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Camera DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) Guide
Posted on Nov 20, 2014
"A significant video problem is night time bandwidth spikes. An IPVM study found 250 - 500% increase in bandwidth from day to night (see: Testing Bandwidth vs Low Light). Digital noise reduction is key for reducing night time..."
Genetec Hybrid Cloud Examined (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 19, 2014
"Mass market VSaaS is a tough play, as shown in Genetec's Canadian Chinese buffet win. Now, Genetec's newest cloud release, a Hybrid Cloud Archiving Service, shifts the focus up market to enterprise users. In this note, we examine the..."
Live from ISC East 2014 (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 19, 2014
"The most important security show in the world... According to New Yorkers. This is our ISC East 2014 live review. Items covered: Tri-Ed Major Presence ADT Major Presence Avigilon Camera Advice Axis Giveaway Analog HD NASCAR..."
Camera Labor Estimation Standard
Posted on Nov 19, 2014
"IPVM is proud to release the first ever surveillance camera labor estimation standards. These standards help integrators improve the accuracy and efficiency of their installations, reducing risks and cost. Global Survey We developed..."
Startup - Smart Door Barricade (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 19, 2014
"Barricade your door. And control it via your phone. Smartlocks are increasingly commonplace, but this startup is taking a different approach. Rather than replacing your existing lock, this company has developed a barricade that..."
Axis Corner Mount Camera Examined (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 18, 2014
"Few options exist for corner mount cameras. Despite this, they are a popular choice for jails, elevators and other confined areas. Axis has now announced its own HD corner mount cameras. In this note, we examine the key claimed..."
Camera Lens Finder Released (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 18, 2014
"Need a camera with a 100° AoV or greater? Want a camera with a built in 20mm lens? Looking for a camera that supports at least 3-10mm varifocal? Often, professionals need to find cameras with particular lens lengths / Angle of..."
Dahua HDCVI 2.0 Tested
Posted on Nov 17, 2014
"A strong initial reception but can it repeat? Dahua's initial HDCVI analog HD offering, with its super low cost and HD resolution, was extremely well received (see IPVM's HDCVI test results). Now less than a year later, Dahua is..."
Focal Lens Length Tutorial (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 17, 2014
"3mm, 6mm, 2.8 - 9mm, 5 - 50mm, etc. Camera specifications often list lens lengths but what do they mean? These metrics are important in determining the correct camera coverage and Field of View (FoV). In this tutorial, we look..."
ADT Sued, Claimed 'Easily Hacked' (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 17, 2014
"A lawsuit has been filed against ADT. The class action complaint claims ADT's wireless systems are 'easily hacked', that ADT knows this and yet engages in 'deceptive and misleading marketing statements.' In this note, we examine the..."
Camera Labor Estimate: Low Tile / Grid Ceiling (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 13, 2014
"IPVM is launching the first surveillance labor estimate standard. This is the first entry in that series. Here, we report on a common scenario "Mounting a Camera in a Low Tile/Grid Ceiling." The actual survey question asked is: "The..."
Billion Dollar Hardware Manufacturer Acquires Canadian EAC Company (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 12, 2014
"Electronic access line Keyscan has been bought by mechanical lock conglomerate Kaba, in a move it hopes opens up new distribution and dealer channels in North America. We examine what the deal means for both companies and the market in..."
Avigilon Analytic Cameras Tested
Posted on Nov 12, 2014
"Analytics remains the 'next big thing' But supply of high quality, ease to use analytics remain in short supply. VideoIQ had been the favorite choice of integrators surveyed. But VideoIQ was acquired by Avigilon and VideoIQ cameras..."
Claimed: All Surveillance Manufacturers Are Proprietary (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 12, 2014
"Are all surveillance manufacturers proprietary? Is proprietary a good thing? Mobotix's magazine, MxInstaller, makes that case. In this note, we examine what makes surveillance manufacturers proprietary and what factors differentiate..."
Access Interoperability: Going Nowhere (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 11, 2014
"The dream was simple: access control interoperability. You know; the ability to change management software on a whim, or mix together different brands of controllers, yet have everything work together. It is an idea could fundamentally..."
WDR Manufacturer Cheat Sheet and Camera Tracking (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 11, 2014
"Manufacturers are regularly cryptic about what WDR support they actually provide. They invent marketing buzzwords. They self assign dB rating that cannot meaningfully be compared across manufacturers. In IPVM's testing, the key..."
Calculating 180 and 360 Camera Coverage (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 11, 2014
"The key challenge in designing and using 180 and 360 cameras is to determine how far can they deliver meaningful details. Their upside is that they can see 'everywhere' or, at least, an incredibly wide area. But the downside is that,..."
This Company Claims to Do What BRS Labs Claims to Do (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 10, 2014
"In the US, BRS Labs has been the poster boy for outsized marketing. However, BRS Labs' core claim of behavorial recognition does have value if it can be delivered. Indeed, a quite company on the other side of the world says they can do..."
Best & Worst Manufacturer Salespeople
Posted on Nov 10, 2014
"What manufacturers were rated the worst? Which the best? What do integrators want from their manufacturer salespeople? What offends them the most? New IPVM survey results of 100+ integrators answer these questions inside,..."
Testing Bandwidth vs Low Light
Posted on Nov 07, 2014
"Bandwidth and low light can be a bad combination. Despite many assuming / calculating bandwidth as a single 24/7 number, bandwidth can vary dramatically. One of the big drivers of bandwidth changes is low light / night time. But how..."
Lenel New Release OnGuard 7.0 Examined (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 06, 2014
"Access giant Lenel has announced a new version of their management platform OnGuard 7.0. With the update, Lenel announces expanded support for third-party access controllers, fire alarms, and elevator systems. They also are claiming..."
Invest in a Video Surveillance Storage Startup (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 06, 2014
"Did you miss out on making millions investing in Intransa or Pivot3? Well, here is a limited opportunity to get in on an up and coming video surveillance storage startup. And you can invest less than $250. The Pitch The company is..."
Long Range Access Control Readers (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 05, 2014
"One of the classic challenges for access control are parking lots and garages, where the user's credential is far from the reader. With modern access systems, the basic methods of increasing the read distance mean using special readers,..."
Hikvision Tribrid Recorder Tested
Posted on Nov 05, 2014
"HD over existing coax, IP and legacy analog cameras, all in a single recorder. A 16 camera 'tribrid' DVR that does all that for less than $400. This is what Hikvision is claiming with its 7200 series HDTVI tribrid DVRs. We bought..."
Avigilon Q3 2014 Growth Rate Down Sharply (PRO Only)
Posted on Nov 04, 2014
"The past 6 months have been extremely tough for Avigilon. The company has suffered their CFO exit, surrounding controversy, an earnings miss the next quarter, and a stock price down more than 50% from its peak. Now, their Q3 2014..."

Displaying Articles 1 - 25 of 3260 in total