Invest in a Video Surveillance Storage Startup - Secure Logiq

By John Honovich, Published Nov 06, 2014, 12:00am EST

Did you miss out on making millions investing in Intransa or Pivot3?

Well, here is a limited opportunity to get in on an up and coming video surveillance storage startup.

And you can invest less than $250.

The Pitch

The company is Secure Logiq.

They claim to double performance:

"Secure Logiq’s products offer at least double the price/performance point of commercially available HD CCTV servers"

Plus they claim ~50% gross margins on their storage servers.

In just 3 years, they project going from basically nothing to $18+ million annual revenue, with net profits of ~$5 million, for net margins of ~27%

Read their full business plan for more.

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Dell / HP Not Fit For Purpose

They claim commercial off the shelf hardware like Dell and HP are 'not fit for purpose'.

The Opportunity

Until the end of the year, you can invest in Secure Logiq.

Here is their video, which is fascinating (you will likely either love it or hate it):

Minimum investment is just 150 GBP ($237 USD).

If you invest 450 GBP ($713 USD) or more, they will send you this metal pin badge.

The company suggests the pin be "worn with pride at Industry events and trade shows".

The Valuation

The company is valuing itself at ~$24 million USD. They are accepting 450,000 GBP investment for just 3% of the company.

The Challenges

There are some big challenges:

  • Intransa and Pivot3 combined have spent a quarter billion dollars trying to do this. Intransa is dead and Pivot3 is nowhere close to its expectations, still burning through more money. How can Secure Logiq succeed where these have failed?
  • Lots of storage / server companies claim 'secret sauce' and big performance improvements but most are skeptical, despite years of efforts.
  • Many PCs / servers are more than good enough for the 4 to 40 camera deployments that are the lions share of the market.
  • Generating ~50% margins in storage servers is likely impossible, especially since they plan to OEM their products to VMS providers. The market for 'boxes' is too competitive to support such profits and price markups.

On the positive side, they have key people with industry connections / experience. The Sales Director was previously at [link no longer available]Avigilon [link no longer available] and the Managing Director was formerly at Honeywell [link no longer available].

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