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Avigilon Overview

Avigilon offers an end to end solution of IP cameras, encoders, VMS software and analytics. The company is best known for super high resolution cameras (up to 30MP). Combined with some of the industry's most restricted dealer access, Avigilon is one of the fastest growing companies in all of surveillance. However, Avigilon has been criticized for their shady marketing practices.

Avigilon Company Coverage

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Avigilon Amateur Investor Wants RMCP And FBI To Raid IPVM on Nov 23, 2015
"... If I were Avigilon, I would contect the OSC [Ontario Securities Commission] about that too and start an internal..."
Axis, Avigilon and Hikvision Markups Revealed on Nov 23, 2015
"... This note breaks down and contrasts the markups across Axis, Avigilon and Hikvision, revealing interesting trends and differences in profitability and competitive..."
Genetec Tweets Link To Abu Dhabi Police Video, Avigilon Dealer Demands... on Nov 22, 2015
"Avigilon's CEO ambulance chased the Paris terror attacks killing 100+ with an obviously unworkable..."
Avigilon CEO Solution for Terror Attacks on Nov 20, 2015
"Ripped from the headlines, spurred on by the France terror attacks, Avigilon's CEO has a solution. Inside this note we look at his aggressive analytics plan, analyzing its..."
Avigilon Is Not a Top 10 IP Camera Leader, According To These People on Nov 13, 2015
"... Check out the list: So Arecont's better than Avigilon? Lol. These are the same guys who ran the Ballot Stuffing The Most Idiotic Industry Person..."
Avigilon ~$18 Million Stock Buy Back Again on Nov 12, 2015
"Earlier this year, with the stock trading in the ~$18 range, Avigilon bought $39 Million of their own stock. Now, the stock is down under $12. But Avigilon's..."
Pelco Optera 12MP Multi-Imager Tested on Nov 09, 2015
"...now expanding quickly, later this year, we also plan to test Axis' 33MP multi-imager model as well as Avigilon's HD multi-sensor. Summary Pelco's Optera offers significantly better image quality..."
Avigilon Hires Long Term Pelco Exec on Nov 09, 2015
"Here's some good news for Avigilon. After a rocky summer, Avigilon has nabbed a long term Pelco exec. In this note, we review the..."
Wavestore VMS Stack Up Vs Milestone And Avigilon? on Nov 05, 2015
"...here that have experience with the product? How does it stack up against the likes if Milestone and avigilon feature wise and price wise? It runs on the Linux platform so this could be seen as a major..."
Fool's Bet: Amateur Stock Investing on Nov 05, 2015
"... Stockhouse For examples of amateur investors who continuously lose, read the Avigilon Stockhouse Bullboard. It actually is somewhat entertaining, especially when they flail trying to..."
Avigilon Bad Financial Results Q3 2015 on Nov 04, 2015
"... In this note, we examine the financials and review Avigilon's new competitive positioning. Financials Examined Constant currency growth this quarter was..."
IP Camera Bootup Shootout 2015 on Nov 04, 2015
"...18 total cameras from 11 manufacturers including: ACTi E617 Arecont AV5115DNAIv1 Avigilon 1.0-H3-B2 Avigilon 2.0W-H3-BO1-IR Axis M1125 Axis M3004-V Axis..."
Avigilon Video Analytics Patents - What Should A Manufacturer Do? on Nov 02, 2015
"I have probably read all posts on Avigilon & VA Patents here however it is not clear whether Avigilon has already approached any..."
ONVIF Screen Capture Tested on Oct 23, 2015
"... Screen ONVIF worked best with Avigilon Control Center and Genetec Security Center of the VMSes tested, with occasional stream droppage,..."
Hikvision Massive China vs Overseas Sales Growth on Oct 19, 2015
"... Companies like Axis and Avigilon generally are in the 50-55% range. The difference can be attributed to scale. At ~4x Axis' size..."
Winners Losers Fall 2015 on Oct 12, 2015
"... Avigilon - The worst fears / negative criticisms of Avigilon came true in the past 6 months. The COO has..."
Milestone Launches Avigilon Conversion Program on Oct 07, 2015
"... Now, they are turning their sights to Avigilon, with a new program aimed at converting Avigilon prospects to Milestone. In this note, we..."
List Of Avigilon Sales Employees Exited June Through September on Oct 05, 2015
"For those tracking and estimating what Avigilon's Q3 numbers will be and trying to factor in how the numbers will be impacted by the exit of the..."
