New Product - ServerBank Review

Published Sep 03, 2009 00:00 AM
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Pivot3 has released a new product offering, called ServerBank [link no longer available] that complements their existing 3 product familes - VideoBank, DataBank and CloudBank. Similar to the VideoBank product offering that we previously reviewed, the ServerBank is positioned for smaller sites/smaller camera counts. While the VideoBank was a 2RU unit, the ServerBank is only 1RU with a total of 4TB storage offered. The ServerBank's MSRP is $4,995 USD.

The best competitive comparison is to Intransa's VideoAppliance line. The ServerBank's MSRP is lower than the VideoAppliance (e.g., the VA100 with 4TB MSRP is $8,400 USD). Intransa features pre-loading of various VMS software as a standard practice through their distributor Anixter. By contrast, Pivot3 will pre-load VMS software on a case by case basis.

Given their prices, both appliance lines compete with commercial off the shelf servers that routinely can be procured for less than either of the two offering (especially at these lower camera/storage counts).