IPVM Best New Products 2019 Opened - 70+ Entrants

By IPVM Team, Published Jan 07, 2019, 11:13am EST

The inaugural IPVM Best New Product Awards has been opened - the industry's first and only program where the awards are not pay-to-play and the awarding organization does extensive testing to evaluate products awarded.

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70+ Entrants Listed (So Far)

Any video, access or intrusion product released in the past 12 months is eligible for the IPVM award program. We have compiled / 'entered' dozens of products based on our 100+ tests in 2018 as well as other products released in the past year.

If your company's or preferred product is not listed below, and meets this basic criteria, you can enter it and we will consider it. Simply email us at info@ipvm.com or post it in the comments.

The 70+ products entered so far, in alphabetical order:

Submit Your Favored Products

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Unlike industry award programs such as ISC West and ASIS who charges thousands of dollars per product entered, IPVM charges nothing. Pay-to-Play is wrong and effectively blocks out many strong products. Like IPVM overall, we are funded by small membership payments, with no sponsorships nor advertising, allowing us to be independent.

Any product can be entered within these very broad criteria - it is within the video surveillance and security market, it was released after January 1, 2018, and it is currently shipping now. The last is critical since we will test any products we evaluate having potentially significant enough claims to be 'best'.

You can submit your favored product by emailing us at info@ipvm.com or by submitting it as a comment below. There is no need for a formal marketing pitch as our team of our engineers are used to examining online product documentation, conducting interviews, requesting technical information, conducting tests, etc. That noted, you can certainly free to make your case to us directly and in the comments.


Over the next month, IPVM will be further testing products and evaluating internally which of these products, based on the advances they offer and the performance they deliver, are the best.

Starting in February, we will announce a round of 16 (from these entrants) and then, incorporating member feedback, progressively select the best:

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