June 2009 IP Video Monthly Summary Report

Published Jul 04, 2009 17:07 PM
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HDcctv and the Intransa NVR announcement were the two most discussed topics at IP Video Market for June 2009. Both represent attempting to simplify the challenges in deploying IP video. 


HDcctv seeks to eliminate the need for IP networks to connect megapixel cameras to video recorders, thus simplifying system configuration and potentially reusing existing cabling.

Intransa NVRs

Intransa seeks to eliminate the need for integrators to deploy IP video surveillance software on PCs/Servers, reducing on-site costs and the need for more highly skilled technicians to perform setup.

Other Product Trends - BRS Labs and Cisco

BRS Labs announced another $12 M USD in funding and released new demos on their video analytics. This triggered a debate on the authenticity and capabilities of BRS Labs.

Cisco continues to expand an offering for the Small Business Video Surveillance market. The discussion here centers around how good the product is and how well it can compete against the numerous products already in this segment.

Leading Technology Discussions

This month, the two most widely discussed technology issues were PTZ cameras and low-light video surveillance. The debate on PTZs center around where to use them, acknolwedging the various strengths and weaknesses that PTZs offer. For low-light video surveillance, the discussion centered around the real low light performance of cameras in contrast to the inflated specifications of manufacturers.

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