Hikvision Global News Reports Directory

By IPVM Team, Published May 13, 2022, 07:40am EDT

Hikvision has received the most global news reporting of any video surveillance company, ever, ranging from the WSJ, the Financial Times, Reuters, the NY Times, SCMP and more. This directory catalogs and links to 100+ of them.

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May 2022

Al Jazeera: Hikvision Sanctions Signal Uncharted Waters From UK To Vietnam

The Wire China: The Hikvision Tipping Point?

Bloomberg: Blacklisted Chinese Tech Found Inside Top Secret UK Lab

Business Insider: Police Force That Protects The UK's Nuclear Power Plants Use Cameras From Sanctioned Chinese Firm Hikvision

The Telegraph: Chinese CCTV Cameras On Our Streets Have Hidden Microphones That Could Be Spying On You

Bloomberg: US Threat To Sanction Hikvision Shows China Ties Near A Tipping Point

Bloomberg: US Considers Unprecedented Sanctions On China Tech Giant Hikvision

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Financial Times: Hikvision Shares Plunge After US Sanctions Threat

Financial Times: US Moves Towards Imposing Sanctions On Chinese Tech Group Hikvision

April 2022

The Times: Chinese CCTV cameras operating at government agency buildings

SCMP: British surveillance camera monitor asks British government to clarify Hikvision position

The Telegraph: Health Department Bans Chinese Cameras That Caught Matt Hancock's Affair

Reuters: Brazil's Multilaser to produce China's Hikvision security products

The Daily Mail: Chinese-made cameras implicated in spying on the country's Uyghur community and banned by the US are still being used in Whitehall

TechCrunch: ‘Always on and watching’: A former Xinjiang prisoner describes life inside China’s detention camps

Associated Press: UK: Concerns raised over Chinese surveillance camera firm

March 2022

The Telegraph: China's Hikvision Embroiled In New Row With Britain's CCTV Watchdog

SCMP: US-China tech war: Chinese surveillance camera maker Hikvision said to acquire second-hand ASML machine for chip production

February 2022

NOS: Controversial Chinese Cameras Are Hanging All Over The Netherlands, Including Ministries

The Times: British using Chinese CCTV linked to repression of Uighurs

Jyllands-Posten: Police will investigate Chinese surveillance cameras for digital backdoors

CityAM: UK should ban CCTV cameras used by Chinese government, campaigners say

UnHerd: Chinese CCTV Is Coming To A Town Near You

Nikkei Asia: Eyes everywhere: China's surveillance equipment spreads worldwide

Digi.no: Surveillance equipment that is banned in large parts of the world is sold openly in Norway

TV2 Ostjylland: The National Police fears hidden accesses in surveillance cameras

RTL Nieuws: Police buy hundreds of cameras from controversial Chinese company

January 2022

Wired Italia: Telecamere cinesi in Italia, la mappa di uffici e luoghi pubblici

Mail on Sunday: Co-op supermarkets are using facial recognition cameras made by Chinese state-owned company 'to track its shoppers'

Axios: Scoop: Chinese surveillance firm ramps up fight against regulators

Humo: The danger of Chinese cameras in our hospitals and schools

RTBF: Smile, you are being filmed... by China?

RTBF: Hidden lives: surveillance cameras 2.0

RTBF: The new, and sometimes very surprising, capabilities of surveillance cameras

November 2021

Scandasia: 47 cameras from controversial Chinese technology company monitor citizens in Danish city

Mail on Sunday: Chinese CCTV monitoring Britons in more than 275,000 networks are identified at five Uighur camps

South China Morning Post: Joe Biden extends investment ban on firms Washington says are linked to China’s military

BBC News: Councils and police must 'weigh CCTV firms' human rights records'

October 2021

Politico: China’s cameras face fresh scrutiny in Europe

The Atlantic: China Is Watching You

TechCrunch: US retail giants pull Chinese surveillance tech from shelves

Mail on Sunday: Chinese CCTV camera firms engaging in human rights abuses to be given a 'free pass' in the UK

September 2021

The Guardian: ‘There’s cameras everywhere’: testimonies detail far-reaching surveillance of Uyghurs in China

Forbes: Widely-Used Hikvision Security Cameras Vulnerable To Remote Hijacking

NextGov: CISA Warns of Vulnerabilities in Banned Chinese Surveillance Tech

The Week: Indian military under target by Chinese origin surveillance systems

August 2021

Business Insider: A Chinese CCTV firm angrily denied being complicit in repressing Uyghur Muslims after MPs pushed for it to be banned in the UK

