Directory of Companies Dropping ISC West 2020

By John Honovich, Published Mar 06, 2020, 01:16pm EST

UPDATE March 2020:

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UPDATE April 2020: ISC West 2020 Cancelled Again, Rescheduled For October 2020

As companies continue to drop out of ISC West, this is a central directory to see who is dropping out.

Note: The directory is not complete as not all companies are publicly announcing this and some are planning to simply no show or send only a skeleton staff, as Reed, the organizer, is offering no refunds. If you know of a company that is missing, comment below or email us at

The list below is ordered based on booth size:

  • 100+ China companies, including ~39 from the main show floor, covered here
  • JCI Security Products - 45' x 100' Booth - read our coverage of JCI dropping, note replaced by a booth nearly 90% smaller for JCI integrator
  • Exacq, Software House, Kantech, DSC, etc. drop as part of JCI
  • Milestone - 50' x 60' Booth - read our coverage
  • Stanley Security - 40' x 50' Booth
  • Avigilon - 30' x 50' Booth - Avigilon was the first non-China company to publicly pull out
  • Convergint - 30' x 40' Booth
  • Seagate - 30' x 40' Booth
  • LTS - 30' x 40' Booth
  • Geovision - 20' x 50' Booth
  • Moog - 20' x 50' Booth
  • ipConfigure - 30' x 30' Booth - announced / discussed here
  • ENS - 30' x 30' Booth
  • 3xLogic / Stanley Products - 30' x 30' Booth
  • Keri Systems 20' x 30' Booth
  • Knightscope 20' x 30' Booth
  • Dell 20' x 20' Booth
  • Vicon 20' x 20' Booth
  • ComNet 20' x 20' Booth
  • Cobalt Robotics 20' x 20' Booth
  • DSX 20' x 20' Booth
  • Arteco 20' x 20' Booth
  • Akuvox 10' x 20' Booth
  • CIAS Security 10' X 20' Booth
  • Nightingale Security 10' x 20' Booth
  • Videoloft 10' x 20' Booth
  • Airship Industries - discussed here
  • Watchnet - 10' x 10' Booth
  • IPVM - 5' x 10' Booth but we will still provide the show bags which very few will likely (literally) touch
  • Ambarella - Meeting Room
  • Intel - Meeting Room
  • Oncam - withdrawing from the 7 previously planned partner booths (Aimetis, Genetec, March, Milestone, Mirasys, OpenEye, and Salient)
  • Platesmart - 'not sending staff to ISC West but will have its technology in its three previously planned partner booths (Axis, Digital Watchdog, and Milestone)'

There are many others, e.g., a manufacturer commented:

I'm posting this undisclosed because I don't think this is public knowledge yet, but the CEO of my employer just sent a message stating that our company's participation in ISC West is cancelled unless the person is a speaker or judge.

The ISC West official floorplan is being updated periodically, though it is often behind the rapidly changing events.

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

Officially Cancelling Has Little Benefit

One of the challenges is that companies officially canceling with the show bring little practical benefit as Reed is providing zero refunds. ISC West though did mention:

We will be organizing and updating our floorplan, updating our mobile app and website pre-show to provide our attending customers and media with the most up-to-date information of who will be exhibiting, and for the tailored recommendations we provide to attendees. In addition, we can alert vendors of your decision. We would advise anyone that is cancelling to check with their vendors to see if there are cancellation fees and to cancel their orders.

As well as:

We will also keep a list and alert vendors in case freight gets delivered into a booth that has been cancelled.

JCI Products Now Out

JCI confirmed to IPVM, saying:

Security Products is withdrawing from ISC West due to the increased impact and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

We might have few employee attending the show for various commitments but we will not have a booth.

Last week, JCI's participation was called into question as the company enacted an 'air travel suspension.' At first, JCI planned to "participate with limited staff", with the company adding to IPVM, "Obviously things may change due to external conditions."

Cutting Exhibitor Staff Common

Almost all exhibitors that we have heard from say they are cutting their staff going to the show. The primary reason given is that a significant portion of their customers have told them they are not attending, so fewer people are needed for the booth. The secondary reason is that some employees are not comfortable going due to coronavirus risk and many manufacturers do not want to force them to go (see the controversy over the Hanwha waiver).

