Intransa Phone Line is Back?

Published Feb 01, 2013 00:00 AM
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Every so often, we call Intransa to try to speak to a human being. In the past few months, we almost always were transferred to an outsourced answering service that pretended all the Intransa sales people were 'busy with other customers' despite numerous partner confirmations that the sales force had been furloughed / laid off (see Intransa in trouble).

Now, Intransa's toll free line is disconnected and their local phone line goes to a generic/default voice mail. Try for yourself:

  • Toll free: 866 446 8726 [UPDATE: this number has now been removed from Intransa's website; replaced with 650.454.8021 which appears to be the personal phone of an Intransa employee]
  • International 408 678 8600

[Update Monday Feb 4th: Intransa's toll free phone line is back up. We spoke with an Intransa rep today who said 'they had switched buildings' but declined to answer any other questions. The rep referred us to an Intransa VP who we just emailed.]

[Update Friday Feb 8th: Still no response from anyone at Intransa.]

Suffice to say, this is another bad sign. Given this and that Intransa never responded to our original report indicates that the end is closer than ever, if not already here.

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