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Avigilon 2014 Financials Disappoint Investors (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 04, 2015
"Hikvision admits their equipment got hacked in a large government deployment - stock down just 7.5% Avigilon announces revenue up 42% - stock down 15% If you are an Avigilon investor, you just cannot win over the last year. In this..."
Security Sales Survey Questions - 12 Proposed Questions
Posted on Mar 04, 2015
"We are doing a security sales survey later this month. Examples of recent popular IPVM survey reports include #1 Threat 2015 - China, Integrator Salary Results, Manufacturer Salary Results, Best & Worst Places to Buy..."
The Hikvision Hacking Scandal (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 03, 2015
"What was once just warnings and consumer concerns has exploded into a major problem for Hikvision. A Chinese province's Hikvision devices have been hacked. In this note, we examine what happened, what Hikvision says they are doing..."
$18 Million Already Paid to ObjectVideo, Now It's Avigilon's Turn (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 03, 2015
"ObjectVideo is making millions on patents. And Avigilon will now look to build on that momentum. New financial disclosures as part of Avigilon's OV patent deal shows this. In this note, we break down the financials and examine what..."
Dahua vs Bosch and Axis 4K Cameras
Posted on Mar 02, 2015
"4K is here, but not without issues. High prices and poor low light performance constrain adoption. Now Dahua, one of the two Chinese mega-manufacturers, known for its incredibly low-cost HDCVI line, has entered the 4K market, with an..."
Avigilon to Buy $42 Million Building (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 02, 2015
"Avigilon's spending spree continues. After using nearly $100 million in cash buying OV's patents and 4 other companies' patents, Avigilon is spending another $42 million on a building. In this note, we break down the purchase and its..."
Panasonic Unveils 'Dropcam Killer' (PRO Only)
Posted on Mar 02, 2015
"Many have tried, but no manufacturer has yet toppled Dropcam as the most well-known consumer IP camera, despite strong brand recognition (Samsung) or bells and whistles like facial recognition (Simplicam). Now, Panasonic is entering the..."
Milestone Admits IPO Plan Lie (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 27, 2015
"Now wholly owned by Canon, Milestone's CEO admitted that they lied about not planning an IPO in 2014, as we reported at the time. The Claim To IPVM in 2014, Milestone said, "There are no plans for this right now" and "We continually..."
IP Camera Course Spring 2015 Opened
Posted on Feb 27, 2015
"This is the only independent IP camera course, based on in-depth product and technology testing. Lots of manufacturer training exists but none it really teaches the underlying technologies and tradeoffs of current 2015 camera..."
Extend and Save Up to 25%
Posted on Feb 25, 2015
"IPVM has added a new feature that allows members to save up to 25% by extending their membership for up to 5 years. One of the most common problems we hear is the time / complexity of processing paperwork for membership, regardless of..."
Super Low Cost Chinese Camera Shootout
Posted on Feb 25, 2015
"The 'Chinese' are the industry's #1 threat (or opportunity depending on one's perspective). IPVM has extensively covered the rise of Dahua and Hivkision (see test results). But those two are not the only ones. Many of you get bombarded..."
Warning: Case Studies Can Get You Sued
Posted on Feb 24, 2015
"What do 24 Hour Fitness, Barnes and Nobles and multiple hospitals have in common? They have all been sued in the past few months, with their manufacturer case studies used as evidence. They join ~100 end users who have been sued in..."
Avigilon Real Time Exposure And Gain (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 24, 2015
"Knowing how exposure and gain impact image quality, bandwidth, and camera performance can useful in installation and troubleshooting. Very few cameras readily expose this information, making it difficult or impossible to find for most..."
Axis Fixes VBR / CBR Setting (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 23, 2015
"Bit rate control is an important element in transmitting surveillance video. The three most common options as explained in our CBR vs VBR: Surveillance Streaming Guide are: VBR - variable bit rate CBR - constant bit rate VBR with a..."
Genetec AutoVu LPR Camera Tested
Posted on Feb 23, 2015
"License plate video is one of the most requested elements of video surveillance. IPVM has done many tests on license plate cameras, including the: License Plate Capture Shootout Low Cost License Plate Capture Shootout MP License..."
Bandwidth Guide for Video Networks (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 23, 2015
"Bandwidth is the most fundamental element of computer networking for video surveillance systems. Because video surveillance can consume an immense amount of bandwidth and because variations in bandwidth load of surveillance cameras can..."
Vacation Rental Access Control: The 'ResortLock' (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 20, 2015
"Controlling access to your vacation home or rental property is the vision of ResortLock. Through an internet based management portal, users can manage security from thousands of miles away. But does it make sense and is it priced right?..."
Stand Out From Your Competition - Webinar (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 19, 2015
"We presented 4 key ideas for integrators to stand out from their competition, digging into each one, explaining how to implement them. Plus, we will take your questions live. Join us on today February 19th at 1pm ET. The goal is to help..."
Shootout: 4K vs PTZ Cameras
Posted on Feb 19, 2015
"Resolutions continue upwards, with 4K cameras hitting the street. Meanwhile, PTZ usage continues its downward trend, with fewer and fewer integrators choosing them. The question is: how does this increase in resolution compare to the..."
Worst Access Products - 100 Integrators Sound Off (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 18, 2015
"100 integrators told us which access product lines gave them the biggest problems in the last year. This is the counterpart to the Favorite Access Control Software and Favorite Access Control Credentials reports. In this note, you will..."
Posted on Feb 17, 2015
"FLIR's integrated IR PTZ, the DNZ30TL2R claims a whopping 150m (~500') IR range and HD resolution. Distances like these have historically been possible only with expensive high-end positioning systems which required expensive..."
Axis and Milestone To Remain Independent, Canon Declares (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 17, 2015
"Hoping, fearing, anticipating a 'Super Avigilon'? Will Axis and Milestone merge to become an 'end to end' solution? No, declares Canon. Inside this note, we share and examine Canon's declaration to IPVM about the future of the two..."
Most Needed Improvement: Access Control Software (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 16, 2015
"100 integrators answered IPVM's question: "Which aspect/element of access control system technology (ie: credentials, locks, controllers, management software, system openness, etc) most needs to improve? Why?" Software and openness..."
The Exacq / Tyco Solution Is Here (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 16, 2015
"And there it is folks. Exacq is in the SOLUTION business, 20 months from independent VMS to Tyco package. In this note, we examine the 'solution', the transition and how it impacts Exacq, Exacq dealers and competitors to Tyco /..."
Default IP Camera Addresses - 14 Manufacturer Directory (PRO Only)
Posted on Feb 13, 2015
"Initializing IP cameras can be tedious and frustrating, made worse because manufacturers have no standardization, with some supporting DHCP, some using default IP addresses, and some using both. In this post, we have compiled a list of..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3380 in total