Israeli Quarantine For Returning From ISC West

Israeli companies and their employees are now unlikely to come as they face a 2-week quarantine returning from the show, as the Jerusalem Post reports:

[Israel] Citizens returning from international conferences will be required to enter quarantine as well.

One exhibitor told us since Reed will not provide a refund, they plan to send a skeleton staff only, adding that this "feels like we have no choice but to risk employee's health to avoid loss of finance and business."

Axis Still In But Monitoring

Axis commented to IPVM:

Axis plans to attend ISC West, and, like other companies, we are closely monitoring developments and intend to communicate any changes to our customers and partners.

Many Waiting For Next Week To Make Final Decision

Many exhibitors are waiting for next week to make a final decision, hoping that new information (either positive, e.g., a decline in new coronavirus cases or negative, spike, etc.) helps them make a final determination.

For example, this exhibitor's explanation reflects both of those trends:

In my opinion the show should be canceled/postponed if the people responsible would have a conscience at all ...

While we have not yet taken a final decision for our company about participating/cancelling we have decided to significantly reduce the number of our booth staff to

- right size it for the expected reduced quantity and quality of visitors

- ensure that only real volunteers reapply to attend without feeling any management or peer pressure

Many Conferences Cancelling

This is part of a general trend, as the WSJ recently reported:

Organizers in Asia, Europe and North America have canceled or postponed at least 440 trade shows and exhibitions in response to the coronavirus this year, including scores during the past week, according to German expo trade magazine m+a.

Some conferences that decided to proceed were also finding that unpopular, as exhibitors demanded refunds amid declining attendance and safety concerns, and at least one major event reversed course and canceled.

They also cited another West Coast trade show this month that aimed to go forward but relented and canceled / postponed:

Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural and organic foods and products trade show, initially chose to go forward in Anaheim, Calif., this week, even as it estimated that as many as 60% of the expected 87,000 attendees wouldn’t come.

But late Monday, organizer New Hope Network called it off, planning to reschedule it sometime before summer.

Updates Coming

The situation continues to evolve and we will continue to update the directory. Again, any additions or corrections, email us at

5 reports cite this report:

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The two Stanley booths have been removed from the show floor:

[Light blue means vacant, dark blue means booked.]

They are back on sale starting at $73k for the smaller and $157k for the bigger one.

This close to the show and with coronavirus / attendance concerns, it is highly unlikely to sell it but they might slide an existing exhibitor into it.

Once again, It should be cancelled just because for exhibitors it's a waste of time.

because for exhibitors it's a waste of time

#1, why? Perceived lack of attendees or? Serious question, just curious to your analysis on it. In other words, if attendees dropped 50% (i don't know what will happen but choosing a big round number), would you still show? That would still be ~10,000 instead of normal 20,000. Recall: the 30,000 number includes the exhibitors which historically are ~10,000 themselves.

We pay premium for ISC west, it's one of the most expensive trade shows per square foot.

If there are no attendees it's a waste of time, I don't like Vegas so it's not a vacation.

At this point there is so much unknown that if there's 50% drop that's a best case scenario.

We pay premium for ISC west

But your money is already paid and they are determined not to give a refund right? So the marginal cost is your time and travel expenses that otherwise cannot be refunded, no?

It depends on what happens next week but a 50% drop would be 15,000 people (including exhibitors). It's hard to tell but my gut would be that it would be higher than that.

For us, the reason is the health risk. We are not going to take that risk but that aside, even for 15,000 people, given we already paid, I would find value in showing up.

The question becomes next year. The 2021 floor plan is out and they have already raised prices :) That's going to be one hell of a conversation!

Some one told me once that if you want to sell something (like cars), the first thing you need to do is to tell everyone that you, in fact, are in the business of selling cars!

I go to ISC West (and other shows), wander in booths, make conversations, and tell people we do access control system development. Nearly all our revenue is from companies in which the relationship began by me walking into a booth. Shows are "top of the funnel" marketing an you can't treat it like a transactional sales cost.

