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Avigilon Overview

Avigilon offers a full line of IP cameras, encoders and VMS software. The company is best known for super high resolution cameras (up to 29MP). Combined with some of the industry's most attractive pricing and restricted dealer access, Avigilon is one of the fastest growing companies in all of surveillance. However, Avigilon has been criticized for their shady marketing practices.

Avigilon Company Coverage

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Best Avigilon H3 Non-IR Low Light Performance? on Mar 24, 2015
"... Have there been conducted any recent tests of the avigilon h3 range? I see only two reviews that mentions such tests. But they are from 2012. I am mostly..."
Avigilon Expansion Continues - Access Control Sales Push on Mar 16, 2015
"... Avigilon's breathless expansion continues. When they acquired RedCloud access control less than 2 years..."
Avigilon 2014 Financials Disappoint Investors on Mar 04, 2015
"...5% Avigilon announces revenue up 42% - stock down 15% If you are an Avigilon investor, you just cannot win..."
$18 Million Already Paid to ObjectVideo, Now It's Avigilon's Turn on Mar 03, 2015
"... And Avigilon will now look to build on that momentum. New financial disclosures as part of Avigilon's OV..."
Avigilon to Buy $42 Million Building on Mar 02, 2015
"Avigilon's spending spree continues. After using nearly $100 million in cash buying OV's patents and 4..."
Does The News Spider Perform Content Analytics? on Feb 15, 2015
"...clearly the spider is autonomous, as evidenced by the right-to-the-point article named "Place An Order" by Avigilon. So did the spider pickup on a hidden tag/page on SSI's website, perhaps? Or does the spider do..."
When Remotely Viewing An Avigilon NVR, Is There A Way To Downgrade The... on Feb 08, 2015
"I am remotely playingback an Avigilon NVR. The hookup is the slowest DSL avaialble. Is there a way for when I playback the video to..."
Avigilon Changes Strategy on Feb 06, 2015
"Avigilon is changing their strategy, shifting away from their classical HD positioning to their new found..."
What 51 Members Want Us To Test on Feb 05, 2015
"... Avigilon VS. Genetec VS. Milestone VS. Nuuo VS. Hikvision (etc.) - Big brand VMS shootout in terms of..."
Avigilon Claims They Are First To Offer Proactive Surveillance Systems. on Jan 31, 2015
"Reading thru an otherwise uneventful Avigilon press release, Securing the Super Bowl, I came across this strange assertion: I have also..."
Axis Bad Financial Results Again on Jan 30, 2015
"... In this note, we look at: America's weakness and inventory drop Asia's weakness Avigilon and analytics AVHS progress Competing with VMS partners Failing with smaller systems and..."
ioimage HD Analytic Camera Tested on Jan 29, 2015
"...   Now, the question is whether these new models can fill the gap left by Avigilon's acquisition of VideoIQ. We tested the ioimage HD camera day and night to answer the..."
How Does A Manufacturer Protect Themselves Against Possible Patent... on Jan 23, 2015
"With the news of Avigilon purchasing millions of dollars worth of patents this year, the question that comes to mind is..."
Bosch 4K Tested on Jan 21, 2015
"... 12 MP max resolution stream was unstable in ExacqVision, Avigilon Control Center, Milestone XProtect, and VLC player, with choppy video or no video. 12 MP stream..."
Avigilon Acquires 96 MORE Patents on Jan 21, 2015
"... Now, Avigilon has acquired 96 more patents from 4 different companies. In this note, we examine this high..."
Why Are You Not Happy Avigilon Slayed The Troll? on Jan 14, 2015
"... Yet news of Avigilon's slaying of the troll was primarily viewed as a negative development. And while understandable..."
Solved: Fog Problem With Camera on Jan 14, 2015
"Does anyone had fog or frost problem went installing the Avigilon H3-PD1 series during cold weather? We are located in a northern region where the temperature can..."
Axis Analytics Vs Avigilon Tested on Jan 12, 2015
"... The question is, how does this new version compare to full-blown analytics like the Avigilon H3A analytic cameras? Can it compete while giving users more options in cameras? We tested Axis..."
#1 Threat 2015 - China on Jan 07, 2015
"... Avigilon Dominate? Only one manufacturer mentioned Avigilon. However, true to form, the Avigilon..."
Security Sales Forecast 2015 on Jan 05, 2015
"... Video analytic sales may increase notably, though the impact of the Avigilon / OV deal needs to be seen. Access control sales will do better than expected, most notably..."