Can Avigilon Use Their Video Analytics Patents To Get Money From Google,... on Oct 05, 2015
"... So my question is this: given Avigilon's broad patent portfolio of video analytics, would they be tempted to approach Mercedes-Benz,..."
Axis Video Analytics Are Weak on Oct 05, 2015
"... These problems are far more severe than Avigilon (tested) and DVTEl ioimage (tested). Compounding the lack of intelligence is a..."
Please Explain This Avigilon Game To Me on Sep 29, 2015
"...embedded below: Two things: 1) Huh? What? 2) It's a me-too feature, there's not much money for Avigilon to make here, and it's hard for people to get excited about access control. So why showcase it?"
Video Enhancement Startup (Lentix) Partners With Milestone on Sep 29, 2015
"... Competitive Options - Lyyn and Avigilon There are many external video enhancement software solutions that video can be exported from..."
Axis Releases Their Own Video Analytics on Sep 28, 2015
"...0 vs Avigilon), Axis is now finally releasing their own video analytics called 'Guard Suite'. In this note,..."
Avigilon New Embedded Access Controller on Sep 28, 2015
"Avigilon's big release for ASIS is the "Access Control Manager Embedded Controller" In doing so,..."
33 New Products Directory - Fall 2015 on Sep 28, 2015
"...announcements that IPVM has not yet covered / Direct links to announcements: ASIS Accolades 2015 Winners Avigilon Embedded Access Controller Axis Explosion Protected Camera Housings Canon (Non Axis) High..."
Schmode Assistant Now Runs Avigilon Marketing on Sep 21, 2015
"The excitement over Schmode's ouster from Avigilon insiders has quickly turned to concern. In the first notable act since Schmode's exit,..."
Axis Digital Autotracking Tested on Sep 16, 2015
"...Integration/Configuration Autotracking stream was available in Exacq, Genetec, and Milestone, but not Avigilon Control Center. Integration with other VMSes may vary. Configuration options are similar to..."
Milestone CEO On Why He Aborted the IPO and Chose Canon on Sep 15, 2015
"...in the IPO process and why it was aborted in favor of choosing the Canon acquisition, including how Avigilon hurt their IPO prospects. Problems With Secrets Milestone lied about not preparing for an..."
Avigilon Sales Tactics Using Patents on Sep 13, 2015
"I recently engaged with a consulting engineer who had engaged with Avigilon. He made the comment that he would never buy another product (only Avigilon) as he didn't what..."
Google Breaks Surveillance Browser Support on Sep 09, 2015
"...our test results on which browser implementations still work and to what extent, covering Axis, Avigilon, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Samsung, Exacq, Genetec and Milestone.History For those unfamiliar,..."
Avigilon Openness Is Maybe a 3 / 10 on Sep 08, 2015
"...were a measure of the "openness" of a software my personal view is Milestone is about 7 out of 10 while Avigilon would be a 3 maybe. Still Avigilon seems to be doing quite ok(ish) so there are enough Owners..."
Avigilon Buyout Potential Analyzed on Sep 08, 2015
"A number of Avigilon investors and analysts have asked us about the potential for Avigilon to be bought out / taken..."
How To Have Some Cameras Store Locally And In The Cloud At The Same Time? on Sep 07, 2015
"... I am using Hikvision and Avigilon NVRs as my primary NVR. But I want if possible to have two days worth of videos being stores..."
Avigilon CEO: At What Point Do You Take the Blame And Resign Yourself? on Sep 03, 2015
"The shots at Avigilon continue. After ousting their COO, Avigilon's CEO went on a Canadian financial TV network to..."
Avigilon COO Schmode OUSTED on Sep 02, 2015
"IPVM called for Avigilon's COO to be fired last week. Today, he is gone. In this note, we examine the factors behind..."
DVTel Hires Avigilon and Genetec Sales Leaders on Aug 28, 2015
"...are starting to put that money to work, hiring sales leaders from two of their biggest competitors, Avigilon and Genetec. In this note, we examine the moves and their potential impact. Avigilon..."
Panasonic's Video Insight Really Really Wants To Take Over Your VMS on Aug 25, 2015
"...VideoInsight is going to be an attractive combination, especially as an alternative to top 'solutions' like Avigilon, emerging solutions like Tyco/Exacq and most of all, to Genetec and Milestone, that have no..."
Here's What Avigilon Should Do Now on Aug 24, 2015
"An Avigilon partner asked: "What would be your Goal if you run Avigilon?" Given Avigilon's 60% stock price..."
