deployed by integrators today are..."
Gun Detection Analytics Are Here, Says Startup (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 03, 2014
"A timely innovation, or cashing in on tragedies? A new video analytics company is touting its 'gun detection' analytics that can trigger as soon as a weapon is drawn, potentially alerting authorities in seconds and saving lives. Are..."
Testing Varifocal Minidome (IQeye)
Posted on Jul 02, 2014
"Minidomes are increasing in popularity, as IPVM statistics show. However, the most common objection to using minidomes is the lack of varifocal lenses. In this report, we tested the IQinVision Alliance-Mini, specifically..."
Avigilon CEO Looks To Rebuild Investor Confidence (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 02, 2014
"Avigilon's CEO has been making the circuits seeking to rebuild investor confidence following their shock CFO departure. Here he is on Canadian business TV: Inside this note, we break down the 3 main claims: Market price pressure..."
Startup - Surveillance / Photocamera Combo: Butterfleye (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 01, 2014
"This startup, Butterfleye, is offering a cross between a cloud security camera and a personal photo camera, billing it as the 'world's smartest home camera': Hot off the heels of Google's Dropcam acquisition, is Butterfleye bringing..."
Lifespan of Electronic Access Control Systems (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 01, 2014
"Just how long do end users hang on to access systems before they look to change? The answer may surprise you. Unlike video surveillance systems that turn over every seven years or so, the service life of access is much longer. How much..."
Testing Canon IP Cameras
Posted on Jun 30, 2014
"Canon now owns one of the top global VMS offerings but how good are their IP cameras? Will the combination of Canon IP cameras and Milestone VMS create the next Avigilon? Or will Canon's cameras be the anchor that drags down Milestone..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3101 in total