IPVM Research Service

IPVM's Research Service includes Info+, 1,000+ Research reports, and 4 new Research reports weekly. Schedule a 1-on-1 call now or apply now to subscribe.

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Info+ vs Research Service

IPVM has two subscription offerings (Info+ for $199 annually, including news, company profiles, the Design Calculator, etc.) and the Research Service, for $480 to $10,000 annually, including testing, shootouts, and financial and competitive analysis.

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The Research Service employs a tiered pricing structure based on an organization's number of employees.

To accommodate pricing for smaller organizations, we offer 3 plans with access to a limited number of Research reports per year, starting at just $480 including Info+ and 10 Research reports.

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All subscriptions require a one-year contract with those under 40 physical security employees allowing for monthly payment.

Exception: Pricing for investors (VCs, PE firms, Investment banks evaluating M&A, etc.) will be $10,000 annually.

To verify your organization's pricing level and start a subscription, apply now to subscribe or schedule a 1-on-1 call with IPVM now.

Additional Users

Subscribing organizations can purchase additional logins for extended access to employees. Organizations can pick from 4 options, depending on how many Research Report reads the employee needs, starting at $480 annually for 10 to $2,000 annually for unlimited reads.

Report Licensing

Research Service subscribers can license Research Service reports for unlimited internal organizational sharing. Per report internal licensing price is based on company size. No marketing use allowed.

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IPVM will provide limited discounts or scholarships for those in academia, journalism, and non-profits, plus those who are top IPVM commenters or hold multiple IPVM certifications. Contact us to discuss eligibility.

We will not provide discounts to corporations or government organizations. Instead, our emphasis will be on providing value to organizations in their decision making.

Prioritizing Research Requests From Subscribers

Research Service subscribers will get priority for recommending research topics. This will allow us to publish more focused Research Service reports, increasing value to more subscribers.

We encourage those interested to share their top priorities for research coverage and share it with us via a 1-on-1 call.

No Marketing Allowed

Consistent with IPVM's longstanding policy, no IPVM Research may be used for marketing, and no organization can hire or subscribe to IPVM for marketing purposes.

Barred For PRC And Russia

IPVM will not provide the Research Service to companies based in or controlled by The People's Republic of China (PRC) or the Russian Federation, regardless of where those company's employees are located.

IPVM shall continue to fairly and accurately test products from all countries.

Getting Started

Organizations interested in subscribing should apply now to subscribe or schedule a 1-on-1 call.

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