Examining GVI's All-in-One NVR (Razberi)

By John Honovich, Published Oct 17, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

GVI Security has released an 'all-in-one' NVR called the Razberi that integrates an 8 channel PoE switch, a single hard drive and 16 channels of Auto-IP VMS software [link no longer available] onto a server/appliance. The appliance is designed to simplify on-site setup by eliminating common IT administration steps. The appliance also inherits the Auto-IP VMS software's ability to automatically discover and configure IP cameras (as well as update the system firmware).

UPDATE: Jan 2011: This model has been replaced by a new MP Razberi series. See our review of the replacement MP Razberi.

The MSRP for the appliance is $4,800 including 2TB of storage, integrated 8 channel PoE switch and 16 channels of VMS software. (Note: GVI uses a traditional security integrator dealer discounting structure so comparisons against IT products should normalize for this.) GVI reports that future versions will support both higher and lower PoE/camera counts.

The Razberi does not offer enterprise/centralized management of users/accounts. The Razberi does offer automatic discovery of Razberi NVRs by the Razberi client.

We anticipate that this offering will be most attractive for traditional security integrators who want a system that can be relatively easily deployed by low voltage technicians with minimal IT skills/experience.

For that market segment, there are not many alternative options. Specifically very few offer integrated PoE (see ipConfigure's new hDVR [link no longer available] and Genetec's SV-3200 as exceptions though those units are clearly positioned at the higher end of the market).

Two good comparisons are likely QNAP's NVRs and Milestone Essential - the former representing very low cost NAS appliances with bundled VMS software (under $1,000 total) and the later representing very low cost VMS software to run on COTS PCs ($50 per channel). For more IT focused integrators, both of these represent moderately less expensive options (even after normalizing for the Razberi's higher dealer discount structure). Additional benefits for the NAS approach is redundant storage options while Milestone allows for a variety of advanced options and upgrades.

It will be interesting to see how products like Razberi evolve. As the traditional market moves to IP, simplicity will certainly be a key driver. How cost competitive and how functional those turnkey offerings are will be key determinants in future product adoption.

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