Genetec: We Do NOT Support Avigilon on Aug 18, 2015
"... A member asked about a problem integrating Avigilon cameras with Genetec's VMS. Inside this note, we examine Genetec's response and debate who is..."
Avigilon Cameras Not Working In Genetec on Aug 17, 2015
"Dear IPVM members, at the moment we have Genetec VMS and existing Avigilon ONVIF cameras on site. We have some available channels in Genetec and customer wanted to connect..."
Now Avigilon's VP of Marketing is Out on Aug 13, 2015
"In 3 months, the EVP of Engineering, the SVP of Sales and now the VP of Marketing of Avigilon have exited. In this note, we review what happened and how this is likely to impact the company..."
Favorite Large Scale VMSes 2015 on Aug 10, 2015
"... Third and fourth was close between Exacq and Avigilon. Relative to the SMB market, Exacq did worse for large systems, while Avigilon did modestly..."
Lowest Priced Auto Focus Cameras on Aug 06, 2015
"...focus/auto back focus cameras using the IPVM Camera Finder to analyze and rank auto-focus cameras from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, FLIR, Hikvision, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek and more. Auto..."
Avigilon SVP Sales "Resigns" on Aug 05, 2015
"Another Avigilon executive is out. This time it is the head of sales. Things are starting to get pretty bloody..."
Mobotix P25 Camera Tested on Aug 04, 2015
"... The P25 integrated to both Avigilon and Genetec via MJPEG. Exacq does not support any Mobotix cameras. Milestone supports some, but..."
Avigilon Weak Profits Continue - Q2 2015 on Aug 03, 2015
"After spending $39 million buying back their own stock, one would think (or hope) Avigilon would report great earnings. Alas, no. Avigilon's weak profits continue along with lower..."
Favorite Large System Cameras on Aug 03, 2015
"... Avigilon Even for Avigilon, almost all Avigilon dealers responding actually offered / favored other..."
Manufacturers: Get Paying or Get Sued - Avigilon Patent Licensing Program on Jul 29, 2015
"The new Avigilon 'patent licensing program' is starting to roll out, confirmed Avigilon's CEO on today's earnings..."
Convert Avigilon .Ave File Format To .Mp4 on Jul 28, 2015
"... Avigilon's .ave format is not universal enough. How do you convert the file format of recorded video for..."
Hospital Video Surveillance Guide on Jul 28, 2015
"..." "Sony - Top Quality and Stability" "We use a lot of Avigilon, Axis and Samsung in hospitals. Our competitors use Axis, Pelco, Bosch, Honeywell and Panasonic...."
Explosion Proof PTZ With Avigilon on Jul 21, 2015
"...For a big project we are looking a supplier that has IP explosion proof PTZ cameras that can work with Avigilon (motion detection should work too, not only video).There is Pelco but I don't think that motion..."
New CFO For Avigilon? on Jul 15, 2015
"Ric Leong, from CAO to CFO. "
Police Station Video Surveillance Guide on Jul 15, 2015
"..." "Avigilon for the majority of cameras, Axis for any edge cases." "We have primarily used Axis due to the..."
Avigilon Wastes $39 Million on Stock Buyback on Jul 14, 2015
"Avigilon is investing - in their own stock. Over the past 2 months, Avigilon has spent nearly $40..."
Ubiquiti Micro HD Camera Tested on Jul 13, 2015
"...streams from the NVR, found in camera settings: However, in our tests, this support was spotty, with Avigilon able to capture this stream properly, while it simply did not work in Exacq. Bandwidth..."
Are There Costs To Transfer Avigilon Licenses? on Jul 09, 2015
"I know Avigilon only charges a base server license for software upgrades, but how does it work when you want to..."
Avigilon HD Micro Dome Test on Jul 08, 2015
"The Avigilon HD Micro Dome is, by far, the company's lowest cost camera line. Now, it is still significantly..."
Avigilon ACC Export Bug? on Jul 06, 2015
"Hello IPVM! I'm seeing a bug when exporting AVIs from Avigilon's VMS. Basically, when I go to export a generic RTSP stream recording as an AVI, I see that in..."
Panasonic Video Insight VMS Tested on Jul 06, 2015
"...  We tested Video Insight v6 to see how it compares to major VMSes such as Exacq, Avigilon, Genetec, and Milestone on these key questions and more: What features, if any, are lacking..."
Go After Your Competitors on Jul 06, 2015
"... Even if it is true, you may not want to say "Avigilon's CEO has the charisma of a cinder block." But you can be effective by following a few..."
Pros and Cons - Automating Firmware Updates on Jul 01, 2015
"... In this note, we look at Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Exacq and Speco proceses as well as the advantages and disadvantages of automatic..."
