Moves Further Upmarket with Dynamic Situation Management

Published Sep 24, 2009 00:00 AM
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Vidsys new functionalities benefit the largest and most complex security organizations. This is an interesting and important contrast to one of their major competitors, Proximex who moved downmarket this month with the introduction of their C100.

Vidsys new release focuses on enhancing dynamic situation management - that is the ability to change "the business logic and threshold conditions related to an evolving situation to respond to changes as the situation unfolds". Two key functionalities were cited: (1) Dynamically changing the rules and settings of 3rd party systems and (2) Dynamically setting up calls, conferences and announcements.

While technically it's unclear how much of this is truly unique or novel, the emphasis of this announcement is clear - Vidsys focus remains on the very high end public / enterprise systems. This may be useful and advantageous for very large organizations but it also reaffirms the concerns of the addressable market being too small.