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Looking For Information On HP Vidsys VMS Capabilities

HP (Autonomy) and Vidsys have announced a partnership in 2014 to deliver a PSIM (and VMS?) solution.

The product has had some success with city/urban surveillance.

HP Vidsys PSIM Partnership

I can't find much in the way of 3rd party reviews of the product?

I am particulary interested in the VMS component of the solution - who provides it? How does it rate? Who is using it?

Thanks for your help!

HP's Autonomy is a data fusion tool of sorts and works on all sorts of unstructured data including text, video etc - so the source of video won't be all that important to it.

VidSys is a PSIM and also works with majority of VMS products (see: Technology Partners -) - it isn't a VMS itself but provides a common operating picture across a range of security and other building systems of which video is just one.

Haven't seen them together but I'd assume that Autonomy helps VidSys on data aggregration / fusion and helping to generate more intelligent event monitoring, analysis and alerts. The video surveillance elements of the system will almost entirely be solved by other products.

I have never heard good things about either one individually so the partnering of the two together is a scary combination.

Autonomy claims to analyze any type of information but how well do they really do? how cost effectively do they do it? Given they have been marketing in security for more than a decade and have never even become a recognized niche player concerns me.

As for Vidsys, I consistently hear that it is clunky and integrates poorly with other systems (typically with minimal surfaced functionality), often requiring to directly use the underlying subsystem (e.g., the VMS) to get full performance / range of functions.

Btw, in terms of third party reviews, I doubt there are any legitimate ones.

The main reason is that this combination is likely incredibly rare / uncommon in real use, since both are extremely expensive offerings, very few organizations have the money or will to commit to this.

Its our understanding that in the HP/Vidsys solution that the 'traditonal' VMS capabiliies are split across an "HP VMS" (provided by the HP Autonomy suite of products) and the Vidsys PSIM. For example video recording and retrieval is handled by the HP VMS while function such as user or location access to CCTV video streams and Camera groups is governed by Vidsys solution.

Has anyone had any experience with the "HP Autonomy VMS"? I can't seem to find much on the HP Autonomy VMS product. This is as close as I get:

HP Autonomy VMS Perhaps?

Thanks again for you help!

I looked through those documents. In one case, they were integrating Milestone as the VMS. Beyond that, maybe they have some of their own VMS capabilities built in.

Again the problem is that HP Autonomy has very few total deployments compared to mainstream high end VMSes like Genetec and Milestone, so there's not going to be much information about them.

Can you explain what you want to do with HP Autonomy / Vidsys? Are you considering purchasing? Are you trying to compare it to other systems?

Hello John,

Thanks for your response. We are reviewing an RFP response It appears to us in the solution proposal that the 'traditional VMS capabilities are split across the HP (Autonomy?) VMS and the Vidsys software.

It appears functions such as video retrieval and exporting are done by the HP (Autonomy) "VMS system", while distribution of and access of the CCTV video streams are done in the Vidsys PSIM side.

If this is the case does anyone know how/where a common view of entities succh cameras, camera access, camera hierarchy is held and maintained?

Thanks again for any assistance you can give us!

"It appears functions such as video retrieval and exporting are done by the HP (Autonomy) "VMS system", while distribution of and access of the CCTV video streams are done in the Vidsys PSIM side."

That sounds troublesome but not surprising. Unless Autonomy is OEMing a real VMS, you could be foregoing quite a number of valuable VMS features. Vidsys is clearly not a VMS and neither is Automony. Plus, the VMS market is quite mature, and the types of VMSes used in projects like yours tend to be quite advanced.

I'd ask them: Are you (Autonomy) OEMing a true VMS like Genetec, Milestone, etc.? If so, which one? If not, how can they be competitive with those offering?

As for your question:

"How/where a common view of entities such cameras, camera access, camera hierarchy is held and maintained?"

That would be in the PSIM, in their approach. Problem is usually PSIMs have very rudimentary video controls / playback because (1) they are not real VMSes and (2) they are constrained to only deliver the most basic controls that every VMS / recorder they integrate with supports.

Hi Undisclosed A,

I'm happy to discuss your clarification questions in detail.

Feel free to contact me through the official RFP channels or if preferred you can email me directly.




Thanks for posting. While you are here, can you clarify how Autonomy works as a VMS? Is it OEMed from a mainstream VMS or developed in-house or?

Hi John,

The HP VMS was developed in-house and comes from the Autonomy acquisition. It has been developed over many years and has recently undergone a major upgrade.

What material or documentation do you have on it?

For comparison, here is the Milestone XProtect Corporate admin manual and architecture document.

Such an HP VMS document would help benefit explain how full-featured your offering is.

Came across this in the HP Autonomy product suite:

Autonomy Command and Control Center for Surveillance

(This product seems to provide a mix of VMS and PSIM functionality)

Other related products