How Did Samsung Beat ObjectVideo Only To Settle With John B. Adrain?! on Dec 28, 2014
"...three new attack vectors against well funded and skilled adversaries the next month (HIK, Dahua and Avigilon)? All being sued for the same Patent#, US5831669, entitled ‘Facility monitoring system..."
Avigilon H.264 PRO Cameras - Can I Get An RTSP Stream? on Dec 28, 2014
"Hi All, I know that when you buy an Avigilon Pro camera you are locked in to the Avigilon VMS. This is OK but I have a special circumstance..."
Avigilon 29MP/16MP Cameras Vs Dallmeier Panomera on Dec 25, 2014
"... I'm trying to compare this to the Avigilon 29MP and 16MP cameras. With Avigilon I can cover about 30-40 meters width and 25 meters height..."
IP Camera Power Consumption Guide on Dec 24, 2014
"... However, an average increase of ~2W was common, with a maximum of 5W seen in the Avigilon H3 bullet (with the longest range). PoE power consumption figures are not always readily..."
Here are the Manufacturers that Do and Do Not Support Corridor Mode on Dec 23, 2014
"... For example, Avigilon and Network Optix support rotation on the VMS side. However, Avigilon's cameras do not support..."
Manufacturers Sound Off on Avigilon / OV Deal on Dec 22, 2014
"... IPVM did a survey of more than 50 manufacturers - Avigilon's competitors - to see what their outlook on the deal was. The two open ended questions..."
Testing Scallop Panoramic Cameras on Dec 19, 2014
"... Integration to ExacqVision and Avigilon Control Center via RTSP was spotty using default settings, with frequent stream..."
Avigilon Vs Exacq Servers Required On A 250 Camera Project on Dec 18, 2014
"...outdoor, 2 MP fixed cameras 77 indoor, 3 MP fixed cameras 110 indoor, 1 MP fixed cameras We are an Avigilon integrator and we estimate that, regardless of the retention period, we need 9 servers to handle..."
Avigilon Acquires All ObjectVideo Patents on Dec 18, 2014
"... Now, Avigilon has acquired all of OV's patents for $80.3 million, and all of their licensing agreements..."
Best & Worst Places to Buy Surveillance on Dec 17, 2014
"... The above does not included the 4 integrators who explicitly called out Avigilon as the best place for them to buy surveillance products. However, it is certainly worth noting,..."
Avigilon New Micro Dome Mount Clever Or Ugly? on Dec 12, 2014
"Avigilon has released factory mounts for their smallest camera (see: HD MicroDome). It is a pendant style..."
VMS Labor Standards on Dec 11, 2014
"..." "Avigilon VMS server I'd say 4hrs billed but would only take 1hr unless need to do windows updates the..."
Major Moves - Security Manufacturers 2014 / 2015 on Dec 08, 2014
"... Avigilon Avigilon raised $100 million at $29 per share, peaked at $34 and now has seen their stock price..."
HD Analog DVRs With VMS Software Tested on Dec 05, 2014
"...test report, we share results of integrating Dahua and Hikvision HD Analog DVRs with VMS software from Avigilon, Exacq, Genetec and Milestone. Essentially, we made the DVRs act as encoders feeding video into..."
Lux Rating / Minimum Illumination Guide on Dec 04, 2014
"... Avigilon 2.0-H3-B2: Hikvision DS-2CD864FWD-E: While gains due to ambient monochome light do..."
Manufacturer Sales Pitches Revealed on Dec 02, 2014
"... Manufacturers Covered We 'secret shopped' 12 manufacturers including: Avigilon Axis Bosch Canon Exacq Genetec Milestone Mobotix Vivotek Panasonic Pelco Samsung Son..."
Camera Commissioning Labor Standards on Dec 01, 2014
"..." "Axis or Avigilon complete would be the least time. Anything else I'd add time." "About an hour but it depends on..."
Avigilon Vs Genetec on Nov 25, 2014
"...asked: "At least 5 major customers looking to do major projects in the last 6 months have stated that Avigilon representative told them that Genetec was a much more expensive solution, with Avigilon having..."
Resolution vs Compression Tested on Nov 24, 2014
"...their low and high compression settings to determine what those constraints were: Arecont 16 - 36 Avigilon: 21-33 Axis: 14-44 Bosch: 0-51 Hikvision: 21-38 Samsung: 18-30 Sony:..."
