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$100 True WDR Camera Tested (FLIR CVI)
Posted on Jul 31, 2015
"True WDR has traditionally been quite expensive. And HD analog has so far been mostly low-end models. Now, FLIR has released a ~$100 1080p CVI camera with true WDR and integrated smart IR. We bought the FLIR C233BD to see how it..."
"Future-Proofing" Access Control Guide (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 30, 2015
"Its one of the most misused phrases around: "Future-proof". However, even without the crystal ball and wizards, designing access control to be "future proof" is much more pratical that the concept implies. The features we tag as 'future..."
First Integrator Face Off Opened
Posted on Jul 29, 2015
"IPVM is starting a new series. A scenario will be presented and selected integrators can respond with their proposals / designs. Then those responses will be shared with the IPVM community, letting other members vote on what they like..."
The Company Behind AHD (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 29, 2015
"They are the star of nearly every Chinese spam email now. Plus, they just picked up Samsung. We interviewed Nextchip, the company behind AHD, who claimed huge growth and volume shipments, as well as explaining what their market..."
Manufacturers: Get Paying or Get Sued - Avigilon Patent Licensing Program (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 29, 2015
"The new Avigilon 'patent licensing program' is starting to roll out, confirmed Avigilon's CEO on today's earnings call. This is just a month after an Avigilon employee and multiple Avigilon dealers went berserk on an IPVM discussion,..."
Hospital Video Surveillance Guide
Posted on Jul 28, 2015
"This 16-page guide explains the key uses, design factors, and players in the Hospital Surveillance market. A global group of 50 integrators and consultants with hospital project experience responded, each offering insights in..."
Arecont Pulls End User Marketing Claims
Posted on Jul 28, 2015
"Manufacturers, you have to get explicit permission from end users and only state factually true claims about them. Arecont struggles to understand this. In their trainwreck SIA 'article', not only did they confuse bytes and pixels,..."
Axis Camera Companion VMS Tested
Posted on Jul 27, 2015
"Axis is focusing more on their own 'end to end solutions'. Camera Companion is Axis' 'VMS killer', which is free and eliminates using traditional VMS software. It jumped off to a great start, then got hammered with SD card problems and..."
Gun Detecting Smartcam Startup (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 27, 2015
"Wild claims are nothing new for security products, but one startup is claiming its home camera can detect guns. GunDetect claims it can stop gun crime and accidents in your house cold by sensing guns it can see. The new company is so..."
RIP Frank De Fina
Posted on Jul 27, 2015
"Frank De Fina has passed away. De Fina was a well known and respected industry executive, who most recently joined mega Chinese manufacturer Hikvision to lead their sales effort into the high-end of the market. Prior to that, De Fina..."
Arecont Accurately Predicts Its Own Fall (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 24, 2015
"You have to give credit where credit is due. Three years ago, Arecont introduced the idiotic Pixels Per Dollar metric. On the one hand, it is clearly reductionistic, ignoring image quality issues like WDR, low light performance,..."
Testing Zwipe Fingerprint Card
Posted on Jul 23, 2015
"By embedding a fingerprint reader into an access control card, Zwipe claims it can increase security without requiring facilities to new / expensive fingerprint readers. In this test, we put the card through its paces to see how it..."
BICSI Dumps Security Certification
Posted on Jul 23, 2015
"Security people may love IT, but the feeling evidently is not mutual. Standards/certification group BICSI has terminated their Electronic Safety and Security credential after a few years' availability and very limited adoption. In this..."
Surveillance Design Training Class
Posted on Jul 23, 2015
"In this webinar, we demonstrated how to better design video surveillance systems using the IPVM camera calculator. How to lay out cameras on Google Maps, determine the right coverage, right FoV and image quality were just some of the..."
ADI's Disruptive W Box Tested
Posted on Jul 22, 2015
"ADI moves hundreds of millions of dollars worth video surveillance equipment each year. And now, they are disrupting the channel, cutting out manufacturers. We bought an IP camera and NVR from ADI's new W Box line to learn more. The..."
Vehicle Entrance Camera Selection Guide (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 21, 2015
"When it comes to vehicle surveillance, the conversation regularly turns to license plate capture. But other information, such as identifying details of the driver, vehicle make and model, etc., is often just as important. In this..."
Smart CODEC Guide
Posted on Jul 21, 2015
"Smart codecs are a next 'big thing'. With cameras having more and more processing power available, it is enabling them to make 'smarter' decisions about how they compress video. The marketing names will vary. Some include 'Zipstream',..."
Camera Calculation Presentations Released
Posted on Jul 21, 2015
"Wow your customers with beautiful presentations of your video surveillance designs. Now you can generate PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Word Docs and Zip files of your Google Map Camera Calculations. This provides you with (1)..."
Access Control Course Fall 2015 Opened
Posted on Jul 20, 2015
"Save $50 right now on early registration to the Fall 2015 Access Control Course. IPVM offers the most comprehensive access control course in the industry. Unlike manufacturer training that focuses only on a small part of the system, we..."
Samsung Goes AHD, Sets Battle with Dahua and Hikvision (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 20, 2015
"HD analog continues to grow. One of the biggest problems so far is the lack of big brand support. Though Hikvision and Dahua are now mega surveillance manufacturers, they clearly do not have the name recognition globally. To date, the..."
ACTi 10MP IR Camera Tested
Posted on Jul 20, 2015
"10MP, Integrated IR, Motorized Zoom lens. All for just over $300 promotional pricing. An incredible deal, on paper, from ACTi's "Catch All The Details" marketing campaign We bought an ACTi E617 and tested it against other high..."
You Cannot Trust the ONVIF Chairman (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 17, 2015
"A fascinating question: Can you trust salesman? Posed SourceSecurity. Unfortunately and ironically, the ONVIF chairman shows you why should not. The 'Guarantee' The ONVIF chairman was asked, "Can End Users Trust Advice From..."
Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Shootout
Posted on Jul 16, 2015
"Reusing existing coax for IP cameras can cut installation costs dramatically. However, there are endless numbers of Ethernet over coax adapters available, all with differing price points and feature sets, so choosing the right ones can..."
Police Station Video Surveillance Guide
Posted on Jul 15, 2015
"This 18-page guide explains the key uses, design factors, and players in the Police Station Surveillance market. A global group of 50 integrators and consultants with police project experience responded, each offering insights in..."
VMS vs CMS (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 15, 2015
"VMS and CMS both refer to software that manages video surveillance recordings yet they are different. In this note, we explain the differences in: How this varies by geographic region What functionality is core to each type What is..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3571 in total