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New HD Video Analytic Cameras (ioimage / DVTel) (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 17, 2014
"DVTel is releasing their first HD video analytic cameras, nearly 5 years after acquiring ioimage. With Avigilon EOL'ing VideoIQ products, this is an opportune time for rivals as integrators looks for alternatives. In this note, we..."
Lenel OnGuard Tested
Posted on Sep 17, 2014
"Lenel is one of the biggest names in Access Control with many thousands of systems installed around the globe.  In this report, we examine Lenel's OnGuard access management platform, look how it is typically used, organized,..."
3D Camera Design Training Class (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 16, 2014
"Below is an 87 minute recorded training class video that shows you how to do 3D camera designs, including getting 3D models online, building ones from scratch, and setting up / optimizing cameras. Links These links are referenced..."
Manufacturers Sound Off on ONVIF (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 16, 2014
"ONVIF has achieved massive adoption amidst significant criticism. The most vocal critics are typically from manufacturers who deal with ONVIF most directly. Do those critics represent manufacturers overall? In this IPVM survey, we asked..."
New Audio Surveillance Device Eliminates 3 Cables (Louroe) (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 16, 2014
"Adding audio to IP surveillance systems can be a pain, often requiring a completely separate set of devices with their own cabling scheme and power supplies, incompatible with the single UTP usually run for cameras. Now, Louroe has..."
Live From ASIS 2014 Call
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
"On Monday September 29th at 8pm ET, after the first day of ASIS exhibits, IPVM will host a live webinar call. The IPVM team, in Atlanta, will lead the call, reviewing the most interesting products and activities at the show. If you..."
Testing Axis High End HD Camera Q1615
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
"Axis core focus is the high end of the market. Their newest high end camera is the Q1615, aims to continue that, which they claim offers industry leading image quality and novel features, such as: Super low light 'Lightfinder' at..."
Startup: Video Door Lock (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 12, 2014
"Smart Locks are hot today, garnering lots of money and mainstream interest. One startup, Goji, is attempting to differentiate itself with a video camera for visually confirming who is trying to get inside. Watch the pitch: What is..."
Bandwidth Guide For Video Surveillance (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 11, 2014
"Bandwidth is one of the most fundamental, complex and overlooked aspects of video surveillance. Many simply assume it is a linear function of resolution and frame rate. Not only is that wrong, it misses a number of other critical..."
Ex Milestone Exec Becomes Vicon CEO (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 11, 2014
"Wow, he sure does like challenges. Just days after leaving an easy job at Milestone, Eric Fullerton has taken one of the toughest jobs in the entire industry - becoming CEO of Vicon. Vicon has struggled mightly in the past, well,..."
Testing Avigilon ACC 5 VMS
Posted on Sep 10, 2014
"In this report, we provide in-depth videos covering Avigilon Control Center 5's operation and configuration with 30+ minutes of screencasts providing clear explanations of ACC features including: Applications review for live viewing..."
Genetec Trumps Milestone for ONVIF Edge Support (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 10, 2014
"Milestone's recent announcement has brought attention to improved VMS support for storage on-board cameras. However, as our note on Milestone's 'ONVIF Edge Storage' showed, important limitations exist. Now, Genetec has responded..."
Milestone Key Executive Exits
Posted on Sep 10, 2014
"Less than 3 months after Canon acquired Milestone, Milestone's long time Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) Eric Fullerton has left the company. Milestone provided IPVM the following comment, copied verbatim: "In his role as..."
IPVM Member Orientation September 2014
Posted on Sep 09, 2014
"We are holding a live call / webinar showing you how to get the most out of your IPVM membership, including: The quickest ways to get the information you need to make important decisions Advanced options / features that you are..."
Access Control Server Guide (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 09, 2014
"Electronic access control systems need to be managed. The 'server' though can range across: Panel based / 'serverless' systems Combo workstation / server systems Dedicated servers Virtual servers We explain, compare and contrast..."
Welcome Marty Major to IPVM
Posted on Sep 08, 2014
"I am happy to announce that Marty Major has joined IPVM full time to lead IPVM's training courses. Marty's mission will be to deliver the very best education to security professionals. He will expand and improve upon the foundation we..."
License Plate Recognition Axis App Tested
Posted on Sep 08, 2014
"License plate recognition (LPR) has historically been very expensive, requiring specialized hardware and software. An embedded LPR app from ipConfigure aims to change that, turning compatible Axis cameras into all-in-one LPR..."
Startup: Blink Sells A Million of New Security Camera Tech (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 05, 2014
"A semiconductor company has launched its own security camera offering, selling over $1 million from a crowdfunding campaign that it bills as "the first ultra-affordable, totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert..."
Milestone Releases 'ONVIF Edge Storage' (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 05, 2014
"Lack of VMS support for IP cameras with on-board storage has been a key barrier in restricting adoption. Now, Milestone has released 'ONVIF Edge Storage'. However, it is not really ONVIF. In this note, we examine the technical details..."
Testing March MegaPX Domes
Posted on Sep 04, 2014
"March Networks has been one of the bigger names in video surveillance recorders for a decade, with significant adoption especially in banking and retail. For a number of years, since the Cieffe acquisition, the company has offered..."
Creating 'As-Built' Drawings (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 04, 2014
"Closeout documentation can be invaluable for future expansions or maintenance work, and 'as-built' drawings are a key aspect for finishing projects right. The basic purpose of 'As-Builts' is to document how work is installed versus how..."
Elerts Push Into Video Surveillance (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 03, 2014
"Elerts, a mobile alerting startup, is pushing into video surveillance, led by integrations with big name VMSes and hiring of OnSSI's former national sales manager. In this note, we examine Elerts' positioning, video surveillance..."
Milestone XProtect 2014 Tested
Posted on Sep 03, 2014
"In this third entry in our ongoing VMS test series we provide in-depth explanation and analysis of Milestone XProtect Enterprise 2014. Inside this report, we have 40+ minutes of video screencasts providing clear explanations..."
The Company Behind HD-TVI (PRO Only)
Posted on Sep 02, 2014
"Analog HD is drawing a lot of attention. First there was Dahua and HDCVI. Now, many are talking about HD-TVI. The big name associated with HD-TVI is Hikvision, but the company behind HDTVI technology is Techpoint. In this note, we..."
The New Generation of Security Startups
Posted on Sep 02, 2014
"New entrants to the security market are few and far between. However, there is one area that is clearly driving new security startups - crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has grown from a curiosity to a powerful global force raising..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3173 in total