Highlighting New Products Released During ASIS

By John Honovich, Published Oct 17, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

Dozens of new products have been released in the last month with a large number during the ASIS show. Because of this, many have missed these announcements. While we have researched and published 30 original reviews on new products, we want to highlight a few that you may have missed during the ASIS show that are especially notable.


Cisco announced a number of major new products including video analytics and PSIM. In our Pro reviews, we examine Cisco's new PSIM and the suppliers of Cisco's new technology.

We think this is a very interesting expansion especially after Cisco's initial disappointing entry into the market.

Intransa vs Pivot3

The two very well funded storage companies specializing in surveillance continue to battle it out. This time, Intransa focused on new features for mainstream surveillance applications while Pivot3 gambled on expansion into the hosted video market.

Analog Panoramic Camera

Looking for innovation in analog cameras. We examine a new 6.5MP panoramic camera with an analog output for use with traditional CCTV systems. Is this new analog panoramic camera an innovation or a mistake?


DvTel pushed 3D technology at the show. A lot of confusion was created, especially about its relation to 3D mapping (which it is not). In our Pro Review, we examine and explain the features, use and timing of DvTel's 3D technology.

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Milestone Corporate

Milestone will shortly release a major new version of their high end VMS offering - Milestone Corporate 4.0. In our Pro Review, we examine Corporate 4.0's features and contrast to Milestone's other VMSes and Genetec Omnicast.

All in One NVR

GVI has released an NVR with integrated PoE and automatic setup aimed at simplifying deployments for traditional security functions. In our Pro Review we contrast the pricing and functions of the Razberi to using a NAS or VMS software + COTS PC.

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