10MP H.264 CMOS Camera (AV10005) Examined

Published Mar 24, 2010 00:00 AM
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ArecontVision has announced a 10MP, H.264 CMOS camera [link no longer available] - the AV10005. It has the same form factor as Arecont Vision's existing fixed 'box' cameras.

Compared to the 5105, Arecont's previous highest resolution camera, the 10MP camera will have twice the total pixels but lower frame rate (maximum frame rate of 6fps vs 9fps for the 5105). Horizontal pixel count will increase from 2592 to 3648, a 40% increase.

The AV10005 supports 1080p/30fps as well as 10MP/6fps (though not simultaneously). ArecontVision claims that the 1080/30fps stream from the AV10005 offers 50% increased low light sensitivity than previous Arecont cameras.

The MSRP of the AV10005 is $1,290 USD ($100 more than the the AV5105). This does not include a lens. Lenses for 10MP are premium priced and likely in the range of $300+.

By contrast, traditionally, 8MP+ surveillance cameras are fairly rare and expensive. For instance, take the Lumenera Le1105 [link no longer available], a 11MP CCD MJPEG 3fps camera which has an MSRP of $8,000 or greater. Also compare to Avigilon's Professional series [link no longer available] with similar specifications and pricing to Lumenera.

We have not tested the new Arecont nor existing 11MP CCD cameras so we cannot take a position on relative value or performance.

ArecontVision originally announced this model in September 2009 (contrast to earlier announcement [link no longer available] that claimed 5pfs at 10MP and no 1080p/30fps support).