Pivot3 2009 Revenue Growth Examined

Published Feb 23, 2010 00:00 AM
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Pivot3 has self-announced their 2009 revenue growth - a very high growth rate of 300% compared to 2008 revenue. In an email, Pivot3 clarified that all Pivot3 2009 revenues were from surveillance. They cite gaming, transportation and government as key verticals. They also note that this year they will, "be launching smaller capacity solutions for retail, education and corporate environments."

Pivot3 did not disclose absolute revenue size so it's difficult to determine how impressive this growth rate was and what is says about the larger market.

In a related note, Pivot3 released an announcement citing IMS ranking them as having the "2009 top market share position in the global market for IP SANs used for video surveillance." Readers should note that estimating such rankings is difficult as most large storage providers (EMC, IBM, etc.) are unlikely to be able to precisely break down their sales into video surveillance. There are a few direct video surveillance focused competitors including DDN [link no longer available], DNFIntransa and Overland. The most well known, Intransa, has been pursuing a strategy away from selling SANs and to providing appliances. A significant portion of DNF and Overland's sales are from NAS and would not fall under the same segment as Intransa's IP SAN offerings.