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Access Control 101 Book

With access control usage expanded, driven by cloud and mobile, understanding the fundamentals are more important than ever. Now, all IPVM...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

How Surveillance Balloons Work

Surveillance balloons have become much discussed since the recent PRC balloon controversy. But how do surveillance balloons actually work? In...

By Nikita Ermolaev - about 1 month ago | 18 Comments (Info+)

Hikvision UK Lobbying Against Ban Examined

Hikvision is lobbying the UK Parliament to reword the potential procurement ban, claiming it is 'biased' and suggesting its own version. The...

By Conor Healy and Charles Rollet - about 2 months ago (Info+)

LPR/ANPR Improvements Wanted

License plate/automatic number plate recognition is increasingly used in security as more options and analytics advance, but what is still missing...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago | 6 Comments (Info+)

Partizan Company Profile And CEO Interview

With concerns over Dahua and Hikvision rising in Europe, Partizan, a Czechia company, has gained ground and attention. However, questions remain...

By Nikita Ermolaev - about 2 months ago | 2 Comments (Info+)

Favorite and Worst LPR/ANPR Providers

License plate/automatic number plate recognition usage is growing, spurred by AI advances and more product offerings, but who are integrator's...

By Angelique Chen - about 2 months ago | 50 Comments (Info+)

Displaying reports 76 - 100 of 7,156 in total