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Avigilon Overview

Avigilon offers a full line of IP cameras, encoders and VMS software. The company is best known for super high resolution cameras (up to 29MP). Combined with some of the industry's most attractive pricing and restricted dealer access, Avigilon is one of the fastest growing companies in all of surveillance. However, Avigilon has been criticized for their shady marketing practices.

Avigilon Company Coverage

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Advanced Marketing That Avigilon and Dropcam Does But Axis Misses on Apr 22, 2014
"This is the technique that two of the fastest growing companies in surveillance use but most..."
How Good Is Avigilon Light Catcher Cameras? What Are Its Equivalent... on Apr 21, 2014
"...Then i read about the Avigilon Light Catcher cameras,which claim to give colour videos in very low light conditions.Their..."
The $12 Billion Video Surveillance Manufacturer on Apr 15, 2014
"What video surveillance manufacturer is worth a staggering $12 billion USD? How about Avigilon? Avigilon is growing very fast and, impressively, has broken a billion dollar valuation, but is..."
Are You Impressed With Avigilon New 16MP H4 Low Light Performance? on Apr 14, 2014
"An Avigilon employee has released a shot of their new H4 16MP camera at night. Take a look (click image for..."
Avigilon Dumps CCD & JPEG2000 For H4 Line on Mar 31, 2014
"...] Avigilon has announced a new series of cameras, the H4, claiming these, "deliver exceptional low light..."
Another Avigilon Exec Out, Impact On Expansion? on Mar 29, 2014
"Last month, Avigilon touted their Vice President of People. Now, she is gone and Avigilon is running an ad to find a..."
ExacqVision Version 6 VMS Improvements Tested on Mar 27, 2014
"...Exacq's provided chart, note the prominence of the AD lines (Illustra): 80 New Cameras Added But Not Avigilon Exacq touts 80 new IP camera models added but Avigilon cameras is not one of them. Recall that..."
Picking Low Light Cameras For New Home Construction on Mar 24, 2014
"... Avigilon 1.3MP) with "Lightcatcher", or is it better to just buy a higher MP with IR built in, or..."
Ranking 95 Surveillance Manufacturers Interest on Mar 24, 2014
"... Avigilon Next Avigilon only trailed Axis in interest checking in at 61%. With their fast growth,..."
2014 Surveillance Test Results Guide Released on Mar 19, 2014
"... Axis Samsung Wisenet III Cameras Sony's 6th Gen IP Cameras Avigilon H3 Bullet Integrated IR Wodsee $29 ONVIF IR Minidome Testing Dahua Cameras Geovision UBX 1301..."
New Feature: Autotagging - Better Organizing IPVM'S 5000+ Items For You on Mar 18, 2014
"...find related content on 130+ companies and 50+ categories, like 262 items on access control, or 249 on Avigilon, or 156 on ONVIF, or (gulp) 663 on Axis. You can pick from these listings on the right hand..."
Avigilon to Raise $100 Million, Who Will They Acquire? on Mar 18, 2014
"In 2013, Avigilon raised $69 million and acquired two companies - RedCloud and VideoIQ. Now, Avigilon is raising..."
Avigilon Data Aging Misleading? Quality Reduction For Older Video? on Mar 17, 2014
"Hey All, As per Avigilon website which says "Avigilon HD NVRs also support a powerful feature called data aging. Data..."
Do You Want To Be The Next VP Of Marketing At Avigilon? on Mar 14, 2014
"... Now, you can be the next VP of Global Marketing at Avigilon. But do it right away as there are already 46 applicants and counting. The most striking..."
Which Hikvision Cameras Work With Avigilon Control Center With Motion... on Mar 12, 2014
"I have tried two types of Hikvision cameras so far with ACC, the 2cd7153 and the DS-2CD2012-I...."
Avigilon To Require Disclosing Who 'Your' End User Is on Mar 10, 2014
"... IPVM has obtained new Avigilon documentation that requires integrators to tell the details of who their end users are or..."
What VMSes Support GPU Load Processing? on Mar 10, 2014
"...NOTICE: This comment was moved from an existing discussion: Graphics Card Recommendations - Milestone And Avigilon "
Long Range Covert Mic Needed on Mar 10, 2014
"... The audio is to be connected to Avigilon fixed camera mounted on guard booth so that audio can be recorded and played back on Avigilon..."
License Plate Capture Shootout 2014 on Mar 10, 2014
"... We selected the Avigilon Integrated IR offering here. Purpose Built License Plate cameras: These are the least commonly..."
