Examining New H.264 1080p Product Line

Published Sep 11, 2009 00:00 AM
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IQinVision has released a 1080p/30fps H.264 camera series with day/night and color options (see datasheet for technical details). This series will complement but not replace IQinVision's existing MJPEG  7 series.

Relative to the existing 7 series, the main advances are 1080p/30fps/H.264 support and SHDC card (rather than CF). Otherwise, physically and software functionalities are similar (including multi-stream support, analog out and same dimensions).

The MSRP for the color camera (IQ732SI with no lens) is $1,199 USD. The MSRP for the day/night camera (IS732NI with no lens) day/night camera is $1,299 USD. These prices are roughly $150 to $200 more than the IQinVision MJPEG equivalent cameras.

On a specification basis, the key advantage is likely to be the 30fps/1080p ability. By contrast, the Axis Q1755 is 30fps but only 1080i. The Arecont H.264 cameras provide a maximum of 24 fps at 2MP and 15fps at 3MP (necessary for 1080p resolution). On the other hand, I am not sure how much of a quality difference interlaced vs progressive scan will make for deployments.

The pricing will be less than the Axis Q1755 (average $1400 USD on-line) but more expensive than Arecont's H.264 box cameras (e.g., AV3105 average $700 USD on-line).