BBC News: CCTV watchdog criticises Hikvision Uyghur response

The Register: UK's Surveillance Camera Commissioner grills Hikvision on China human rights abuses

Aktualne [Czech]: Chinese cameras that surveil detained Uighurs scan Czechs on the street and in offices

Taipei Times: No more Chinese gadgets for government: source

July 2021

The Intercept: U.S. military bought cameras in violation of America's own China sanctions

Axios: Chinese surveillance firm hires former top U.S. sanctions official as lobbyist

June 2021

Washington Post: Chinese surveillance firm builds influence in Washington, with help from former members of Congress

The Telegraph: Councils to review CCTV contracts with Chinese firm amid human rights concerns

Al Jazeera: US may ban Chinese surveillance cameras, citing security risks

The Globe and Mail: Watchdog raises concern about Canadian pension investments in China

Bloomberg: FCC Proposes Ban on Chinese Surveillance Cameras, Other Products

May 2021

WSJ: Chinese Surveillance-Gear Maker Hikvision Has Ties to Country’s Military, Report Says

Techcrunch: US towns are buying Chinese surveillance tech tied to Uighur abuses

BBC: AI emotion-detection software tested on Uyghurs

Politico: In Europe, a coronavirus boom for foreign surveillance firms

April 2021

IPVM: EU Parliament Removes Hikvision, Citing Human Rights Abuses

Denver ABC7: Surveillance For Sale: Cameras On Amazon Tied To China Military, Abuse

SCMP: Chinese surveillance camera maker Hikvision warns of long-term chip shortage

Wired Italy: Come sono finite mille telecamere della cinese Hikvision nelle procure di tutta Italia

March 2021

Reuters: China found using surveillance firms to help write ethnic-tracking specs

FT: UK spy agencies push for curbs on Chinese ‘smart cities’ technology

Reuters: Five Chinese companies pose threat to U.S. national security: FCC

February 2021

Reuters: Half London councils found using Chinese surveillance tech linked to Uighur abuses

December 2020

Nikkei Asia: US-blacklisted Hikvision zooms in on COVID tracking demand

November 2020

CNN: Trump bans Americans from investing in Chinese firms he claims have ties to the military

IPE: Denmark’s AkademikerPension bans Chinese surveillance kit firm

October 2020

DW: EU taps Chinese technology linked to Muslim internment camps in Xinjiang

September 2020

The Guardian: Chinese cameras blacklisted by US being used in UK school toilets

August 2020

CIS: Hikvision, Corporate Governance, and the Risks of Chinese Technology

NBC15: Baldwin County Public Schools' thermal cameras thrown into question

Reuters: U.S. federal contract ban takes effect for companies using products from Huawei, Hikvision, others

July 2020

The Telegraph: Chinese firm accused of spying on Uighurs ramps up UK business

hindustantimes: Railways scraps thermal cameras tender after firms allege advantage China

The Print: China’s Hikvision controls India’s surveillance market. Modi needs to do more than ban apps

June 2020

SCMP: Huawei and Hikvision are ‘backed by Chinese military’, Trump administration says

CNBC: Trump administration says Huawei, Hikvision backed by Chinese military

IPVM: Hikvision Put on US DoD "Communist Chinese Military Companies" List, Faces Risk of Presidential Sanctions

IPVM: White House Trade Advisor Calls Hikvision "Very Evil Company"

Taipei Times: Public schools using 1,089 Hikvision cameras: MOE

May 2020

Epoch Times: Chinese Surveillance Company Hikvision Hides Human Rights Abuses

CNBC: U.S. tech giants are reportedly providing web services to blacklisted Chinese surveillance firms

April 2020

Reuters: Trump pressed to halt federal pension investments in China's ZTE, Hikvision

March 2020

PoliceOne.com: Why the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act may force you to rethink your video surveillance plans

February 2020

Aftenposten: Norway criticizes the Chinese detention camps. At the same time, the Oil Fund continues to invest in companies that make money from them.

IPVM: Hikvision AI Training In Xinjiang Paramilitary Base, Now Denies

IPVM: Coronavirus Impacting Hikvision and China Manufacturers

January 2020

Syndey Morning Herald: Chinese surveillance cameras removed due to security concerns

New Zealand Herald: Auckland Transport moves away from controversial surveillance camera maker

December 2019

BBC: Fund manager defends backing blacklisted Chinese surveillance firm

Swissinfo: UBS accused of investing in Chinese firm behind surveillance of Uighurs

