Do PSIM Deployment Exist?

Published May 07, 2009 00:00 AM
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Ironically, PSIM Vendor Vidsys is running a webinar asking if PSIM Deployments Exist? Clearly, Vidsys will discuss how they do exist and the benefits, etc. What's interesting is the acknowledgement, even indirectly that PSIM deployments are rare.

[Update: Vidsys has removed the video recording.]

I would estimate there are no more than a few hundred PSIM deployments total by the major PSIM vendors - CNL, Orsus, Proximex, Vidsys, etc. However, if you include the access control vendors providing PSIM type functionality, there are certainly tens of thousands globally.

However, this does emphasize a point - the cost and complexity of adding and integrating a third party PSIM is significantly hurting these vendors and this approach.