"80% of life is just showing up." - Somebody

So, ISC offers no refund to the manufacturers, but they attempt to resell the booth space? Wow.....

but they attempt to resell the booth space? Wow.....

Thanks for your first comment! If someone buys that, I will be surprised (late/challenging situation). But maybe at a big discount and ISC West gets paid twice? I'll ask ISC West if they can clarify.

Someone should buy it and set up a candle stand or beef jerky stand like at every gun show/flea market! Easy to set up, low cost for product and displays aren't really needed! Maybe a chair massage station?

Someone should buy it and set up a candle stand or beef jerky stand like at every gun show/flea market!

You joke but in the back of the show floor, they have done that. For example, last year, there was a massage / perfume or something booth across from us. From speaking with them, it appears they get remnant space at shows for low prices, show up and sell.

But for these big booths, that would a lot of beef jerky!

Candles and beef jerky is not the worst idea, i.e.:


I'm not that grey... yet.

It is very interesting that REED could sell very large booths to relatively small companies in a few hours!

It is very interesting that REED could sell large vacant booths to relatively small companies (no offence, based on my limited knowledge) in a few hours!

Looks like some are taking advantage of the open space

Commitment To Excellence

So.... given that thus far REED/SIA is not issuing any refunds, yet they are selling the booths for whatever they can get is it not clear what is the most important for them?? Whether they sell or not- the perception of money may be far more important to the larger issue, peoples safety. The risk to the industry should be considered. When companies create pandemic planing, some of their plans include services that our industry offers- what happens when a large portion of our services are not available because we thought that a free drink at the show was more important?

Will ISC WEST or REED be responsible/liable for the compensation if any participant got CoVID-19 in the show? What is the specific screen mechanism to make sure all the participants didn't travel or physically contact closely with people who traveled to those countries/regions of COVID-19 outbreak?

#3, thanks for your first comment! Good questions, we passed them to Reed for comment.

When we asked previously about screening mechanisms, there was none (beyond the current standard US government denying entry from Iran or China, etc.). Also, Reed did confirm that visitors from CDC Level 3 warning countries such as South Korea or Italy would be allowed to attend. Perhaps these elements have changed and if / when we get an update from Reed, I will post.

I did recently find procedures from a Silicon Valley tech conference happening next week which I found impressive - Additional Health & Safety Rules for 2020 SaaStr Annual | SaaStr

They are doing "Mandatory Thermal Screening for Fevers", explicitly barring handshakes and forcing people to wash hands before entering.

They should really update and include: DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!

Reed did confirm that visitors from CDC Level 3 warning countries such as South Korea or Italy would be allowed to attend.

This is really Surprising. Didn't Reed know that it will increase the risk of spread?(from the other perspective, this also increased the potential risk to people from those countries/regions without CDC level 3 it responsible?)

Also, Obviously Reed is far behind the updated knowledge about COVID-19. Even the China-designated WHO admitted that the death rate of COVID-19 is around 3.4% (based on most recent statics which might be changed as the spread is still continuing), which is much higher than the death rate of flu (< 1%). Even people got treated and recovered, there is still 50% to get infected again, and not mention to the serious life-long damage to the infected lungs. Though currently there is no federal restrictions are in place to prevent conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibitions and travel within the United States, isn't it everyone's responsibility to minimize the spread at his/her own best? It's definitely not from the perspective of public health and human well being that Reed lets exhibitors/visitors decide on their own whether to go or not. Reed should come out some solution together with exhibitors to mitigate the $$ invested in the show instead of just trying to reduce the loss of Reed.

Even people got treated and recovered, there is still 50% to get infected again,

I read a lot about this, almost obsessively, and I have not seen this re-infection again statement anywhere beside these forums a couple times. Can you link an article? Not saying this is fake, just looking for backup.

Do you have a link to where it’s proven not to be possible to reinfect? A single doctor saying it’s impossible will suffice.

According to Trump, you can go to work and get better...