IPVM: Hikvision CEO Alleged Illegal Activities Investigated

NY Times: Stop Investing In China's Brutality

UK Telegraph: Sheffield firm caught up in Hikvision human rights scandal

November 2019

WSJ: U.S. Tech Companies Prop Up China’s Vast Surveillance Network

Japan Times: Sony and Sharp supply parts to U.S.-blacklisted China security video firm Hikvision

Times UK: Scots Fear Chinese Surveillance Cameras

CNBC: Chinese securities regulator names 2 directors of surveillance camera giant Hikvision in investigation

UK Telegraph: Chinese firm that sold CCTV cameras to NHS advertised racial profiling technology targeted at Uighur Muslims

IPVM: Hikvision Markets Uyghur Ethnicity Analytics, Now Covers Up

Nikkei Asian Review: US sanctions blur Chinese dominance in security cameras

Popular Mechanics: Chinese Surveillance Tech Could Be Watching the U.S. Military

WSJ: Sen. Marco Rubio Presses Pentagon Over Chinese Camera Use

CNET: CES may be helping Chinese surveillance companies clean up image, experts warn

Buzzfeed News: Amazon, Apple, And Google Are Distributing Products From Companies Building China's Surveillance State

October 2019

Washington Post: What a lobbyist’s remarks behind closed doors tell you about Chinese money in Washington

SCMP: Chinese surveillance giant Hikvision warns it may lose customers over US trade ban as quarterly profits surge

CSIS: The United States Blacklisted 28 Chinese Entities over Repression of Muslim Minorities in Xinjiang. What Does This Mean for Human Rights?

Reuters: U.S. pension funds took positions in blacklisted Chinese surveillance company

Asia Times: China’s big brother is watching your every move

CNBC: US names Hikvision, Chinese security bureaus to economic blacklist

The Telegraph UK: US bans Chinese company behind 1.3m UK CCTV cameras over spying allegations

NYTimes: U.S. Blacklists 28 Chinese Entities Over Abuses in Xinjiang

August 2019

Reuters: Hikvision, a surveillance powerhouse, walks U.S.-China tightrope

The Sun: Thousands of banned Chinese ‘spy’ cameras are STILL watching government buildings in the US

WSJ: Suspect Chinese Surveillance Gear Offered for Sale to U.S. Government

Asian Nikkei Review: China's use of AI in Xinjiang is 'future of oppression': US envoy

NPR: Government Deadline Approaches To Ban Chinese-Made Surveillance Cameras

July 2019

FT: 2,000 Chinese-made surveillance cameras across US government

Asia Times: Beijing monitoring millions of sites in Xinjiang - Hikvision’s Sky Net system helps Beijing keep tabs on Uighurs, plus terrorists or dissidents

SCMP: Chinese surveillance giant Hikvision stockpiles crucial parts to guard against potential US ban

Asia Times: China-made cameras focus on HK protesters, Hikvision units featuring facial-recognition are also in use at ‘re-education’ camps for Uighurs in Xinjiang

Daily Maverick: How China’s persecuted people are paying the price for Joburg’s sense of security

FT: China-made surveillance cameras continue to watch over US military bases

The Times UK: British funds ‘are used to enable China’s human rights abuses’

NK News: Chinese surveillance software in use across range of N. Korean facilities: photos

Bloomberg: Banned Chinese Security Cameras Are Almost Impossible to Remove

June 2019

Daily Maverick South Africa: Visual surveillance and weak cyber security, Part One: When cameras get dangerous

Daily Maverick South Africa: Video Surveillance and Cybersecurity (Part Two): Chinese cyber espionage is a real threat

La Presse: Vidéosurveillance: une société chinoise controversée bien présente au Québec

Nikkei Asian Review: China's 'sharp eyes' offer chance to take surveillance industry global

May 2019

Politico: Chinese companies under threat in U.S. stock market over ties to suppression

MarketWatch: ‘Socially responsible’ investors may have unwittingly backed police-state surveillance in China

Bloomberg: China's Hikvision Has Probably Filmed You

BuzzFeed News: Facial Recognition Technology Is Facing A Huge Backlash In The US. But Some Of The World’s Biggest Tech Companies Are Trying To Sell It In The Gulf.

NY Times: Trump Administration Could Blacklist China’s Hikvision, a Surveillance Firm

Bloomberg: U.S. Weighs Blacklisting Five Chinese Video Surveillance Firms

SCMP: How 9/11 and China’s plan for blanket surveillance created a wave that CCTV camera makers Hikvision and Dahua rode to huge success

Caixin: In Depth: Surveillance Equipment Giant Hounded by Competition, Security Concerns

April 2019

The Intercept: Cameras Linked to Chinese Government Stir Alarm in UK Parliament

BBC: Hikvision: US pension funds invest in China 'Big Brother' firm

Washington Post: Buying stock in these Chinese companies makes you complicit in terror on Uighurs

The Guardian: China’s hi-tech war on its Muslim minority

Sixth Tone: Camera Above the Classroom - Chinese schools are using facial recognition on students. But should they?

