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Importance of Storage Costs - Statistics (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 30, 2015
"10 years ago, 500GB for an entire DVR was considered good. Today, there are 6TB hard drives. More and more storage at lower prices has lead many to conclude that storage costs are no longer important. On the other hand, a decade ago,..."
Top Barriers to New Security Sales (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 30, 2015
"Only 25-30% of both integrator and manufacturer sales are to new customers, according to new IPVM statistics. Many integrators and manufacturer struggle to find new customers. However, the barrier to those new sales, according to those..."
Axis Introduces... An IP Horn? (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 27, 2015
"Axis invented the IP camera. Now they claim to have the "first open standard, network loudspeaker for remote speaking". You may not be that excited but Axis trumpets this as "really an IoT (Internet of Things) device." In this..."
Secret Service Video Surveillance Scandal (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 27, 2015
"The US Secret Service has taken a beating over the last few years. Hookers, public drunkenness and now, the newest Secret Service scandal, is their video surveillance recordings, or lack thereof. For some reason, the US Secret..."
How to Blow $200,000 On A Booth (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 26, 2015
"The industry has more than doubled in size in the past 10 years yet trade shows are struggling to get the attendance numbers they once achieved a decade ago. But one manufacturer is betting big that a mega booth at ISC West 2015 is..."
4K Panasonic Tested (Panoramic)
Posted on Mar 25, 2015
"Panasonic has released their first 4K cameras, and surprisingly, they are panoramic, which they tout include high sensitivity 1/2" image sensors, true WDR, auto back focus, and other features not common in competitive cameras. But will..."
Axis Zipstream Claims Average 50% Savings (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 25, 2015
"Axis claims that its new Zipstream compression technology can "lower bandwidth and storage requirements by an average 50% or more." That is quite an audacious claim for such a fundamental element of video surveillance systems. In this..."
Favorite Network Switches for Surveillance 2015 (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 24, 2015
"5 manufacturers stood out as integrator favorites for network switches from more than 140 votes / explanations submitted. These 2015 statistics replace our 2012 network switch favorite results. In this note, we break down: favorite 5..."
First Security Sales Course Launched
Posted on Mar 24, 2015
"This is the first and only security sales course, customized for the needs and challenges specific to professionals selling video surveillance and access control systems. Lots of general sales training exists, but none of it truly..."
Fired: All But One Exacq Rep Firm Now Out (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 23, 2015
"And then there was one. After firing multiple rep firms in January, Tyco has fired 3 more rep firms to nearly complete the removal of Exacq's rep firms. In this note, we examine this firing, providing feedback from Tyco and examining..."
IP Networking Book Released
Posted on Mar 23, 2015
"This is the first ever IP Networking Book for Video Surveillance. The book will give you the knowledge and the confidence to make the right decisions when designing and deploying video surveillance systems on IP networks and working..."
Sony Security Restructures / Cuts (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 23, 2015
"Sony Security's challenges continue. Last year, Sony terminated their US GM, now they have cut employees and restructured their security systems group. Inside, we look at the impact of these changes and provide feedback directly from..."
Milestone Hires Fired Exacq Rep Firm (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 20, 2015
"The battle between Exacq and Milestone in the US is heating up. Less than 2 months ago, Exacq fired many of their long-time rep firms. And just 4 months ago, Milestone terminated their US reps, declaring direct relationships were best..."
Top CRMs Used in Security Sales (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 19, 2015
"One of the biggest pains of sales people is using their CRM (customer relationship management) software. However, management often finds CRM software critical to forecasting and projecting sales numbers. We asked 100 security sales..."
Member Invites Released
Posted on Mar 18, 2015
"Members ask regularly how can they share IPVM content with their customers, colleagues, friends, etc. Now, we are introducing 'invites' that allow eligible members to give 1 month free IPVM membership to whomever they choose. Benefits..."
Axis vs Hikvision vs Sony Encoder Test
Posted on Mar 18, 2015
"In this report, we share test findings of three popular four port analog SD encoder models: Axis P7214 Hikvision DS-6704HFI Sony SNT-EX104 Below, we share our findings in areas including: Image quality VMS licensing and..."
Arecont Vision Declares: "We Don't Have A Partner Program" (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 17, 2015
"Axis boasts 75,000 partners. Avigilon touts 2,000 fanatical partners. Arecont Vision declares that they have no partner program. They believe they have a better approach but is it really? Instead of a partner program, Arecont Vision..."
The End of CCDs (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 17, 2015
"'Everybody' knows that CCDs provide better image quality and low-light performance. Alas, beware out of date knowledge. It has been many years since that has been true in surveillance yet many 'professionals' still tout this as 'fact'...."
IPVM Member Live Orientation Calls (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 17, 2015
"We will hold two live calls Wednesday March 25th at 9am ET / 13:00 UTC and 4pm ET / 20:00 UTC, showing you how to get the most out of your IPVM membership, including: The quickest ways to get the information you need to make important..."
Sales Leads Survey Results (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 16, 2015
"Where do integrators and manufacturers get leads for new customers? We asked 100 sales people this question. The short answer: 'old school' techniques, though the methods / sources of integrators were the opposite of manufacturers. In..."
Remote Network Access for Video Surveillance
Posted on Mar 13, 2015
"Remotely accessing video is difficult for 3 reasons. Private Networks Almost all video surveillance uses private IP addresses, that are by definition, not accessible directly over the public Internet. (Related: Network Addressing for..."
Bad Marketing Beware - Intransa is Back! (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 13, 2015
"After burning $100+ million on a mythical 'secret sauce', quietly going out of business, dropping all warranties, could Intransa top themselves? They are trying. Reborn as 'Viakoo', the bad marketing is back. Petitioning Homeland..."
First Surveillance SD Cards Released (SanDisk) (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 12, 2015
"The black eye for on-board recording has gotten pretty bad. Culminating with Axis admitting a serious edge recording problem, the claimed culprit is insufficient SD cards. Now, one of the biggest SD card manufacturers has released..."
99 Cents to Configure an IP Camera (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 12, 2015
"Just 99 cents? Distributors have offered configuration services for many years but now one is practically giving it away for free. Inside this note, we examine distributor ScanSource's new offer to configure Axis IP cameras for just 99..."
CBR vs VBR vs MBR - Surveillance Streaming
Posted on Mar 11, 2015
"How you stream video has a major impact on quality and bandwidth. And it is not simply CODEC choice (like H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, etc.) However, regardless of the CODEC, one still needs to choose how the video stream handles changes in..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3411 in total