New Producs Directory ASIS 2009 Finalized

Author: John Honovich, Published on Sep 24, 2009

This report examines 37 new products announced for ASIS 2009. It includes links to the individual product's webpages as well as our product analysis based on briefings and Q/A with manufacturers.

**** ****** ******** ** *** ******** ********* *** **** ****. It ******** ***** ** *** ********** *******'* ******** ** **** as *** ******* ******** ***** ** ********* *** */* **** manufacturers.


    *** ********* **** ******** ** *** ************'* *******. 



    • ************* ******** **** ****** - *** ****** 

    • *****'* ***** **** *********** ****** - ********

    VMS / ***

    • ******** *** ******/******** ********* - *** ****** 

    • ****** ******** *.*** ********* ******** *** *** ******* - ********

    • ********* *** *** ********** - ********

    • **** ***** ******** ******** - ********

    • ********* ***** ************ ******* ********* - ********

    Video *********

    • ********** **** **** ***** ********* - ********


    Accessories - ******, ************, ***

    New ******** ******* **** ****


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