Top 3 Emerging Technologies in Video Surveillance 2008

Published Sep 03, 2008 00:00 AM
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Emerging technologies can significantly improve security operations. At ASIS, I encourage you to learn more about 3 particular technologies and to speak with leading providers to learn more.  Even if you cannot use these technologies today, in the near future, these technologies will become key foundations of optimal video surveillance solutions.

The Technologies

  • 360 Panoramic Cameras
  • Storage Clusters
  • Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS)

Over the next 3 days, I will publish reports on each technology. Below is an overview of each to orient you.

360 Panoramic Cameras

These cameras can reduce camera count and/or improve coverage by essentially looking in all directions.  While fisheye lens have had niche success in the past 5 years, new advances in imaging technologies and megapixel resolution are driving these cameras into the mainstream. Evaluate Grandeye and Immervision as the leaders in this segment. (Read a report on Grandeye's approach or a 3 minute video on Grandeye's product

Storage Clusters

For the past decade, on board or directly attached storage have been the norms for video storage.  Storage clusters can significantly reduce costs, increase flexibility and support megapixel images.  For background on this technology, read my report on storage clusters. Evaluate Intransa and Pivot3 as the leaders in this segment.

Managed Video as a Service

Today's norm is for end users to manage their own video surveillance systems using dedicated on-site management servers. The future is management of the software and surveillance video by third-party specialists. This will reduce costs and make surveillance easier to use, manage and deploy.  Of the 3 technologies listed, this will take the longest but may eventually have the most significant impact on the industry and on the design of systems. Evaluate Envysion as the leader in this segment. Read the report explaining the value and justification for selecting Managed Video.

Other Technologies Considered

  • IP and megapixel cameras are certainly having a significant impact on video surveillance. They are not included because they are past the stage of being emerging. 
  • Video analytics have claimed the same fundamental abilities for the last 3 years so there is little that looks to be emerging (BRS Labs makes significant claims but too early to evaluate)
  • Mesh networking is certainly having an impact but its cost and complexity relative to wired networks keeps it a niche element
  • PSIM systems still need significant work in reducing cost and expanding compatibility before it can emerge for widespread use