Surveillance Statistics Survey Directory Vol 1

By John Honovich, Published on Jan 03, 2012

In this report, we aggregate and present dozens of statistics about how surveillance is being used in the real world. Recently, we conducted an in depth survey of 84 integrators around the world, asking them a variety of detailed questions. For background, review the demographics and approach of the survey.

We learned a lot and our PRO members had very positive feedback to the program. Next week, we are starting a new series asking a new round of questions. Before we go there, this report catches up on the questions and statistics we have generated in the last few months.

Questions Asked

We asked 25 different questions to integrators including:

  • What is the average number of cameras you deploy per site? - Results
  • Among all IP cameras, do you deploy more SD or MP? - Results
  • How often do you deploy Multi-Megapixel Cameras? (3MP, 5MP or higher)
  • Do you offer / sell VSaaS? (Hosted or Managed Video) - Results
  • How often do you deploy video analytics?  - Results
  • How often do you deploy PSIM? (Physical Security Information Management) - Results
  • What is your favorite VMS / NVR System? Why? - Results
  • What is your favorite IP camera manufacturer? Why?  - Results
  • How often do you use IR lighting for outdoor cameras?  - Results
  • Do you use cameras with integrated IR lighting? (i.e. LEDs built into camera itself) - Results
  • What, if any, is your favorite wireless system to use with video surveillance? Why? - Results
  • Compared to 3 years ago, how often are you deploying PTZs? - Results
  • When deploying VMS software, what type of computer do you normally prefer? - Results
  • When deploying VMS software on Commercial Off the Shelf Hardware, what do you prefer? - Results
  • What type of network setup do your customers most commonly use? - Results
  • For recording mode, what do you use most often? - Results
  • What is the average frame rate your customers record at? - Results
  • What device do you use to focus / setup IP cameras? - Results
  • How important is auto back focus / auto focusing capabilities? - Results
  • What type of lens do you most commonly use? - Results

In the public section below, we provide 3 tables summarizing the results and in the member's only section we aggregate all the other statistics.

Average Number of Cameras Deployed

The average number of cameras deployed per site was approximately 20. Here's the breakdown:

Frame Rate Used

The average frame rate used for recording is approximately 6 - 10 fps, far lower than the 'max' frame rate available in most cameras:

Full results and commentary can be found at: Average Frame Rate Statistics Examined.

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VMS Hardware Usage Statistics

While a clear majority prefer using COTS hardware for VMS software, a notable 1/3rd preferred apliances:

Full results and commentary can be found in: MP vs SD Cameras Comparison.

Multi-Megapixel Cameras

VSaaS Use

While VSaaS has received a lot of media attention, our statistics show it is still in its early days of use.

Digging into integrator's comments, even those selling it are not clear on its benefits or uptake. See the full note on VSaaS.

Video Analytics Use

On the other hand, video analytics usage is not that far above VSaaS, as shown by the statistics below:

In our Video Analytics statistics report, we dig into integrator commentary and integrator favorites.

IR Illuminator Statistics

Integrators are using a far amount of IR lighting, both in general as well as integrated within the camera:

Full results and commentary can be found at: IR illuminator statistics review.

Deploying PTZs

PTZ usage is clearly on a decline though modestely so according to our integrators surveyed:

More troublesome for PTZ usage is that early adopters of multimegapixel camears are more than twice as likely to be abandonding PTZs as the rest of integrators:

Full commentary can be found in the PTZ statistics review.

VMS Hardware Usage Statistics

IP Video Network Deployment

In one of the most hotly debated and controversial results, overwhelmingly integrators said they use dedicated networks for IP video surveillance:

What made this so controversial was the belief / hope of 'converged' networks. The reality is that a lot of problems, mostly organizational, are blocking this. See the full results.

Recording Mode

With motion based recording you can miss critical evidence. Nonetheless, the clear majority of integrators most often use this:

For more on the plus and minuses of each recording mode, read the full review.

Focus/ Setup of IP Cameras

Focusing and setuping IP cameras can be a real headache. Unfortunately, most integrators are stuck using their laptops:

However, even though integrators overwhelmingly use laptops, their commentary shows that they are unhappy with that. See the IP camera focus/setup tool statistics review.

Auto Back Focus Preferences

Integrators clearly value auto back focus:

While it's a relatively new feature, it is quickly becoming a key factor in product selection. See the full ABF stats review.

Lens Preference

Integrators overwhelmingly prefer using varifocal lenses:

Read about why integrators prefer varifocal over fixed focal lenses.

PSIM Deployment Statistics

Despite manufacturer promotion, PSIM deployment is clearly quite rare:

Read more PSIM usage statistics.

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