"As CDC Says 'Do Not Go to Work,' Trump Says Thousands With Coronavirus Could Go to Work and Get Better"

As CDC Says 'Do Not Go to Work,' Trump Says Thousands With Coronavirus Could Go to Work and Get Better | Common Dreams News

Eye Roll

Hey I trust Mike Pence as the medical expert he is to set great policies and keep the nation safe.

Eye roll x2

"The 2009 flu pandemic in the United States was a novel strain of the Influenza A/H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as "swine flu", that began in the Spring of 2009. The virus had spread to the US from an outbreak in Mexico.

Toward the end of June 2009, the number of deaths related to the virus in the US surpassed those of all other countries as well.

On October 24, 2009, President Barack Obama declared Swine Flu a national emergency in the United States. On November 12, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 22 million Americans had been infected with 2009 A H1N1 and 4,000 Americans have died."

So it took 6 entire months and 4,000 deaths before the previous Administration even got around to declaring H1N1 a "national emergency" in 2009. Have any cute posts or criticisms of Obama and Biden that you want to make about that? Probably not I'm sure.

Please keep your political bias to yourselves.

Eye Roll x3

Based on this thread, looks like the security industry will be part of the first 4000.

Thanks Reed.

Oh how cute. You think just because I don’t care for Pence that I automatically support Obama and Biden. Nope. While Trump claims to be anti-establishment (he’s not), Obama and Biden never attempted to hide their corporate loyalties. They were/are the same as the Clinton’s and Bush’s.

Perhaps you haven't noticed, but Pence is merely a government figurehead appointed by the President as essentially a spokesman out in front of a team of medical experts that have been assembled to actually handle and study the issue.

But hey, I'm sure you're a non-partisan.

Eye Roll #4

My issues with Pence aren’t political. He’s the type to lead with religion over science. He’s done so in the past in Indiana. He will pray for you before allowing you proper medical care. So putting him in charge with his track record is a major issue for me. I don’t judge people by the letter next to their name. D or R is the same to me, for the most part. Both sell out to corporate interests. Maybe it’s your political views clouding your judgement. Maybe your conservative bias won’t allow you to have a critical thought when it comes to this administration.

Look...I've seen several of the press conferences regarding the Coronavirus because our company is wanting to make a rational and prudent decision regarding ISC West. I have not heard Pence say anything about "praying" about the virus versus the "science" that is being discussed regularly during these events regarding fatality rates, how contagious the virus is, who it affects, etc. It's all been about science. In fact, he defers many of the questions to the very qualified doctors and scientists on the task force. Check them out as they do them at 5:30 Eastern every day and you'll see what I mean.

So it sounds like you may have some sort of anti-religious bias against Pence instead of a political one. I mean sure, if he got up there and said "we are all praying for a vaccine and will let you know when God delivers one to us," then I could see your point. But he hasn't and so we will agree to disagree I guess.

Viruses evolve! But here's Mike Pence giving a speech in Congress denying the validity of the "theory" of Evolution.

I believe that God created the known universe, the earth and everything in it, including man,Pence told his colleagues. “And I also believe that someday scientists will come to see that only the theory of intelligent design provides even a remotely rational explanation for the known universe.

The only problem I personally have with devoutly religious people is when their "beliefs" run counter to the known facts of the Universe. Viruses evolve. I'd like the guy in charge of spearheading our defense against the latest deadly one actually understand that as Truth. And accordingly, be fluent in what that actually means as proven scientific fact.

Glad to hear that his press conferences are seemingly adhering to science so far though. Maybe I'll actually listen to one instead of constantly going to the source info behind them.

Do you have a link to where it’s proven not to be possible to reinfect?

Jon, it's certainly proven that one can be re-infected. one reason is that a small number of people have compromised immune systems that don't let them buildup a lasting immunity.

there's a recent case of someone actually dying after being reinfected. there have been several reports of people testing positive twice, as well.

however, even though it can happen, that's not nearly as important as how often does it happen. 50% is a statistic that i have not seen anywhere. nothing close to it.

rather, all reports from any noted authorities that i have seen indicate that there will be at least some temporary (several months), likely longer of immunity for otherwise healthy people who recover.

related: Pros And Cons Of Intentionally Contracting Novel Coronavirus...

ISC West have just announced a NO HANDSHAKE SHOW policy too complete with NO HANDSHAKE stickers.

I like the Malaysian's way of greeting.

And look what happened to the Mayans!

I am not sure I see the connection between the Malaysians and the Mayans can you shed some light on the links?

Oh, I misread that as "Mayans". D'oh!

Update: Seagate has dropped out of ISC West. Noticed it now missing on the floorplan:

It was a 30' x 40'. It is back on sale starting at $96k:

Update: The Seagate booth has been resold / reassigned to AmberBox Gunshot detection. They previously had a 20' x 20' in the back:

Now, they are in the former Seagate booth up front, 3x as large:

Our company just cancelled, I would expect that it will be public knowledge soon. Given that surrounding states and major airports around Nevada have state of emergencies in place, it would be in our best interest to take heed. I also understand why a large destination is not trying to warn people of the danger given that it is a tourist hot spot for travel and will have a large negative impact to businesses. People comparing COVID-19 to the flu shouldn't (SIA Director Dismisses Coronavirus, Don't Cancel ISC West). WHO has had decades to compare how individuals are impacted where as the COVID-19 is new with no known vaccinations or how many people it will impact. (How does the new coronavirus compare with the flu? | Live Science) Additionally, if history repeats itself with other wild cards items (like SARS- Microsoft Word - WHO Draft Consensus Document ver11b2_15.doc) and other historical outbreaks, there are times where it shows that that there there are periods that the the outbreak seems to lessen, and then outbreaks happen again. What will the COVID-19 look like? Has someone that has come in contract and is a carrier for it, in the state of dormancy while traveling? I am by no means have a medical degree, but I also try to stay informed via multiple sources- the same as we do for security for our clients. ISC has a lot to offer, but its also 2020 and vendors may need to get creative on how they deliver new technology to VAR's, maybe a collaboration of virtual showings on product offerings? I agree on going and also not going,its great to see vendors and customers in one location and catch up and talk about new technologies and business. Ultimately I opt to be safe with my family- as they are the utmost important and many times over I have had to make decisions that I have opted out of traveling to other destinations in order to stay safe and healthy.

Our company just cancelled, I would expect that it will be public knowledge soon.

Thanks. I was told by manufacturers yesterday about your company but I don't see the announcement yet either. When it's live, I will add your company in.

Ok, it is live - Notice from Convergint Technologies Regarding Coronavirus - Convergint, quote:

we have currently suspendedall non-essential air travel for our colleagues, areindefinitely postponing the 2020 Convergint InterNational Conference in San Diego, and will not be participating in ISC West 2020 in Las Vegas.

Convergint's 30' x 40' booth (is) was next to ipConfigure's who has also announced not attending:

The Convergint booth is now back on sale starting at $93k:

Related, Convergint's LinkedIn message pulls no punches about why they did this:

So SIA and Reed are putting individuals in a situation that jeopardizes their safety and health? Certainly, but interesting for Convergint to call this risk out so directly.

Outside of the industry.... Attached is another letter that we received outlining the change in delivery, streaming from your computer- including a full refund!

One of the world's largest industrial equipment conferences, Hannover Messe, just postponed to July (very close to the usual EU vacation time, so will definitely see a drop-off of attendance)...

HANNOVER MESSE 2020 - New Date

Dropping like flies now!

To be frank, ISC (Reed) have only got themselves to blame. They clearly have not taken a “global” view on this - which they should have done a couple of weeks ago when other exhibitions globally started cancelling events.

instead they have clearly take a decision based on, what appears to be profit.

What about IFSEC? What are they doing? They should be reacting now and learning lessons from Reed’s lack of decision making.

If IFSEC do not react ASAP with a clear cut decision they run the risk of losing customers forever..

ISC (Reed) have only got themselves to blame. They clearly have not taken a “global” view on this

It is the International Security Conference... I agree with you that the International element adds to the risk and complexity.

If IFSEC do not react ASAP with a clear cut decision they run the risk of losing customers forever..

What if their clear cut decision is to run the show? :) Because that is what I would expect from them. No indication yet that they are seriously going to cancel it.

