Expands Server Offerings

By John Honovich, Published Sep 20, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Intransa has added a number of new servers/appliances to their product offerings, further "completing [their] move from a video storage vendor to being an multiple choice appliance vendor." To that end, note the home page of Intransa has changed to focus on these 'turn-key' solutions.

The specific new introductions include:

  • The VA80 [link no longer available], a lower cost, lower capacity server supporting a specified maximum of 600fps @4CIF with MPEG-4. Contrast this with the previous minimum capacity offering of the VA100 [link no longer available] of 150fps. The VA80 MSRP is $3,900 for 2TB of storage compared to the VA100 with 2TB of storage at $6,300.
  • The VA10/20/30 [link no longer available] which is similar to the VA100 and 200 [link no longer available] in terms of camera support but differs in storage included. While the 100 and 200 include TBs of on-board storage, the 10/20/30 units are designed to use Intransa's external storage.
  • The WS01/04 [link no longer available] workstations are computers pre-loaded with VMS Client software. The 01 and 04 differ primarily in the number of VGA outputs (1 vs 4).
I suspect that the VA80 may have the biggest practical impact as it increases the price competitiveness for a large segment of the market that needs 8 - 24 cameras.

These new products and 6 new VMS partners [link no longer available] are significant steps to becoming a hardware platform for IP video. Intransa reports rapid growth in the sales of these offerings. It will be interesting to see how well this grows and how competitors respond.

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