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Body Cameras, Poorly Implemented, Failed (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 23, 2014
"A 2013 study found that body cameras led to a massive reduction in use of force incidents and officer complaints. However, a new Justice Department report shows that the benefits of using body cameras are not reaped when they are..."
Genetec and Milestone Access Tested
Posted on Apr 23, 2014
"Video management software companies entering access control is a growing trend. One of the first to do this was Genetec, who now has a long history in both video and access. Indeed, they market their Security Center as a 'unified..."
Advanced Marketing That Avigilon and Dropcam Does But Axis Misses (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 22, 2014
"This is the technique that two of the fastest growing companies in surveillance use but most incumbents miss. It offers incredible low cost plus high quality targeting that no other historical option has ever provided. Indeed, IPVM has..."
VQiPS - Video Quality in Public Safety (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 22, 2014
"The Video Quality in Public Safety (VQiPS) working group is run by the US government and is comprised of "public safety practitioners, Federal partners, manufacturers, and representatives of standards making bodies," that meets annually..."
7 Key Surveillance Trends for 2014
Posted on Apr 21, 2014
" Here are the 7 key trends we see for the video surveillance market emerging in 2014: Low cost camera manufacturer competitive shift FLIR and Samsung aggressive expansion 4K camera problems emerging H.265 availability..."
IR Camera Housing - Raytec Lighthouse (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 21, 2014
"A key limitation of integrated IR cameras is distance covered. Even long range integrated IR cameras are typically not more than 50 meters. Now, Raytec is releasing the Lighthouse, what they describe as a "fully integrated lighting and..."
Japanese Stores Facial Recognition Sharing (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 21, 2014
"A controversy is brewing in Japan after a newspaper was tipped off about a practice stores use to combat shoplifting. A network of stores uses facial recognition technology to tag customers as shoplifters and relay that information other..."
How a University Created Its Surveillance Policy (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 18, 2014
"Some are bad, some are good, some are nonexistent, but what considerations go into crafting a surveillance policy? We talked to University Police Chief Peter Carey about how they developed their surveillance policy and why they made the..."
Testing Vivotek Smart Stream
Posted on Apr 18, 2014
"Reduce storage costs by 30%, claims Vivotek. Their new "Smart Stream" feature intelligently compresses video streams such that moving objects get higher quality than background, stationary parts of the scene. Here is their promo..."
Securing Access Control Systems (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 17, 2014
"Securing access control components is critical to ensuring that a facility is truly secure. Otherwise, the entire system can be circumvented or shut down by an adversary. In most cases, if done correctly, adding layers of security and..."
Samsung Launching 1280H Analog, Claims HD Quality (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 17, 2014
"Is analog innovation heating up? 960H was the big analog jump over the last few years, offering 34% increase in 'resolution.' Now, Samsung is launching 1280H, a nearly 100% increase in 'resolution' over traditional analog. Indeed,..."
Video Surveillance At Archaeology Sites Might Surprise You (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 17, 2014
"What is the camera of choice for securing archaeological sites? We talked to archaeologist Chris Merritt about what cameras he found most successful based on his research on the topic.Utah, where Merritt works as at the state Department..."
$3,000 Per Classroom School Camera System (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 16, 2014
"Cameras in schools are nearly everywhere but inside classrooms? Far less common. A school district in Michigan paid $3,000 per classroom for a Panasonic based system to provide live-views during emergencies, that could be used in..."
ONVIF Mega Test
Posted on Apr 16, 2014
"In this groundbreaking report, we share findings of in-depth ONVIF testing. ONVIF Real World Integration We tested 14 camera manufacturers with 5 VMSes, performing 70 total integrations. The camera manufacturers included: ACTi,..."
The $12 Billion Video Surveillance Manufacturer (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 15, 2014
"What video surveillance manufacturer is worth a staggering $12 billion USD? How about Avigilon? Avigilon is growing very fast and, impressively, has broken a billion dollar valuation, but is still worth only 1/10th of this..."
German Anti-Surveillance Campaign Coming to US (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 15, 2014
"The German Pirate Party recently created an anti surveillance campaign that focuses on the security (or lack of) that cameras provide people. The PP is now working on English version of the flyers to reach more of Europe and possibly..."
7 Quizzes - Can You Pass?
Posted on Apr 14, 2014
"A major new offering, now IPVM members can take a series of 7 quizzes, plus they can assign them to their co-workers who are also IPVM members. 7 Quizzes to Start We are starting with 7 quizzes, 2 of them are public / free, the..."
Access Control New Products Spring 2014 (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 14, 2014
"With surveillance dissapointing, access control dominanted the top awards at ISC West. Of course, a bulletproof bookshelf might be fatally flawed and a cloud based visitor / vendor management system is incredibly niche, a number of other..."
Requiring Video Surveillance At Gas Stations (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 14, 2014
"A crowd mobbed and beat a man into a coma after the man accidently ran over a 10 year old boy near a gas station in Detroit. Because of poor image quality and coverage, the police could not identify most of the suspects involved. Now,..."
Company Settles Charges Of Using CCTV To Look at Women's Breasts (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 11, 2014
"A company was ordered to pay a female employee $11,000 after an investigation found that the owner regularly used the surveillance system to stream footage of the employee's breasts to his computer. What’s shocking is not the..."
Access Control Course - Spring 2014
Posted on Apr 11, 2014
"Registration is now closed. Our next IPVM access control course will meet live online, starting on April 15th for 12 times over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday from 11am - 12pm ET) teaching access control - regulations, doors, locks,..."
Mapping IPVM Members from 100+ Countries
Posted on Apr 11, 2014
"This map shows the locations of IPVM PRO members throughout the world. The map is based on member logins to the IPVM site. Global Impact One of the great things about the Internet is how it enables global impact. Of course, in our..."
Best in Show 2014: SV3 Examined (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 10, 2014
"ISC West 2014's top new product prize went to relative unknown Building Intelligence's SV3 Entry Management platform. A software offering, SV3 lacks the straightforward appeal of a video camera, door lock, or (apparently) a bullet proof..."
Super Low Lux Minidome Tested
Posted on Apr 10, 2014
"'Super' low light cameras have become increasingly common in box and full size cameras. However, no one we know has offered them in a minidome, the most common form factor for many users, valued for their small size, aesthetics and..."
American Camera OEM / Online Retailer Interviewed (PRO Only)
Posted on Apr 10, 2014
"A little-known company produced a marketing video comparing its cameras to Chinese giants Dahua and Hikvision, becoming a topic of conversation. Here is the video: So who is Empire Security, and where did they come from? We interview..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3001 in total