Reuters: U.S. lawmakers urge sanctions over China's treatment of Muslim minority

March 2019

Financial Times: US pressure building on investors in China surveillance group

9 UK MPs call out Hikvision in public letter:

IPVM Image

February 2019

SCMP: Here’s what you need to know about Hikvision, the camera maker behind China’s mass surveillance system

Hudson Institute: US Senator Calls Out Hikvision as "Puppets of the China Communist Party":

UK MP Calls Out Hikvision Profiting From Human Rights Abuses:

January 2019

SCMP: The Chinese technology helping New York police keep a closer eye on the United States’ biggest city (Note: The NYPD later refuted that story.)

December 2018

NY Times: Targets of U.S. Sanctions Hire Lobbyists With Trump Ties to Seek Relief

November 2018

Financial Times: Chinese surveillance group faces crippling US ban

October 2018

Reuters: China’s Big Brother drafted into trade war

NZ Newsroom: NZ Govt uses Chinese cameras banned in US

Reporters Without Borders: China censors US publication focusing on the video surveillance industry

France National TV: États-Unis : sous l’œil de caméras chinoises

September 2018

Australia ABC News: Chinese video surveillance network used by the Australian Government

NY Times: U.S. Weighs Sanctions Against Chinese Officials Over Muslim Detention Camps

Washington Post: Why are U.S. companies working for a Chinese firm that’s implicated in ethnic cleansing?

August 2018

IPVM: Ban of Dahua and Hikvision Is Now US Gov Law

Technode: World’s largest surveillance equipment maker Hikvision to be banned from sales to US federal agencies

PR Week: Mercury Inks Deal To Rep China-Owned Surveillance Tech Company Hikvision

DailyBeast: Congress Cut Off This Chinese Surveillance Firm, So Now It’s Turning to K Street

July 2018

The Hill: Lawmakers target Chinese security companies over spy fears

Financial Times: China steps up surveillance on Xinjiang Muslims - Hikvision to supply 1,000 facial recognition cameras to mosques in the region

June 2018

Foreign Policy: In China’s Far West, Companies Cash in on Surveillance Program That Targets Muslims

May 2018

WSJ: Bill Moves to Block U.S. From Buying Chinese Surveillance Equipment

SCMP: China’s Hikvision hits out at US Congress over ‘baseless’ ban on using surveillance equipment over national security concerns

April 2018

NIKKEI Asian Review: China's Hikvision downplays US risks amid ZTE woes

January 2018

Congressional Hearing Discusses Hikvision:

December 2017

WSJ: Army Rips Out Chinese-Made Surveillance Cameras Overlooking U.S. Base

November 2017

WSJ: Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S.

March 2017

Krebs on Security: Dahua, Hikvision IoT Devices Under Siege

November 2016

Voice of America: Is the World's Biggest Surveillance Camera Maker Sending Footage to China?

October 2016

UK Daily Mail: Inside China's Big Brother HQ: Its cameras monitor millions of Britons. Now undercover MoS reporters infiltrate the nerve centre of a CCTV giant that spies on its own people to root out dissidents

September 2016

The Times UK: Communist State Funded CCTV company Has Eyes Across The Globe

The Times UK: Fears Over Rise Of Chinese CCTV

IPVM Coverage

IPVM has provided the most in-depth coverage of Hikvision and has been cited by most of the global publications listed above.

Below is a selection of some of IPVM's most newsworthy Hikvision coverage:

Hikvision And The Chinese Government

Hikvision CEO Admits Hikvision China State-Owned Company

Hikvision: Chinese Government "Exert Significant Influence Over Our Business"

Hikvision Chinese Government Origin And Control

Hikvision Chinese Government Owner CETHIK

Hikvision Backdoor Exploit

Hacked Hikvision IP Camera Map USA And Europe

Hikvision's Minority Analytics

Hikvision Chairman Joins China National Government (NPC)

Hikvision Chairman Affirms China Communist Party Leadership, Celebrates Marx's Birthday

Hikvision Parent Conducts Communist Party Training, Urges Strengthened Party Leadership

Hikvision Conducts Military Training For New Employees

Dahua, Hikvision, Huawei US Ban Rules Released

US Government Ban of Dahua, Hikvision, Huawei Takes Effect Now

[Note: this directory is periodically updated and was first published in Summer 2019.]

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