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ISC West 2023 Show Final Report

IPVM has finished covering the entire show with our largest and most comprehensive show report ever. In our final entry, we cover: 5 major...

By IPVM Team - about 13 hours ago | 26 Comments (Info+)

BluB0X AI Controller Examined

BluB0X combines door access with video analytics in its AI Controller, showing off the board in the company's booth at ISC West 2023. In this...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 days ago (Info+)

WiFi HaLow For IP Cameras Examined

Using WiFi for IP cameras is widely viewed negatively due to limited transmission range and problems working through walls. However, the WiFi...

By Nikita Ermolaev - 4 days ago (Info+)

Top ISC West 2023 Booth Moves

ISC West rebounded last year, after suffering throughout the pandemic, though still far below pre-pandemic numbers. Organizers are expecting a...

By IPVM Team - 8 days ago | 27 Comments (Info+)

Axon Taser 10 "New Era" Profiled

Axon is claiming that its new generation Taser 10 delivers a "New Era in Less-Lethal Technology", part of Axon's "Moonshot" effort to reduce...

By Nikita Ermolaev - 9 days ago (Info+)

Facial Recognition Usage Statistics 2023

Facial recognition is in the news regularly, both for its power and potential abuse, but one thing is often not clear. How widely is facial...

By Angelique Chen and John Honovich - 9 days ago | 6 Comments (Info+)

Axis Discontinuing Entry Manager

Axis has been in the access control market for nearly a decade and is now making a series of fundamental changes to its access offering. We...

By Brian Rhodes - 10 days ago | 5 Comments (Info+)

New Products Show April 2023, Register Now

Register now to attend the New Products Show, April 18th - 20th, featuring executives presenting or unveiling their 2023 offerings exclusively to...

By IPVM Team - 11 days ago | 4 Comments

Evolv Deceives Parents

Evolv is actively deceiving parents, a new step in the company's campaign to block the truth from being told about its various...

By Donald Maye - 11 days ago | 7 Comments (Info+)

Huawei Favorability Statistics 2023

Huawei is PRC China's largest technology company. While most known for its telecommunication products, Huawei aims to be a major video...

By Angelique Chen - 15 days ago (Info+)

Displaying reports 1 - 25 of 7,166 in total