Avigilon EVP Out, Schmode Consolidates Power on Mar 06, 2014
"Avigilon's EVP Operations, Chris Ross, a former executive at Ericcson, Qualcom and Novatel Wireless, has..."
IP Camera Bandwidth / Storage Shootout on Mar 05, 2014
"...Samsung SNB-5004 Sony SNC-VB600 In the 2MP category, we set these 4 cameras to 1080p / 10fps: Avigilon 3.0W-H3-B2 Bosch NBN-932V Samsung SNB-6004 Sony SNC-VB630 Additionally, we tested 6..."
Avigilon Financials and 2014 Future Plans on Mar 05, 2014
"Avigilon's 2013 financial report and investor conference call gave insights into their current..."
Avigilon HD-NVR2 Uses Outdated Dell R710. Why Pay More Than The Latest... on Mar 04, 2014
"Avigilon Cameras are great. The HD NVR they offer with capacities 3,5,15,21 etc. are using Dell PowerEdge..."
New Mini HD Camera Competitor to Axis and Avigilon on Mar 03, 2014
"Axis and Avigilon has new competition in the mini HD camera market. KT&C has released two models which..."
Market Guide 2014: Video Analytics on Mar 03, 2014
"... Works well and Avigilon acquisition built further credibility." This is good for Avigilon, as it gives them an..."
Is Avigilon HDSM Actually Patented? Do They Have Any? on Feb 26, 2014
"... On the other hand we do have this public statement (from Avigilon): Harnessing the strength of Avigilon Control Center and the second generation of our..."
Is It Misleading For Milestone To Call Their VMS 'Xprotect'? on Feb 25, 2014
"... NOTICE: This comment was moved from an existing discussion: Milestone Vs Avigilon - Remote Viewing Bandwidth Usage"
Is Avigilon Implementing H.264 SVC? on Feb 24, 2014
"... NOTICE: This comment was moved from an existing discussion: Milestone Vs Avigilon - Remote Viewing Bandwidth Usage "
Milestone Vs Avigilon - Remote Viewing Bandwidth Usage on Feb 22, 2014
"Is there any hard data or testing to determing which VMS offers the best performance and..."
IP Camera Manufacturer Compression Comparison on Feb 21, 2014
"... For example, Dahua and Sony have high Q levels when compression is set to "1", while Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, and Samsung have low Q levels with compression set closer to "1". Camera..."
ioimage / DVTel Analytic Updates on Feb 20, 2014
"... Indeed, recently, PSA endorsed ioimage as having far greater probability of detection, after Avigilon dumped PSA's access to long standing premier partner VideoIQ analytics. In this note, we share..."
Favorite VMS Manufacturers 2014 on Feb 17, 2014
"... Avigilon Fouth Avigilon remained fourth overall VMS, again the only manufacturer to have both their..."
SNMP And Video Surveillance? on Feb 15, 2014
"The Avigilon win/lose article turned into a debate about SNMP's role with video surveillance systems. One..."
Issues With Avigilon Cameras Working Over Wireless on Feb 12, 2014
"We are seeing artifacts on video when using Avigilon H3 platform fixed dome cameras on a very well performing wireless network and using ACC 4.0+..."
Avigilon CEO: Axis Model is Win - Lose on Feb 12, 2014
"Are manufacturers winning at the expense of their integrators? That is the claim Avigilon's CEO makes, calling the channel model most, and most notably Axis, use a 'win lose..."
Favorite IP Camera Manufacturers 2014 on Feb 10, 2014
"..." Avigilon Gains Avigilon gained, passing Mobotix, Panasonic and Sony, three companies that were tied or..."
ONVIF Archives 1000+ Products on Feb 06, 2014
"Many products that tout ONVIF conformance, like Avigilon, IndigoVision and OnSSI VMSes, have now been 'archived'. This move creates a second class..."
Avigilon Promotes Four To Its Executive Management Team on Feb 05, 2014
"Avigilon just announced the following four promotions to its executive management team Danny Kam,..."
Cams With Canon EF Lens Capability? on Feb 04, 2014
"I've seen the posts regarding the few Avigilon Pro, Ampleye, and Indigovision cameras use with Canon EF mount lenses. Are there OTHER cams that..."
Milestone Going to IPO? on Feb 04, 2014
"... As Avigilon's IPO and subsequent fund raising has shown, the extra funds received have helped them to grow..."
