2009 Best New Video Surveillance Products

By: John Honovich, Published on Mar 22, 2009

This 16 page premium report explains why and how new video surveillance products offer value. The goal is to help industry professionals quickly identify the products with highest potential. It can be used as a general resource and as a tool to prioritize booth visits at ISC West / IFSEC.

This report examines 17 new video surveillance products entered into the 2009 SIA New Product Showcase (NPS) [link no longer available]. The SIA NPS is the leading yearly competition for new video surveillance products.

The products reviewed are:

  • AISight [link no longer available] from BRS Labs (Voted Best Video Analytics by the NPS)
  • Axis M1031-W Cube Camera with Integrated IR
  • Axis Q1755 HD/Megapixel Camera
  • Axis M7001 Mini-Encoder 
  • Cernium CheckVideo
  • CMS3000 Central Management Software from Avermedia
  • Digital Window [link no longer available] Panoramic Megapixel Camera from Scallop
  • DV-IP Hybrid NVR from Dedicated Micros
  • HD Day/Night IR Megapixel Camera [link no longer available] Line from Avigilon
  • Intransa StarterBlock [link no longer available] Small Form Factor Storage Array
  • Ocularis Investigate [link no longer available] - Video Management User Interface
  • Panasonic [link no longer available] 2MP CCD Camera (Voted Best IP Device/Product by the NPS)
  • PoE PTZ [link no longer available] from JVC (see demo [link no longer available])
  • Pivot3 Serverless Computing [link no longer available] - Run VMS Software inside of Storage Array (Voted Best in Show by the NPS)
  • Sarix [link no longer available]Megapixel Camera Line from Pelco
  • TimeSight Systems - NVR [link no longer available] Optimized for Storage Minimization
  • XProtect Analytics 2.0 [link no longer available] from Milestone

The reviews answer three questions for each product:
  • What is different about this product from current offerings
  • What is the potential value of this product
  • Who can make use of this product

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