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By IPVM Team, Published Aug 01, 2020, 11:24am EDT

Security integrators periodically report on their favorite and worst products to IPVM. These are known integrators who IPVM pays to answer surveys. Integrators respond with detailed comments on their selections. IPVM incorporates integrator feedback anonymously in reports, allowing us not only to identify worst manufacturers but also to share their explanations on problems.


Unlike any other security industry ranking, we prohibit manufacturers from using these results, so they can be trusted. Please report any misuse to abuse@ipvm.com and we will happily stop it.


Each report includes manufacturers rankings and dozens of integrator comments like:

  • "Arecont, too many out of the box failures. Extremely poor technical service response when issues to arise, and not as "tech" friendly for ease of installation."
  • "Pelco. The cameras and firmware are horrible. Too many problems with the cameras not working or needing to be upgraded. Many times the upgrades didn't fix the issue or caused new problems."
  • "Hikvision Terrible having to use Internet Explorer ActiveX plugin to configure settings Awful that SADP tool, to setup camera for first time is windoz only, and not scriptable, and could leak details, you wouldn't know"
  • "Exacq support and product quality continues to deteriorate after their acquisition. We have receive high dollar NVRs with loose and disconnected internal components. Our vendors are continually unfamiliar with the product. Our reps are slow to respond and help. Tech support takes a terribly long time."

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Additionally, we have companion reports on favorite products.

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Security integrators periodically report on their favorite and worst products...
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