Avigilon Chooses Outsider To Product Manage Video Analytics on Feb 03, 2014
"With the VideoIQ acquisition complete, Avigilon has made a significant hire to product manage their video analytics portfolio. Instead of..."
Avigilon - It Is Not Transcoding! on Jan 31, 2014
"... Avigilon held a webinar yesterday, titled Surveillance in the new year: 5 trends for 2014 hosted by..."
Avigilon Hires Away Software House CCURE Product Manager on Jan 27, 2014
"Last month, we noted how Avigilon was hiring a variety of sales people with extensive access control background. Now, Avigilon has..."
Testing VideoIQ Rialto on Jan 22, 2014
"... We tested the Rialto with 7 cameras from major manufacturers Axis, Bosch, Sony, and Avigilon (who recently acquired VideoIQ), and put them up against VideoIQ's own HD dome, the iCVR. We..."
Exacq Breaks Avigilon Integration on Jan 20, 2014
"IPVM testing has verified that Exacq has broken integration with Avigilon cameras. Up until mid year 2013, Exacq's releases immediately identified and recognized motion..."
Ranking IP Camera Low Light Performance on Jan 20, 2014
"...manufacturers: ACTi D11 ACTi KCM5111 Arecont AV3116DNv1 Arecont AV5115DNv1 Arecont AV10115DNv1 Avigilon 1.0-H3-B2 Avigilon 3.0W-H3-B2 Axis M1114 Axis P3354 Axis Q1602 Axis Q1604 Axis..."
Guessing Avigilon Trans4Mation Teaser on Jan 08, 2014
"Starting yesterday, Avigilon has been tweeting about a big reveal planned for Jan 15. I'm not aware of them using this kind..."
Marketing Stunt or $250K Surveillance Donation? on Jan 08, 2014
"... Right, Avigilon?"
VMD Shootout II - Hikvision, Dahua, Samsung on Jan 06, 2014
"Our first VMD Camera Shootout included Avigilon, Axis, Bosch and Sony. Members enjoyed it and asked for more manufacturers to be tested. This..."
A Postmortem of VideoIQ and the Future of Video Analytics on Jan 02, 2014
"With Avigilon to acquire VideoIQ, we answer a number of critical questions inside: Where did VideoIQ fail?..."
Avigilon Acquires VideoIQ on Dec 31, 2013
"Avigilon has acquired video analytics developer VideoIQ, just like we predicted. At the end of..."
Avigilon Director Goes To Arecont on Dec 26, 2013
"... Updated inside with 9 new Avigilon hires."
32 NVRs Needed For ~1000 Avigilon Cameras? on Dec 24, 2013
"...NVRs needed for just over 1000? Is this the right architecture? A tweet's been going around with an Avigilon dealer showcasing such a project, see below: It's not often you get to see 32 @Avigilon NVRs..."
I Want Software That Can Integrate With Avigilon, Milestone, QSee And More on Dec 20, 2013
"I am looking into software that can integrate with 3rd party VMS's like Milestone, Avgilon, etc...."
Testing Autofocus Accuracy on Dec 17, 2013
"...  The cameras used for testing were: Avigilon 1.0-H3-B2 (720p) Axis P3354 (1.3MP) Bosch NBN-733V (720p) Bosch NBN-932V..."
Should I Take A Sales Position At Avigilon? on Dec 16, 2013
"I am being recruited for a sales management position at Avigilon and am interested in hearing the pros and cons of taking it. Anyone with info? I know the..."
Top Requested IP Camera Features on Dec 13, 2013
"... There's not a lot of options - which Avigilon's 9-22mm being the most notable one (see test results). Also, Axis recently released one but it..."
Avigilon High Definition Stream Management? on Dec 12, 2013
"Has there been tests performed on Avigilon's VMS high definition stream managment?"
2014 Video Surveillance Guide on Dec 09, 2013
"...pressures significant, the balance of power is shifting but is there a comeback in store for 2014? Avigilon rising - Not only did they grow, they accelerated it. Can they continue that in 2014 or is their..."
What Twitter Followers Want on Dec 04, 2013
"...and here are some examples of how they break down: Top Tweets A handful from the last few weeks: Avigilon's PR Person Gone - 100+ Stupid Manufacturer - 75+ Heckling Sales People - 75+ Arecont Camera..."
Hikvision 2013 IP Cameras Tested on Dec 02, 2013
"...with revenue rocketing over $1 billion USD last year (by contrast Axis is the in $750 million range and Avigilon ~$150 million). But how good are they? In this report, we share test findings of 4 of their..."