Camera DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) Guide on Nov 20, 2014
"... Arecont Vision AV3116DNv1 Avigilon 1.0-H3-B1 Axis Q1615 Bosch NBN-733V Bosch NBN-932V Dahua IPC-HF3100N Hikvision..."
Live from ISC East 2014 on Nov 19, 2014
"... Items covered: Tri-Ed Major Presence ADT Major Presence Avigilon Camera Advice Axis Giveaway Analog HD NASCAR Primary Event Overall Traffic Missing..."
Dahua HDCVI 2.0 Tested on Nov 17, 2014
"... Discovered ONVIF conformant cameras from Axis, Bosch, Sony, Samsung, Avigilon, Hikvision, and others automatically. Connected to cameras from all of the above without issue,..."
Axis Channel Model 'Creates Loyalty Like No Other' on Nov 13, 2014
"Wow, quite a declaration by Axis. Is it true?"
How Do I Unify VMSes Of A Site With Both Avigilon And Exacq? on Nov 13, 2014
"... A member has recently asked about doing this with Avigilon and Exacq specifically."
Avigilon Analytic Cameras Tested on Nov 12, 2014
"... But VideoIQ was acquired by Avigilon and VideoIQ cameras were end of lifed. Now, building on VideoIQ, Avigilon has released..."
Best & Worst Manufacturer Salespeople on Nov 10, 2014
"..." Strong but Polarized - Avigilon Integrators had very strong feelings about Avigilon's sales team. Either they loved them for..."
Testing Bandwidth vs Low Light on Nov 07, 2014
"...how big? 100% more than day, 500% more, 1000% more? We tested 8 manufacturer's cameras - Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Samsung and Sony - to find out how each did, what was average, and who was..."
Avigilon Q3 2014 Growth Rate Down Sharply on Nov 04, 2014
"The past 6 months have been extremely tough for Avigilon. The company has suffered their CFO exit, surrounding controversy, an earnings miss the next..."
Avigilon Canada Sales Director Goes To Arecont on Oct 27, 2014
"Avigilon's Regional Sales Director for the past 2 and a 1/2 years has gone to Arecont to run Canada sales..."
Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing Ground on Oct 27, 2014
"... In alphabetical order, here are the companies most frequently cited: Analog Arecont Avigilon Axis Dahua Hikvision Panasonic Pelco Samsung Big Winner - Hikvision Hikvision won in a..."
Super High MP Cameras Like Avigilon Or Multiple Mp Cameras? on Oct 21, 2014
"... He is suggesting Avigilon 16 Megapixel. Is this approach appropriate? I say high megapixel cameras have high costs...."
Winners Losers Fall 2014 on Oct 13, 2014
"...report, we review who is winning and losing among a number of notable manufacturers, including: Avigilon Axis Bosch Dahua Exacq FLIR Genetec Hikvision Milestone Pelco Pivot3 Samsung Sony T..."
Why is Avigilon's Stock Falling Like a Knife? on Oct 08, 2014
"A week ago, a prominent Avigilon investor admitted, "Nobody wants to hold [Avigilon stock]. Everybody wants to sell it." He then..."
What Is More Impressive - Bigger Booth Or Packed Booth? on Oct 03, 2014
"... Compare the following 3 manufacturers - Avigilon, Pelco and OnSSI: The smallest, by far, is Avigilon's. OnSSI's booth was 50% bigger and..."
Avigilon Tightens Channel on Oct 03, 2014
"Avigilon is tightening their channel structure, according to multiple independent sources discussing this..."
Avigilon - "Nobody Wants To Hold It. Everybody Wants To Sell It." on Sep 30, 2014
"Avigilon's stock continues to get hammered, now under $18, down nearly 50% from its high earlier this..."
ASIS 2014 - 17 Manufacturer Tech Review on Sep 30, 2014
"...Genetec's 'Unified' Appliance, NICE Suspect Search, Axis Card Reader, Video Insight Free Access Control, Avigilon Analytic Cameras, Scallop Multi-Imager Camera Improvements, and Genetec IP Telephony New..."
The 'Burg Blaster': Genius Or Illegal? on Sep 24, 2014
"From the man who brought you the Avigilon, Dahua and Hikvision lawsuits, this may take top prize for the most insane intrusion alarm ever:..."
Avigilon Analytic Cameras Released on Sep 23, 2014
"Just weeks after discontinuing VideoIQ's products, Avigilon has released their own analytic embedded cameras. In this note, we answer: How do the new..."
