Hybrid DVR Upgrade

Published Jun 25, 2009 00:00 AM
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Pelco's DX8100 series DVRs will support IP cameras [link no longer available] (software version 2.0). Two points of interest: (1) existing units can be field upgraded to add IP camera support and (2) it's free (no payment for as many IP cameras as can be added).

The maximum number of IP cameras that a DX8100 can add will likely be between 2 - 10 (approximate). The actual number depends on the bandwidth consumed by the IP cameras and the specific model of the Dx8100. Pelco says they will publish charts in their specification sheets on this point. The DX8100 will support Pelco's IP cameras (up to 4CIF) as well as Axis cameras (with Firmware 4.xx). Finally, the new software version will include a Resource Manager that will help integrators determine the load of adding in IP cameras. [This is a nice feature rarely available on DVR appliances and likely needed as hybrid DVRs expand.]

Providing free upgrades to IP cameras for this widely used mid-level DVR series will help Pelco retain existing customers and reduce motivation for a more disruptive move to encoders/software only.  I expect to see more incumbents pursue similar tactics.