Avigilon Says Surveillance Market is 95% Analog on Nov 27, 2013
"... Avigilon's CEO said the market for video surveillance is actually still 95% analog in a new article. If..."
Need Inexpensive Alternative To Avigilon Dome on Nov 25, 2013
"I have a location where I was going to use a few Avigilon 2.0-H3-D1 and a few 2.0-H3-D2's. This is a factory setting. Is there a different brand camera..."
Testing New Dropcam Pro Camera on Nov 25, 2013
"... The Next / Opposite Avigilon This release (and continued progress) shows that Dropcam has the potential to be the next..."
Avigilon Key Executive Gone on Nov 20, 2013
"... The self proclaimed "principal designer of Avigilon’s global expansion and industry ownership" is out and looking for a new job. Can Avigilon..."
Sabotage? Avigilon VMS Problems W/ Third Party Cameras on Nov 14, 2013
"... I have also been told by resellers and users alike, that Avigilon says that they cannot explain the problems with these camera issues but happily offered theirs..."
Is H.264 Lower Quality? on Nov 14, 2013
"...264 lower quality? Even Avigilon now says no, but many still argue yes. One of These Images is H.264, the Other MJPEG Take a..."
Avigilon Begins Marketing Access Control on Nov 13, 2013
"6 months after Avigilon acquired access control provider RedCloud, the first evidence of blended platforms has hit..."
Avigilon Raises $69 Million for Potential Acquisitions on Nov 08, 2013
"Hot off doubling revenue, Avigilon has raised $69 million earmarked for 'general corporate purposes and potential strategic..."
Rivals Sound Off On Avigilon on Nov 07, 2013
"Over 50 manufacturers answered IPVM's survey today, following Avigilon's revenue doubling announcement. Inside this note, we break down the key claims and color..."
VMS Training Options Compared on Nov 07, 2013
"In this note, we compare Avigilon, Axxon, Exacq, Genetec, March, Milestone, Network Optix / Digital Watchdog and Video Insights'..."
Avigilon Doubles Revenue, Breaks Billion Valuation on Nov 05, 2013
"Utterly unprecedented for a surveillance company Avigilon's size, Avigilon reported doubling revenue in Q3 2012 over the previous year, doing $51.1..."
Winners & Losers Fall 2013 on Nov 04, 2013
"...VSaaS (kidding) Then we review the specific competitive advances and problems for: Arecont Vision Avigilon Axis Bosch Exacq Genetec IQinVision Milestone Mobotix OnSSI Panasonic Pelco Samsung ..."
VMS Mapping Shootout on Oct 30, 2013
"...offer? In this report, we share our test results of reviewing the map features for Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Exacq, AxxonSoft, and Network Optix/Digital Watcdog. Key Differentiators Maps research..."
Avigilon Endorses H.264! on Oct 29, 2013
"In a stunning turn of events, Avigilon is now endorsing H.264, declaring that H.264 streams result in "using less bandwidth and storage..."
VMD Camera Shootout on Oct 28, 2013
"... In order to test whose on-camera VMD performed best, we used cameras from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, and Sony in multiple scenes, day and night, starting with a simple indoor..."
Looking For A Inexpensive 2-3Mp IR Outdoor Camera Compatible With... on Oct 24, 2013
"Looking for a inexpensive 2mp IR outdoor camera that is compatible with Avigilon's VMS (profile s). The customer is used to Avigilon so they want to keep the VMS but they dont..."
VMS Upgrade Comparison on Oct 22, 2013
"...on your own? In this report, we answer these questions, examining the upgrade capabilities for Avigilon, Exacq, Genetec, Milestone, Network Optix/Digital Watchdog and VideoInsight. We answer the..."
No, IPVM Is Not Biased FOR Avigilon on Oct 14, 2013
"...enjoyed this email complaint: "Whenever you list a review, test or comparison of software providers Avigilon is always listed first. Maybe this is alphabetically correct but it also gives the impression..."
Surveillance Search Shootout on Oct 14, 2013
"... In this report, we share our test results of using search capabilities for Avigilon, Exacq, Genetec, Milestone, Network Optix/DW and VideoInsight, as highlighted in the image..."
Axis Q1765 Long Range Integrated IR Camera Reviewed on Oct 11, 2013
"...note, we compare it to Axis' 2 existing IR camera options and contrast it to competitors, including the Avigilon IR bullet series. Product Overview The Q1765-LE is the successor to the Q1755-E with the most..."
