ISC West 2009 Announcement Directory

By: John Honovich, Published on Apr 01, 2009

This report provides a directory of over 60 links to manufacturer announcements and the best reports from the ISC West 2009. The goal is to simplify finding new information and allow readers to go to the source to learn more.

Video Management Systems (Software, DVR, NVR)

Access Control / Video Integration

Video Analytics


  • Intransa Certifies 150 vendor partners [link no longer available]
  • Pivot3 Adds NVR Recovery to Serverless Computing offering [link no longer available]



  • 3D Surveillance software from Feeling Software [link no longer available]
  • Orsus Announces Virgina Port Authority Project [link no longer available]
  • Vidsys Partners with ShotSpotter
  • Proximex Release Version 4.0 includes summary views and trend reports [link no longer available]
  • Orsus Releases Version 6.0 including solution libraries [link no longer available]

Other Resources / Publications Covering ISC West 2009

  • Real Time Updates from ISC West Participants [link no longer available](from Twitter)
  • Transcript from PSIA developer's meeting (from SSN)
  • Coverage of Day 1 - Attendance and Awards (from Security Products)
  • Day 1 Video Review from ISC West (from ISC West itself)
  • PSIM Update from ISC West [link no longer available] (from SIW)
  • Industry Breaths Sigh of Relief [link no longer available] (from Security Sales)
  • Video Interviews with ObjectVideo, GE Security and Milestone (from SSN)
  • Demonstration of DvTel's New Software [link no longer available] (from SecurityDreamer)
  • Security Squared Interviews Brivo and Reviews Managed Video [link no longer available]
  • Security Squard Interviews BRS Labs and ioimage [link no longer available]
  • Arecont Vision Video Interview [link no longer available] (by SSN)
  • VideoIQ Video Interview [link no longer available] (by SDN)
  • Bosch Security Video Interview [link no longer available] (by SSN)
  • ACTi Booth selected as best in show by SecurityDreamer [link no longer available]
  • ISC West ShowGuide [link no longer available]

NPS Award Results
  • Best in Show: Pivot3 [link no longer available]
  • Video Devices: TimeSight [link no longer available]
  • Video Analytics: BRS Labs [link no longer available]
  • IP Devices, Products and Software - Panasonic WV-NP502 Megapixel Camera [link no longer available]

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