Avigilon Attack Artist on Jun 30, 2015
"Within the last year I posted a question regarding the major differences between Genetec and Avigilon. Now I want to know more and get feedback. Is anyone else experiencing the Genetec bashing I am..."
Airport Video Surveillance Guide on Jun 30, 2015
"..." "Avigilon, Pelco, Axis, Sony, and Flir. I would say these are typically chosen to due name recognigtion,..."
Need Help Clearing Up Axis / Avigilon License Plate Shots on Jun 25, 2015
"We recently completed an Avigilon conversion for a new customer. Part of our initial install included adding 2 new 5MP cameras in..."
Is Avigilon Telling You That Competitor VMSes Violate Their Patents And... on Jun 24, 2015
"Is Avigilon telling you that competitor VMSes violate their patents and lawsuits are imminent? One of our..."
China and Taiwan Manufacturer Financials on Jun 24, 2015
"...Taiwanese manufacturers stock prices have plummeted Which manufacturer is quietly successful as the 'Avigilon of Asia' How the branded manufacturers are doing vs the OEM focused ones The manufacturer..."
The Engineers of Tomorrow Are Men, The Women Remain Props on Jun 23, 2015
"... Of course, Avigilon supporters defend Avigilon doing similar over and over again, so we can surely expect them to..."
Avigilon Access Control Tested on Jun 22, 2015
"Avigilon aims to deliver an end-to-end solution of video surveillance and access control. But how good..."
The $500 FLIR Thermal Camera Tested on Jun 19, 2015
"...field captured by the new FLIR TCX Mini Bullet: We tested the FLIR TCX Mini Bullet against an Avigilon Analytic camera, focusing on video analytic performance including: Daytime vs nighttime..."
Exacq vs Avigilon on Jun 17, 2015
"... Avigilon. I don't have time to read 500 articles. Is there a short cut comparison as to which product..."
Favorite SMB Video Surveillance Manufacturers on Jun 15, 2015
"...recorder manufacturers did relatively poorly, with more expensive / premium brands (like Exacq, Milestone, Avigilon, etc.) taking 3 of the 4 favorite spots. Only Hikvision placed in the top 4, largely driven by..."
Brivo Bought Out by Drako for $50 Million on Jun 11, 2015
"... Avigilon's 2013 acquisition of RedCloud for $17 million is the closest. Judge based on price to sales..."
The Best Video Surveillance SEO Spam Ever on Jun 10, 2015
"What Avigilon is to intimidation and Arecont is to customer abuse, VideoSurveillance.com is to SEO Spam. Put..."
Avigilon Millionaire Executives Compensation Quadruples on Jun 09, 2015
"Despite a very tough, down 2014 for Avigilon's stock, Avigilon's key executives total compensation is up 400%, with 3 of them over $2..."
Help - American Dynamics VMS Support For Avigilon Cameras on Jun 07, 2015
"... Does anybody knows if Avigilon cameras and PTZ are supported by this VMS? By support, I mean both video and motion..."
Bosch Person / Car / Bike / Truck Analytics Tested on Jun 05, 2015
"...abilities, Bosch's IVA analytics take a step closer in features to higher end analytic providers such Avigilon/VideoIQ and AgentVI, which have offered these capabilities for some time. However, users should..."
Avigilon 'Questionable Management' / 'Authoritarian' CEO on Jun 04, 2015
"... The shots at Avigilon continue to intensify. Canada's financial TV network usually cheerleads for Canadian companies..."
Corridor Mode Tested on Jun 03, 2015
"... Avigilon Avigilon cameras support corridor mode, but only in Avigilon's own Control Center VMS. There is..."
Cisco VAR Killing It Despite Making Next To Nothing On The Surveillance... on Jun 01, 2015
"... NOTICE: This comment was moved from an existing discussion: Here Is Who Won The Avigilon Only Bid"
Meet Clearpix - The [Former] Avigilon OEM on May 31, 2015
"...mentioned in a different thread, Clearpix Technology out of Liberty, Missouri, appears to be a rare Avigilon OEM. Maybe someone can explain why, after working tirelessly at building strong brand loyalty..."
Here Is Who Won The Avigilon Only Bid (And Their Line Item Breakdown) on May 28, 2015
"Last month, we covered a project where Only Bids For Avigilon Will Be Accepted. Check out the full RFP. The project has been awarded and here is the bid..."
