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Verkada's Sex Offender Screening Examined

Verkada is offering sex offender screening in its visitor management system. The screening does not use facial recognition, but privacy and...

By Isabella Cheng - about 2 months ago | 9 Comments (Info+)

Milestone 2021 Financials Examined

Milestone hired a new CEO in 2020 and now has a mostly new executive team. In this note, based on an interview with Milestone, we examine the...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - about 2 months ago | 10 Comments (Info+)

IP Networking Course October 2022, Register Now

Learn to set up an IP video surveillance system: configuring a managed switch, connecting IP cameras, VLANs, QoS, bandwidth management, and network...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago | 9 Comments

Amazon Ring Violates ONVIF

Amazon's Ring is violating ONVIF's terms, with an ongoing marketing campaign using ONVIF, despite neither being ONVIF conformant nor being an ONVIF...

By John Honovich - about 2 months ago | 18 Comments (Info+)

Favorite Access Locks 2022

Mega providers such as Allegion, Assa Abloy, and Dorma Kaba are widely used but who are integrator's favorites? We asked integrators: "What is...

By Louis Cid and Brian Rhodes - 2 months ago | 2 Comments (Info+)

Axis Financials And Future Examined

Axis has long been one of the largest video surveillance manufacturers and now is in year 7 of being owned by Canon. How is Axis doing financially...

By John Honovich - 2 months ago | 3 Comments (Info+)

Motorola Acquires Calipsa

Motorola has acquired Calipsa, a UK-based video analytics startup, its 8th video surveillance acquisition since 2019 and second so far this year...

By Sean Patton - 2 months ago | 19 Comments (Info+)

Displaying reports 101 - 125 of 6,697 in total