Professional But Low Cost IP Video Alternatives To Avigilon / Exacq /... on Oct 10, 2013
"...cameras with SD cards (or a NAS) - $1,000 to $1,500 all in - downside - Axis only, limited VMS functions Avigilon - I am not sure of a solution here as Avigilon is inexpensive for professional users but does..."
What Analytic Are Good To Use With Avigilon? on Oct 08, 2013
"On the Avigilon website they list a few compatible ones. Which ones are worth it and do they perform well?"
Super Low Light vs Integrated IR Shootout on Oct 07, 2013
"... Integrated IR cameras: Avigilon H3 (both 3-9 and 9-22mm models), Dahua and Axis M1114-L  Super Low Light cameras: Axis..."
Avigilon And Red Cloud? Good? Limits? on Oct 06, 2013
"I'm thinking about putting in a Avigilon + Red Cloud installation. Do they work well together? (I know that Avigilon bought them..."
Avigilon Now Buying Sponsored Content On Tech Blogs on Oct 02, 2013
"...walked around CES with a zapper that let them turn TVs off at random, just ran a glowing profile of Avigilon. Discuss. "
Best and Worst - ASIS 2013 on Sep 29, 2013
"...walk bys occur at: Pelco 1:30 OnSSI 3:00, Genetec 3:30 Milestone 4:48 ACTi 6:00 Panasonic 7:30 Avigilon 9:24 Axis 14:40 Ubiquiti 22:26 Exacq 27:09 You can download the whole 38 minute video..."
Inexpensive But Good Access Control Solution To Work With Avigilon? on Sep 25, 2013
"We have a 8 camera Avigilon Intall that we would like to integrate an access control solution. We would wwant to control 4..."
Are Avigilon Cameras Worth The Higher Price Tag? on Sep 24, 2013
"What is IPVM's opinion on Avigilon? I like their ACC, but what about their cameras. Are they really worth the higher price tag? On..."
New Products Directory ASIS 2013 on Sep 24, 2013
"...Radar - new unit that claims 7x coverage increase over last year's release More announcements: Avigilon LightCatcher - Catch up move to low light optimized offerings from Axis, Bosch, Sony,..."
VMS Health Monitoring Shootout on Sep 18, 2013
"... We tested Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Exacq, Network Optix / Digital Watchdog, and Video Insight VMSes. 11 Key..."
VMS Camera Connection Comparison on Sep 09, 2013
"... We tested adding 10 different cameras to Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Exacq, Network Optix and Video Insight VMSes. Key Differentiators Examined We identified 5..."
Avigilon Releases 'LightCatcher' on Sep 05, 2013
"Following Axis LightFinder, Bosch StarLight and Sony Gen 6, Avigilon is the latest to announce a 'super' low light camera offering, dubbed 'LightCatcher'. Here's..."
Why Not Use A Single 29MP Camera? on Sep 05, 2013
"Take a look at this recent install tweeted by an Avigilon employee: There's (2) 5MP fixed cameras and a 2MP PTZ. Compare to their 29MP product..."
Camera Color Fidelity Shootout on Sep 04, 2013
"... We decided to test 5 camera manufacturers - Axis, Avigilon, Bosch, Dahua and Sony - to see how faithful their cameras could reproduce color. The Test We..."
IP Camera Power Use Measurements on Sep 03, 2013
"...Measure power consumption from 20 different IP cameras including offerings from ACTi, Arecont, Axis, Avigilon, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Panasonic, Pelco, Sony and Vivotek. Compare power consumed to what..."
10 Top Discussions This Summer on Sep 01, 2013
"...Here are 10 Top discussions that show their quality and range: Choosing a VMS: Exacq, Milestone or Avigilon An end user asks for our help in deciding on a VMS. Here's our advice on Choosing a VMS. View..."
VMS Installation Comparison on Aug 28, 2013
"... In this report, we share our test findings of installing Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Exacq, Network Optix and Video Insight VMSes. Key questions answered: What is the..."
Genetec Partners With Access Giant on Aug 27, 2013
"... Indeed, the ability to unify access and video is heating up, as Avigilon's recent access control acquisition shows. Now, Genetec has partnered with Assa Abbloy, the 800..."
Is This An Unobtrusive Camera? Avigilon Microdome on Aug 26, 2013
" Avigilon Micro Dome install over cash registers - incredible hd image in such an unobtrusive enclosure!..."