Entire Intransa Staff Laid Off

By John Honovich, Published Mar 20, 2013, 12:00am EDT

Intransa has laid off its entire staff and will no longer be a company by the end of the month, according to an employee who was laid off this morning.

[UPDATE: Confirmed with details on new company launching.]

"Someone was going to buy us out but the deal fell through. Now we are here where we're at," he said.

Intransa employees were called individually by phone Thursday morning informing them of the decision to dissolve the company. Some employees didn’t know about the planned layoff; others were suspicious after negotiations with another company ended abruptly.

As we reported in November, Intransa has struggled to find its place in the surveillance market; Starting first as a general purpose SAN, the company transitioned about five years ago to target SANs for the surveillance market, then the company broadened its approach to becoming the server platform for dozens of VMS software offerings.

Since at least last year, Intransa has been fighting to keep its head above water after spending more than $100 million trying to become the standard appliance for VMS software. After rounds of layoffs and furloughs, it appears the company has finally shut its doors for good.

Former employees of Intransa weren’t surprised to learn about the closure. “I know they were doing really bad, but last I heard they were being sold,” said a former employee who left the company before layoffs.

Calls to Intransas corporate offices and executives have not been returned. Three of the numbers on its website no longer work. One number goes to a personal voicemail.

“The deal was the big golden egg at the end of the rainbow. Only the golden egg was really only copper,” said the employee laid off this morning. He said to expect an official announcement sometime in the next week.

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