Their rival (albeit much more local) "The Security Event" has declared "The Show will go on.":

If IFSEC made a decision now to cancel they are more likely to win the trust of their remaining few big exhibitors. If they don’t, by next week, manufacturers start to pout money in to the build up in terms of advertising, Pre-sales, marketing etc.

As for The Security Show - yes it’s local however it does not warrant mentioning in the same sentence as IFSEC and ISC in my opinion.

The Security Show possibly cannot afford your cancel regardless of Coronavirus, but IFSEC is run by the largest media events company in the world, no?

IFSEC is run by the largest media events company in the world, no?

I think the prudent move, from both a health and business perspective, is to cancel these immediate events and come back strong in 2021. But IFSEC is a fairly strong-willed organization from what I have seen and heard, so I would not bet against them staying the course and angering the manufacturers more.

You are correct - 100%

I would suggest that as the largest media and events company Informa Plc has more to lose in terms of reputational damage than a smaller exhibition company like Nineteen Events.

As a reminder and heads up to readers on here, IFSEC is co-located with The HEALTH and Safety Expo. Yes, you did just read that correctly.

And the key is in the name IFSEC International and that international element makes the risk more complex as already pointed out by John. Since the show moved to London it has picked up more international visitors yet flights in and out of London are being cancelled already as many companies have put in place international travel bans and carrier schedules are already being cut Coronavirus: BA and Ryanair cancel flights as bookings drop - BBC News As it stands there are nearly 90 cases in the UK with a population of 60 million yet the impact is already being felt.

By next week the UK could be in a 'delay' phase rather than the current 'contain' stage, and delay would include measures such as shutting schools, universities, all public events etc. as per we've seen in Italy.

Yet a series of London exhibitions to showcase security and health & safety products, services, and tech will still go on? At the same time, we are seeing global sporting events, other trade shows, and even the newJames Bond postponed. Informa must know something that Q and 007 don't?!?!

But you'd think Informa would be considering the impact and duty of care to its own staff and business continuity around not just IFSEC but all its events. Some of the IFSEC team are based in a London office close to some of the first identified cases of the virus. Their staff and suppliers are surely travelling around London like most commuters - on The Tube and on busses.

If they took decisive action to postpone now they would indeed avoid more impact on some of the same manufacturers likely to be impacted by ISC either due to a drop in attendance or a need pull out. Postponing now offers the opportunity to avoid booth build costs that mostly get paid upfront, nonrefundable travel and hotels as well as all the pre-sales, marketing, advertising, and PR work that gets ploughed into the two or so months ahead of attending a significant show.

At this stage, manufacturers and tech vendors would still have a chance to change their sales and marketing spends and focus and shift budget around. Any more weeks dithering or pretending we should all "Keep Calm and Carry On" - that opportunity will be lost.

And since IFSEC visitors have been in decline (despite claims), major players have already made decisions not to attend this year and so Informa will be at serious risk of many others not rebooking in 2021 or ever again.

IFSEC has also focussed away from SIs and on end-users - the very same corporate end-users and critical infrastructure companies currently mitigating the risk of Covid-19. Banning their staff attendance at any type of event or gathering will be a complete no-brainer compared to other complex response and preparedness plans that may well now be tested for the first time.

And I'm sure many readers have witnessed in both the security industry and others that once companies don't attend a major exhibition and very often realise it makes little difference to their sales number - they stop doing exhibitions full stop or move to a one or two year on/off model and deploy more efficient digital and social marketing strategies often in tandem with their own focussed and targetted virtual or local face-to-face events that have a less of a drain on human resources and the environment.

But Informa is the biggest media and events company in the world they must know all this right?

Good post. Well articulated.

i disagree, 2 weeks ago the situation in the United States was fine and under control. ISC West is a local show for the USA market. it attracts a lot of foreign exhibitors since the market is huge, but they are all targeting selling to the USA.
as of 2 weeks ago, (besides the Chinese exhibitors flying in) i dont think there were any signs that pose a greater risk to attendees in Vegas because of corona

Our company decides to cancel the trip too! 5-star rating for our management team!