Fall 2014 New Products Directory on Sep 23, 2014
"...are fall new releases announced at Security Essen / ASIS: Axis Access Card Reader Avigilon Analytic Cameras (VideoIQ) Scallop Multi-Imager Camera Improvements NICE's Suspect..."
Avigilon Gets A VP Of Marketing.... Finally on Sep 22, 2014
"Almost a year after ousting their VP of Marketing, Avigilon has finally found a replacement. And it is not in Vancouver, the much self-maligned HQ of the..."
New HD Video Analytic Cameras (ioimage / DVTel) on Sep 17, 2014
"... With Avigilon EOL'ing VideoIQ products, this is an opportune time for rivals as integrators looks for..."
Doomsday Prepper Sues Avigilon, Dahua, Hikvision on Sep 15, 2014
"Even for patent trolls, this may be one of the craziest efforts ever. More inside."
VideoIQ/Avigilon Vs Viasys/Axis Solution on Sep 10, 2014
"I'm looking into designing a car dealership with video analytics using either VideoIQ using Avigilon 1Mp Lightcatcher cameras or the VIASYS with Axis 1mp lightfinder cameras on a Exacq system.. The..."
Testing Avigilon ACC 5 VMS on Sep 10, 2014
"In this report, we provide in-depth videos covering Avigilon Control Center 5's operation and configuration with 30+ minutes of screencasts providing clear..."
License Plate Recognition (LPR) Axis App Tested on Sep 08, 2014
"... This is low compared to many other LPR system, for example: Avigilon LPR: Avigilon's LPR add-on requires a specialized camera, software license, and server hardware..."
Testing March MegaPX Domes on Sep 04, 2014
"... Both are 3-9mm varifocal, show below: We tested them against models from Avigilon, Bosch, Hikvision, Samsung and Sony to see how well they compared in full light, WDR and low..."
Avigilon To End Of Life All VideoIQ Products on Sep 03, 2014
"First the brand was killed and now the products are all being discontinued. More inside."
Avigilon Employee Reviews on Aug 29, 2014
"[Updated March 2015 and January 2015] Avigilon employees say the best thing about Avigilon is socialization among employees and the worst is..."
IP Camera Firmware Upgrade Directory on Aug 28, 2014
"...to all Average upgrade time: ~10 minutes  Batch upgrade: Yes, using AV Loader software Avigilon Avigilon Control Center automatically updates camera firmware when the camera is added to..."
Testing Hikvision High End Camera on Aug 27, 2014
"... We tested it against Avigilon, Bosch, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony models across indoor and outdoor scenes and for competitive..."
Avigilon Product Manager Defects To Milestone on Aug 21, 2014
"The flow of senior managers leaving Avigilon continues. Earlier this week, we noted that Avigilon's casino director exited. Now, their..."
Avigilon Casino Director Exits on Aug 18, 2014
"Enterprise sales are a key part of Avigilon's growth strategy. While relatively few in number, casinos are 'whale' customers for..."
Has Anybody Used Hikvision Cameras With Avigilon VMS? on Aug 11, 2014
"I noticed on Hikvisions website that Avigilon is listed as a technology partner. However they are not listed on Avigilons website as a..."
Avigilon Profit and Stock Price Drops Q2 2014 on Aug 11, 2014
"...the controversy over their CFO's badly timed exit and a report questioning their revenue recognition, Avigilon further disappointed investors with their Q2 2014 performance. In this note, we examine these..."
VMS Webinar Series on Aug 07, 2014
"Over the next month, each Monday at 11am EDT / 15:00 GMT, IPVM will be hosting a webinar on a..."
Avigilon Accounting Issues Alert on Aug 05, 2014
"...investment research firm which specializes in forensic accounting has issued an Accounting Alert for Avigilon, calling out specific risks factors. In this note, we examine them and explain the potential..."
'Sick', 'Greedy' Avigilon CFO Gets A New Job on Jul 31, 2014
"Avigilon's explanations for their CFO crisis are falling apart but, in the meantime, it has worked well..."
Video Analytics: UDP VCA Vs Agent VI Vs Avigilon on Jul 30, 2014
"...Update: This has expanded into a discussion of VCA, the company Ex-sight is OEMing from, compared to Avigilon / VideoIQ]"
Hikvision Vs 3Rd Party NVR - What Should I Choose? on Jul 29, 2014
"... I usually bundle it with an Avigilon NVR as I like the feal and featureset. But I am wondering, am I wasting my customers money? Is..."
