ID Network Dome Series Examined

Published Sep 12, 2009 00:00 AM
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Pelco's new network camera dome series is the Sarix ID [link no longer available] (see datasheet of the 1.3 MP [link no longer available] option). The series offers a number of options for resolution, lenses and analytics.

Resolution options include SVGA [link no longer available], 1.3MP [link no longer available] and 2.1MP [link no longer available]. Each camera uses CS mount lenses with 4 options ranging from 2.6-6mm up to 15-50mm.

The cameras have a variety of options for analytics including Pelco's own analytics and ObjectVideo's [link no longer available].

All housing are indoors including options for surface mount and in-ceiling (demonstrated in the video below). Physically, the dome is fairly large. For instance, the height of the surface mount option is 6.32"/16.05cm which is almost twice as high as other options on the market (including the Axis P33).

All cameras support H.264 encoding though the maximum frame rate varies by model. For instance, the ID10 [link no longer available] specifies a maximum 8fps at 1.3 MP/H.264. However, the ID20 [link no longer available] specifies a maximum 30fps at 2.1 MP/H.264.

Finally, the camera supports an analog out for local focusing and an auto-back focus functionality that performs a final focusing once the image is roughly in focus. View Pelco's video clip below for an overview: