IPVM Opens 12,000 Sqft Testing Facility

By: Donald Maye, Published on Dec 16, 2019

IPVM is proud to announce the opening of the world's first video surveillance testing facility that will allow us to significantly expand our industry-leading research and teaching.

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, this 12,000sqft facility has 3 testing bays which allows us to conduct a wide range of controlled testing, such as the one shown below:

IPVM is increasing its video analytics testing and this facility gives us a variety of ways to test analytics:

In particular, we will be doing more facial recognition testing, such as the example below testing in low-light:

The new facility is also equipped with a fabrication workshop for developing custom set-ups for testing install and real-world usage.

We built a production studio inside the facility that lets us deliver high-quality videos, as the image below shows:

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

In particular, we now teach courses from this studio to deliver higher quality, live demonstrations, as shown below:

Events / Visit Us?

While we are not planning to host any events in the facility, for now, we are happy to have visitors come by and meet us, simply email us at info@ipvm.com or your IPVM preferred contact and let us know.

IPVM is proud to have this one of a kind surveillance industry facility, enabling IPVM to increase its world-leading research and testing.

Let us know what you think!

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Looks really good John. Keep on pushing the envelope.

I don't see an American flag flying outside.

(Add that to the list).

BRAVO IPVM- Great work you all are doing there!

If this is the world's first video surveillance testing facility, where were you doing your tests already? 🤔

But congrats, and I'm excited to see what you'll do with it. Wish I worked a little closer to Pennsylvania so I could drop by.

where were you doing your tests already?

Thanks! This is our first dedicated space. We had sublet space most recently, before that, in the early days, we rented a large storage unit.

I am in Bethlehem regularly. I would love to stop by at some point. Also what ever happened to the IPVM event you where planing?

Mike, you are welcome to stop by, just email Ethan to coordinate.

The event will happen this year (finally, probably), now that Don is here, he will lead that, the main challenge has been organizing it, prior to Don.

I am debating stopping by for a visit. Can you post more details on what kind of coffee and snack bar you have?

No way! You’ll tell us how much better your personal fabrication workshop is than ours ;)

Well, I didn't see a plasma cutter or CNC machine in your pics, but maybe they're in the other room :)

Nice job.

When is the free air & accommodations wine tastings, golf outing, etc? Excuse me, I mean Consultant and Dealer Training?

I think the consultants want something warmer... maybe Hawaii ;)

Coming Soon:

IPVM TV - 24/7 News and Reviews

LOL, maybe later in the 2020s. However, we are definitely increasing the amount of high production quality video that we are filming and releasing, as we think that can help people learn and understand important industry issues.

Would be cool to see the space in person, but the likelihood of me ever being in the neighborhood is unlikely, hah.

Congrats on the space!

Excellent investment!

Are you planning on hiring a 3rd party to audit your testing procedures?

What 3rd party would you like us to hire?

What 3rd party would you like us to hire?

Why, Undisclosed Manufacturer #4 of course!

Yes, we started the move at the end of last year and spent this year fitting it out as well as adding another 4,000sqft.

I hope you will soon have a full video wall setup to simulate a GSOC mission control operations.

Video wall is a good suggestion. We were also thinking of a cashier setup and other common surveillance applications to add for testing. Keep the ideas coming.

That’s a great idea! Genius in fact. Bravo!

Long and short distance wireless gear testing with high MP cams. Challenging install scenarios, lpr, gate control via lpr and other ways, etc.

Interesting idea but what would you test on a GSOC video wall? It's not a cheap endeavor to replicate multiple times unless manufacturers were offering free components.

One possibility would be to have a central canvas able to demonstrate the very camera testing and consulting IPVM performs. You could pipe in all of your VMS software clients, appliances, RTSP streams and analytic, PSIM, access control, remote desktop you name it onto a very larger multi-user display rather than having technicians segmented in cubicles and offices and tripod monitors.

The investment is worth for a testing facility and cost is not a day one issue. The wall will change as each engineer has their own satellite dish time on it to do their work.

Perhaps one large wall is not enough, maybe there sizable canvases are needed. It's more than just testing Barco, Christie Digital or RGB Spectrum, it is about have some impressive tools to be creative with.


Congrats guys, keep up the good work!

no pics of the breakroom to see what kinda snacks and drinks you guys have?

plus you could use the missing object detection analytic to see what snacks are popular and when

just an idea

What's with all the snacks references?

Congrats John! Looks like a great place to also house a micro-brewery.

Will there be any booth babes for larger groups visiting?

Derek is the defacto IPVM booth babe in Bethlehem.

I thought Ari and Marty were first on the list....

declined: I will not be any part of the objectification of 50+ yr old white men.

You are amazing IPVM

Respect for running Ubuntu desktop on the camera calculator. I usually have 3x as many "how-to" tabs open ;-)

(1st video, ~37 second mark).

3x seems a little low...

I usually have maybe 5 tabs for Mozilla Web Docs, at least 10 for Stack Overflow, 2 for the FlexBox guide on CSS Tricks (because I forget that I left it open), 3 or 4 for test runs I forgot to close, 5 or 6 google searches, not to mention 5 or 10 tabs for library-specific docs (ie, Electron, jQuery, Angular, etc), and finally a scattering of random blog posts and Github pages.

That video clip was staged.

This is Duc from IPVM dev team and that was my Dell XPS 15 (2013) ;) The scene with me and Seth pointing at the screen is indeed staged to simplify visualizing development work, but that's my real dev machine :)

Have you grown attached to the old laptop, or is John just too cheap to get you some updated HW?

Lol, that was my reaction last night when I saw that he was using a 2013 laptop:

Morten, you ok with Macs?


I usually clean up my tabs and restart the browser. It offends me to see FireFox using 10+ Gb of RAM. Yes, yes.. I still have plenty physical RAM available, but it bothers me nonetheless.

I'm with Jonathan Blow on fighting the bloat.

But it's a fight we've already lost.

Congrats IPVM. Your honest evaluation and reporting have proven vital to avoiding the dodgy kit floating around in the vast surveillance gyre.

Ahh... more room to record the impending IPVM daily podcast.

Ahh... more room to record the impending IPVM daily podcast.

I thought I was the only one who missed the podcast. It was great for windshield time.

How is this possible without doubling our yearly IPVM fee?

Easy... John is subletting to Hikvision for their US camera production facility.

Sigh #10 is joking, just so that no one gets confused!

In general, we strive to minimize increasing membership payments through adding more members, offering more courses, etc. We have not increased our membership prices in almost a decade so at some point we will but TBD.

Just let me know how many up votes I need to get on my comments...

Lol, I just gave you a funny, you are on your way.

Related / context for all: How IPVM Comment Voting Works And How IPVM Pays Members

Read the fine print...

Sponsored by Hikvision

Sponsored by Hikvision

Someone out there is going to think you are serious, despite all logic to the contrary. So, just to be clear, IPVM is sponsored by no one.

But you're putting a gift shop in the lobby, right? I want to buy a Yeti tumbler with the IPVM logo.

There was always that timeframe where we speculated how long it would take for Hikvision to just buy out IPVM to silence the voice.

Lol, remember the time frame when people were like - IPVM is doing Hikvision a favor. All press is good press. Keep writing articles calling out their government ownership - Those were the days.


I'm surprised you don't have the facility in Hawaii.

I know right? Perhaps on the slopes of Kalaepohaku?

For tax purposes it's Pennsylvania, but for company morale we keep telling the employees that they're in Hawaii.

Besides, you can't test video analytics properly if you don't have snow.

Space is tight in Hawaii. I can't imagine the cost of 12k square feet of flat ground. I've only been to Kauai so it may be different on the other islands.

Tight space is one reason. The bigger reason is our team, which grew in this area.

Congrats John and IPVM! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Shall we expect world class testing gear in your new world class shop?

What testing gear would you like us to have?

Perhaps a lab for testing video analytics related to indoor cannabis grow markets?

what kind of analytics are used in indoor cannabis grow joints?

Very impressive! I can't wait to see the test results.

Congrats to you and your team.

Great to see John, Congrats

Wow - Amazing. Congrats on the opening and keep up the great work!!

Congratulations John, you and your team have really built a great business with a noble purpose.

This is awesome! I think you need to add to your growing to do list a better website especially page layout for device reviews.

Can I order custom installation mount for outdoor camera from your workshop? :)

Thats a huge bitch!


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