School Video Surveillance Guide on May 26, 2015
"...all brands, Axis was mentioned most often (about 50% of all answers mentioned them), but names like Avigilon, Panasonic, and Samsung were common too: Axis  "We tend to favor Axis. The white papers..."
What 360 Degree IP Cameras Are Compatible With Avigilon? on May 19, 2015
"Besides Avigilon's own multi sensor cameras. What other IP 360 degree cameras work and support motion detection..."
Winners Losers Spring 2015 on May 18, 2015
"...three key themes (Consolidation, Commoditization and New Products), examining the fortunes of Axis, Avigilon, Arecont, Hikvision, Dahua, Samsung, Genetec, Milestone, Exacq, Pelco, Panasonic, Sony, Bosch,..."
Free Top IPVM Resources on May 16, 2015
"...Corruption Cruise:   And IPVM examines contentious business issues such as our review of Avigilon CEO's statement that Axis Model is Win - Lose:   Want to learn even more? Then get our..."
Anything But Arecont, Avigilon, Axis: A New Feature on May 15, 2015
"...action: Here are some example searches: 2MP+ varifocal IR dome with autofocus, excluding Arecont, Avigilon and Axis. 720p+ D/N bullets or boxes, excluding Dahua and Hikvision. ONVIF S panoramic cameras..."
Testing Dahua HDCVI Encoder With VMSes on May 14, 2015
"...NVS0404HDC-A, a four channel model, with multiple fixed and PTZ cameras, attempting to integrate with Avigilon, Exacq, Genetec and Milestone VMSes: Did all HDCVI cameras, 720p, 1080p, from multiple..."
Ranking The Lowest Cost Outdoor Cameras 2015 on May 14, 2015
"... In this new analysis, we examine 13 manufacturer products (ACTi, Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, D-Link, FLIR, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vivotek), breaking..."
Avigilon EVP Engineering Quits on May 12, 2015
"One of the big criticisms last year was multiple executives leaving Avigilon. Now, Avigilon's EVP of Engineering quits out of nowhere. In this note, we look at how this..."
Avigilon Fights Back Against Falling Share Price With Share Buyback on May 08, 2015
"Avigilon's stock is down 50% from their peak price last year. The stock price is also significantly..."
Avigilon Growth Down, Expenses Up, Stock Slammed on May 05, 2015
"Avigilon growth rate continues to slow down sharply yet the company's aggressive spending..."
WDR Camera Shootout 2015 on May 04, 2015
"...of the latest generation multiple-exposure true WDR cameras, including: Arecont Vision AV3116DNv1 Avigilon 3.0W-H3-B2 Axis Q1615 Bosch NBN-932V Hikvision DS-2CD4132FWD Panasonic WV-SFV631L Pelco..."
Only Bids For Avigilon Will Be Accepted on May 03, 2015
"Ongoing RFP - only bids for Avigilon will be accepted. Check out the full RFP. What do you think?"
Avigilon System: Cameras Not Reconnecting To Server After Disconnect on Apr 30, 2015
"I had a new Avigilon system installed that has Avigilon cameras, analog cameras connected to an Avigilon digital..."
Avigilon Splits Executive And Senior Management Teams on Apr 29, 2015
"Avigilon has separated the executive and senior management teams on their website. Here is the new 3 man..."
Videofied 'Filtered Monitoring' Aims to Bring Outdoor Intrusion... on Apr 29, 2015
"... Finally, for wide area detection, analytic platforms such as Avigilon/VideoIQ remain a better fit, as the OMV's PIR coverage pattern is still limited, ~40' range..."
Uniview Chinese Camera Tested on Apr 28, 2015
"...ONVIF Profile S, with some VMSes (Genetec, Exacq) working fine, and others connecting but not streaming (Avigilon, Milestone). RTSP streaming worked in all VMSes without issue. Manual focus only, including..."
Resolution: 4K vs 2160p vs 8.3MP on Apr 24, 2015
"... A Note on Frame Rate / Avigilon Though we have focused until now exclusively on pixels, 4K is a standard that also specifies..."
Gain / AGC for Video Surveillance Guide on Apr 23, 2015
"...Lux (Moderately Dark) Color Mode 300 Lux (Daytime) Our testing was done across 3 HD cameras from Avigilon, Axis and Bosch to see a range of performances. Inside the Pro section, we share our results..."
First Ever IPVM Podcast - Business Trends April 2015 on Apr 21, 2015
"We talk industry growth rates, Axis, Canon, Milestone, multi-imagers, Avigilon and more. 0:10 - Axis Announcement 3:57 - Canon Consolidation 6:56 - Multi-imager..."