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Beware: The Magical HD Analog Converter (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 07, 2015
"What if there was a small device that could instantly convert / translate between AHD, CVI and TVI? Gone would be any compatibility issues between the three competing but fast growing HD analog offerings. There is a device on the..."
Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 07, 2015
"In the access control market, there are many software platforms, but only a few companies that make non-proprietary door controllers. Historically, the most well known two have been Mercury and HID, with Axis joining the field in..."
Go After Your Competitors (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 06, 2015
"For an industry that's 99.9% male, there's less testosterone here than the Golden Girl's living room. Surveillance companies are just irrationally afraid of going after their competitors. And it is a big mistake. In this note, we..."
Panasonic Video Insight VMS Tested
Posted on Jul 06, 2015
"Panasonic not only bought an open VMS provider, VideoInsight, Panasonic is now giving away free VMS licenses for their cameras. Plus, the VMS includes free access control. Though Panasonic has talked about selling 'solutions' for years,..."
Camera Course Summer 2015
Posted on Jul 05, 2015
"[Last week to get into the course. Ends this Thursday.] This is the only independent surveillance camera course, based on in-depth product and technology testing. Lots of manufacturer training exists but none teaches the underlying..."
Milestone Employees Defecting to Vicon (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 02, 2015
"The hot company right now? Evidently Vicon. Vicon has been stugglling for years and in the midst of merging with another troubled company, IQinVision. However, last year, Vicon nabbed Milestone's CSMO. Now he is building an..."
Pros and Cons - Automating Firmware Updates (PRO Only)
Posted on Jul 01, 2015
"Firmware and software updates are one of the most tedious tasks in surveillance, so why not make them easier? While other devices, like PCs, phones, and other consumer electronics have featured automatic updates for years, few..."
Airport Video Surveillance Guide
Posted on Jun 30, 2015
"This 20-page guide explains the key uses, design factors, and players in the Airport Surveillance market. A global group of 40 integrators and consultants with airport project experience responded, each offering insights in selling,..."
Samsung Techwin Now Hanwha, Overseas To 'Remain Intact' (PRO Only)
Posted on Jun 30, 2015
"Officially, Samsung Techwin is no more. As the Korea Times reported: "Samsung Techwin officially became part of Hanwha Group, Korea's 10th largest family-controlled conglomerate, Monday, changing its name to Hanwha Techwin." However,..."
New Google Nest Cam Tested
Posted on Jun 29, 2015
"The most important advance for the new Google Nest Cam is video analytics. Though this has not been the focus in the mainstream press, IPVM testing shows that their video analytic advances are significant. We bought a Nest Cam and..."
Camera Edge Storage / Recording Tutorial (PRO Only)
Posted on Jun 29, 2015
"~70% of IP cameras allow storing video onboard, at the 'edge', typically through the use of SD cards. The big question is whether and when it makes sense to use edge storage / recording inside the IP camera. In this tutorial, we..."
Super Low Light HD Lens Tested
Posted on Jun 26, 2015
"A smaller F-number can make a big difference in how much light reaches an imager. For example, the difference even between a f/1.2 and f/1.0, which may seem very close, can be significant, as shown by our F-Stop Calculator: However,..."
IPVM Camera Tools Training Video Released
Posted on Jun 25, 2015
"In this video below, you will learn: How to select the right resolution and angles for your cameras. How to demonstrate to customers why this is right How to find the right models for your specific needs How to save money on..."
PennyAlerts is Pretty Interesting (PRO Only)
Posted on Jun 25, 2015
"We have criticized Intransa / Viakoo pretty harshly. And they deserved it. Quietly going out of business, dropping all warranties, the Intransa leaders then starting Viakoo, launching a false marketing campaign and pricing their service..."
iControl Piper Camera Test
Posted on Jun 24, 2015
"iControl has raised over $100 million in VC funding to transform the home security market. Last year, they acquired Piper, a camera / home automation startup. iControl now faces off against two other super well-funded Silicon Valley..."
China and Taiwan Manufacturer Financials
Posted on Jun 24, 2015
"China is the #1 threat to video surveillance providers around the world but how well are Chinese and Taiwan surveillance manufacturers actually doing? This report breaks down the financial performance of notable Chinese and Taiwanese..."
The Engineers of Tomorrow Are Men, The Women Remain Props
Posted on Jun 23, 2015
"Celebrated annually at IFSEC, it is called 'Engineers of Tomorrow' a competition for troubleshooting alarm systems. Young guys win each year and get to pose with the 'CSLDualCom ladies'. Here are the pictures. First from the official..."
The $3 Billion Camera Chip Manufacturer - Ambarella (PRO Only)
Posted on Jun 23, 2015
"A key supplier to Avigilon, Bosch, Dropcam, Hikvision and many other notable video surveillance manufacturers is in the news - first for its sky rocketing stock price and now becaue of the fierce debate on its valuation. In this note,..."
Posted on Jun 22, 2015
"Amid declining exhibitor attendance and membership troubles, the richest man in security management is leaving. Michael Stack, ASIS CEO, famous for $600,000+ annual compensation, is retiring at the end of 2015. ASIS confirmed to IPVM..."
Avigilon Access Control Tested
Posted on Jun 22, 2015
"Avigilon aims to deliver an end-to-end solution of video surveillance and access control. But how good is their access control? In 2013, Avigilon bought RedCloud for $17 million. However, RedCloud was a very small company that few had..."
The $500 FLIR Thermal Camera Tested
Posted on Jun 19, 2015
"$5,000 thermal cameras were super 'cheap' not too long ago. Then $2,000 thermal cameras shocked people in 2012. Now, we have thermals cameras under $500, coming from the biggest name in the thermal business - FLIR. The 'catch' is that..."
The Bizarre Dahua North American Tour (PRO Only)
Posted on Jun 18, 2015
"Dahua is worth $7 billion USD, more than twice what Canon paid for Axis. And Dahua generated more than $1 billion USD in revenue in 2014 and nearly $200 million in profits. The only video surveillance manufacturer with greater revenues..."
Exacq vs Avigilon (PRO Only)
Posted on Jun 17, 2015
"A member requested: "I need to find some IPVM info on Exacq vs. Avigilon. I don't have time to read 500 articles. Is there a short cut comparison as to which product integrator prefer and why. HELP??" He's literally right. We have 389..."
The $40 Million Funded Startup Canary Tested
Posted on Jun 17, 2015
"This startup, Canary, has raised $40 million total since 2014. With Google buying Dropcam for $555 million, investors see big opportunity in security / video startups. Canary now has a sizeable warchest for aggressive expansion. But..."
Milestone 'CARES' About End Users (PRO Only)
Posted on Jun 16, 2015
"Milestone has announced CARE which they tout cryptically as "Service Offerings for Continuous Return on Investment." If you are familiar with Software Upgrade Plan (SUP), their previous program, this is SUP with more tiers. In this..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3537 in total