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Vidsys Overview

Vidsys offers PSIM software and is one of the last surviving independent PSIM companies.

Vidsys Company Coverage

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Looking For Information On HP Vidsys VMS Capabilities on Mar 02, 2015
"HP (Autonomy) and Vidsys have announced a partnership in 2014 to deliver a PSIM (and VMS?) solution. The product has..."
Vidsys CEO Out on Jan 27, 2015
"Three years ago, Vidsys, one of the last independent PSIMs, named a prestigious CEO. Now he is out. In this note, we..."
You Want A Challenge Sale People? PSIM Job Openings on Jan 22, 2015
"Job Opening: Director of Sales at Vidsys. You can sell PSIM, you can sell anything."
The Most Expensive Bus Surveillance Ever on Dec 12, 2013
"... This cost is in addition to $376,000 for "Work Stations and GUI" (which we believe includes the Vidsys PSIM), a quarter of a million dollars for storage and a $64,000 for a wireless network in the..."
Rejecting PSIM, Big City to DIY on Dec 04, 2013
"...down why they chose to build it themselves, what they found lacking in commercial options, including Vidsys and Microsoft, and how they plan to do it.PSIM: Don’t Waste Your TimeFor Michael Vidro, the head..."
Secured Cities - Should You Go? on Nov 25, 2013
"...started out promising with an introduction by the Baltimore PD, but turned into an informercial for Vidsys within minutes. A separate session linking bad posture to 9/11 was just bizarre. The most..."
Genetec And Vidsys Payments From Oakland on Nov 22, 2013
"... Below is a sample of the documents showing a $300k of invoices from Vidsys for the PSIM and work and ~$30k for Genetec integration. "
New Products ISC West Spring 2013 on Apr 05, 2013
"...Software Only - About time Avigilon Releases IR Domes - Same tech as the bullet release in the fall Vidsys 7.0 PSIM - handful of moderate enhancements Honeywell NVR 2.5 - handful of moderate..."
'Confidential' Security Product Pricing Revealed on Nov 25, 2012
"... PSIM manufacturers Vidsys and Proximex can both be found. For those wondering how large the price tag of PSIM actually is,..."
Sony XIS - 248MP Camera System on Apr 02, 2012
"..." "XIS is integrated to Vidsys giving the system integration to ground based radar and a variety of other systems which can..."
SureView Systems Immix Overview on Nov 01, 2011
"... While it does not include every feature of the more commonly-named PSIM products (such as Vidsys, CNL, and Proximex), it accomplishes the main function most users are interested in: integration..."
VMS vs PSIM on Aug 04, 2011
"...are left asking questions such as : Is OnSSI a PSIM? If OnSSI is a PSIM, than what about Milestone? Is Vidsys a PSIM, a VMS, both or neither? And what about Genetec - are they a VMS vendor, an access..."
Another Nail in PSIM's Coffin: ADT Acquires Proximex on Apr 03, 2011
"... Who's left? CNL, Vidsys (and Vidsys is running on hype). As we examined just a few months ago, the PSIM market remains..."
Verint to Acquire Rontal, Offer PSIM on Apr 03, 2011
"...While Rontal is poorly known in North America, Rontal is roughly equivalent in size to companies such as Vidsys and Proximex who engaged in much heavier marketing. Rontal's PSIM is named SimGuard, current..."
Investments & Acquisitions Directory 2011 on Dec 26, 2010
"...Steelbox Stretch TimeSight (New Funding) VideoIQ Videolarm VideoCells Vidient (Out of Business) Vidsys VivotekVumii (Acquired by Opgal) In the last 3 quarters, investment into video..."
Airport PSIM / VMS RFP Examined on Nov 23, 2010
"... PSIM Shortlist: Two of the most aggressive marketers are notably absent - Vidsys and CNL. On the other hand, the sheer requirements of this project is likely beyond their..."
Surveillance Manufacturer New Web Pages Roundup on Sep 14, 2010
"...for RIM's BlackBerry IQinVision: IQinVision Joins PSA Security Network's Vendor Partner Program Vidsys: VidSys Extends Dynamic Collaboration Basler: New Generation Products Upcoming Airship:..."
Defends PSIM Against Penny Stock Company on Jan 20, 2010
"Vidsys has taken to its blog to defend PSIM against criticism from the President of a penny stock..."
Video Surveillance Market Size and Forecast Guide 2010 on Dec 13, 2009
"... Vidsys, a vendor, thinks it is going to be $10 Billion USD. Professionals should use great care in..."
What does Orsus's Acquisition Mean for PSIM? on Nov 25, 2009
"... Vidsys, the most vocal PSIM manufacturer made the following claims about the Orsus deal: NICE is..."
NICE Acquires Orsus - Confirms Weak PSIM Market on Nov 22, 2009
"... The other PSIM companies (including CNL, Proximex and Vidsys) now have a fairly low benchmark for their own valuations. We have been bearish on PSIM..."
PSIA Standards Webinar Examined on Nov 04, 2009
"A webinar sponsored by VidSys discussed how new security standards (specifically PSIA standards) for IP appliances and PSIM..."
Are Standards Improving PSIM? on Oct 10, 2009
"... Vidsys is the most vocal PSIM manufacturer about the value of standards including being a board member..."
New Producs Directory ASIS 2009 Finalized on Sep 24, 2009
"...based Alerting - our review SightLogix Wide Area Video Analytics - overview PSIM Vidsys Dynamic Situation Management - overview and review Proximex C100 PSIM appliance -..."
Moves Further Upmarket with Dynamic Situation Management on Sep 23, 2009
"Vidsys new functionalities benefit the largest and most complex security organizations. This is an..."
Vidsys Seeks Funding on Aug 03, 2009
"According to V/B Research, PSIM provider Vidsys is looking for more funding. Vidsys wants to complete a Series C rounds and is interested in $5M..."
Successful PSIM Deployments on May 13, 2009
"This week, Vidsys released a video examining successful PSIM Deployments. It's an interesting webcast to watch...."
Do PSIM Deployment Exist? on May 06, 2009
"Ironically, PSIM Vendor Vidsys is running a webinar asking if PSIM Deployments Exist? Clearly, Vidsys will discuss how they do..."
What is Convergence? Webinar on Apr 09, 2009
"What is Convergence? Examining various definitions: Vidsys has an interesting webinar discussing the operational/organizational issues in convergence. It's..."
Should You Trust Frost & Sullivan Awards? on Apr 03, 2009
"... Last year, direct competitors Vidsys and Orsus both won awards. Vidsys won the "2008 North American Award for Emerging Company of the..."
ISC West 2009 Announcement Directory on Apr 01, 2009
"...PSIM 3D Surveillance software from Feeling Software Orsus Announces Virgina Port Authority Project Vidsys Partners with ShotSpotter Proximex Release Version 4.0 includes summary views and trend..."
Are US IP Video Companies Inferior? on Feb 01, 2009
"... Vidsys wants to solve the problem that Vistascape and Ortega failed at Questions Going big can..."
Which Video Surveillance Companies are at Most Risk? on Dec 07, 2008
"... Company Risk Level Product Category ObjectVideo High Video Analytics Vidsys Medium to High PSIM Cisco Medium to High Video Management, IP Cameras IBM Medium..."
Options and Challenge for Video Surveillance Integration on Aug 26, 2008
"... Notable vendors include Orsus, Proximex and Vidsys. Because they are not owned or controlled by access control or video vendors, they can and do..."