IndigoVision Rates Avigilon Worst In Class on Jul 29, 2014
"... IndigoVision ran their own shootout vs Avigilon, Axis and Bosch. [SPOILER ALERT] IndigoVision won! Obviously, a manufacturer run shootout is..."
Best Manufacturer Support 2014 on Jul 28, 2014
"... The companies that stood out included Arecont Vision, Avigilon, Axis, Exacq, Genetec, Hikvision, Lenel, Milestone, Pelco, Sony, S2 and Verint. But which ones..."
Panasonic Series 6 IP Cameras Tested on Jul 21, 2014
"...series, the 720p WV-SFV611L and the 1080p WV-SFV631L to see how they stack up against competitors from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and Sony.   In this report, we look at their performance in..."
Favorite Access Control Software 2014 on Jul 16, 2014
"...Software House Paxton Rounding out the top 10 were: Keyscan Lenel Kantech Honeywell WIN-PAK Avigilon / RedCloud Our detailed analysis and integrator commentary follows in each section..."
What If Axis Acquired Genetec? on Jul 16, 2014
"The shocking acquisition of Milestone by Canon and the rapid ascent of 'solution' provider Avigilon has increased questions about the viability of independent manufacturers. The two best known..."
Testing the Smallest HD Cameras on Jul 09, 2014
"...There has been a definite trend in IP cameras getting smaller and smaller, with models such as the Avigilon MicroDome, KT&C miniature bullet, and Vivotek FD8168. These Censee models continue this..."
PC/Server For Avigilon VMS In Police Vehicle on Jul 05, 2014
"... The client insists on Avigilon and its VMS. What could be solution for NVR, any ideas ?"
Avigilon CEO Looks To Rebuild Investor Confidence on Jul 02, 2014
"Avigilon's CEO has been making the circuits seeking to rebuild investor confidence following their shock..."
Competitive Intelligence Analysis - No Industry Experience Required on Jun 29, 2014
"... This came up again today in a new Avigilon job posting. Avigilon is seeking a Competitive Intelligence Analyst whose top..."
IP Camera Costs Comparison and Trends on Jun 25, 2014
"...Integrated IR cameras 'True' WDR cameras Manufacturers in this survey include: Arecont Vision Avigilon Axis Bosch Dahua Hikvision Panasonic Pelco Samsung Sony The study focused on dome..."
Avigilon Paints Half Nude Women With Their Logo on Jun 24, 2014
"For an IFSEC 2014 party: There's a video as well. We've had this debate before here: Sexism..."
Avigilon Analyst's Theory On Ex-Execs on Jun 23, 2014
"Avigilon's stock tumbled after their CFO departed, a culmination of 4 executives out in half a year. Many..."
Winner and Losers of the Milestone Deal on Jun 16, 2014
"... Avigilon's revenue was 150% larger than Milestone's ($178 vs $72 million). Axis's revenue was 10x as..."
Avigilon Or Axis Integrated IR Cameras - Have You Had Problems With Bugs? on Jun 12, 2014
"...am curious, for those of you using higher end integrated IR cameras (like the newer ones from Axis or Avigilon), have you seen problems? I'd appreciate both yes and no responses so we can get a feel for..."
Box Camera Usage Statistics on Jun 12, 2014
"..." "The only box cameras we currently sell are the Avigilon PRO series cameras." "2% are box camera's but it's only Avigilon Pro camera's." More feature..."
Milestone Vs. Avigilon Cost Comparison on Jun 03, 2014
"... Avigilon?"
Falling Down: The 2014 Mid-Year Guide on Jun 02, 2014
"...Analytics Worst and Best from ISC West 2014 We then examine 4 industry deals over the past 6 months: Avigilon Acquires VideoIQ The Sad Finale For Firetide Is Here Fail / Fail: The IQinVision - Vicon..."
Best Method To Detect A Rail Car Being Delivered? on May 27, 2014
"...Camera setup with Motion detection or video analytic? Motion sensor? Other? They currently have an Avigilon NVR and two Avigilon 3MP IR bullet cameras mounted on the exterior of the elevator. My thought..."
Industry News Roundup May 2014 on May 23, 2014
"... Here are 18 of the most noteworthy news items, including from Milestone, Mobotix, Axis, Avigilon, Dropcam, Tyco and more: VMS Items Milestone encoder licensing change / price drop - Now..."
Avigilon CEO Buys $1 Million Of Avigilon Stock on May 21, 2014
"After Avigilon's CFO's mysterious resignation and despite strong financial results, Avigilon's stock dropped..."