Remiel, thanks for the update. ENS had a 30' x 30' booth:

Update: Moog is out:

It is now for sale starting at $81k:

Update: Moog's 20' x 50' booth has been resold / reassigned to Alertus Technologies, a mass notification company.

Alertus had previously been in a 10' x 20' booth, which is now for sale:

Now, they are listed in the former Moog booth:

That is a $60,000 increase in list price to expand their booth 5x, though I doubt Reed actually got $60,000 for this.

I reached out to Reed to ask if there is any credit / refund / etc for booths that Reed has resold.

Update: LTS informed us that they are dropping out. They had a 30' x 40' right below the abandoned Stanley products booth:

Update: Cobalt Robotics has dropped its 20' x 20' booth:

And Nightingale Security has dropped its 10' x 20' booth:

Wow, Things are surely escalating quickly everywhere.

Couple of partners from Brazil also decided to cancel the trip to ISC West.

On another unrelated to Security Show, but a big show, Yesterday it was announced that Arnold's Sports Festival in Ohio will be closed for everyone but competitors.

from the latest Reed statement:

If you have any concerns that you may get caught up in an inbound or outbound quarantine, or are feeling unwell, you may want to reconsider your attendance at the event.

if given a choice, i'd take the outbound quarantine. at least you get to see the show :)

Aruba Networks has cancelled their Atmosphere Event in Las Vegas for the end of the month...

I can't imagine that Ring will attend, given the fact that they're an Amazon company now.

can't imagine that Ring will attend

We left them off the list for now since we have not been able to verify them pulling. As you have alluded to, Amazon has implemented travel restrictions but we are not positive how that will impact Ring's booth.

A little late I guess given John's attentiveness but below is our official notification:

"With an abundance of caution and careful consideration, Seagate has decided to withdraw our participation in this year’s ISC West event due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. We are disappointed to miss this year’s show, but look forward to supporting future ISC events. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners is our first priority and we feel this is the best step to mitigate risks to them and our business."

Ty, thanks for providing the statement.

This coming week is a make or break. I hope axis, Honeywell and other large exhibitors will drop to force reed to its knees.

Tyco and UTC soon...... ?

FWIW, Honeywell is still sending promotions about ISC West. I got an email this morning.

I wonder how abrupt the cancellations have been for the companies who have cancelled already? Did they at least halt their advertisements for a couple of days before announcing they wouldn't be there?

I hope axis, Honeywell and other large exhibitors will drop to force reed to its knees.

It might be difficult for companies like Axis that sublet portions of their booth to partner manufacturers/developers to wholly cancel. If Axis officially released their booth those partners could be abandoned or left to sponge up the costs.

This coming week is...the week before the show. Of course it's make or break. There's not really any time after this coming week.

If I had the power to strike down your "Informative" vote, I would.

GSX be like....

GSX is already printing up banners that say "Welcome to the BIGGEST show in the security industry". :)

In fairness to ISC West, ISC West attendance could drop literally nearly 50% and still be bigger than GSX (ISC West historically 30k+, ASIS GSX real attendance sub 20k).

Related, Manufacturers Unhappy With Weak ASIS GSX 2019 And 2020 Shift.

Also, in fairness to Reed, Reed reports actual attendance (people who physically show up) while ASIS continues to be deceptive about counting online 'registrants'.

also, are things guaranteed to be better by sep?

Who knows but it is a good question.

I will say this. For Reed / SIA, this is a crisis but they will 100% survive and ISC West will continue to be a major show (even if maybe at lower attendance).

But ASIS has been struggling for years, losing money, declining show attendance, etc. ASIS needs GSX to be successful this September. If ASIS somehow had to cancel the show or suffered a steep drop in exhibitors, it would be a big problem.

On the positive side, maybe things turn around and ASIS gets a bounce from manufacturers who had a poor or no show at ISC West. TBD.

Don Erickson, SIA CEO, and main financial beneficiary of ISC West, has just reiterated ISC West is 'not cancelled or postponed':

Aspiring marketing folks, remember to avoid the marketing 101 mistake that Reed, SIA and Erickson make.

Don't frame your positions as negatives of bad things. Saying "ISC West is not cancelled or postponed" is akin to, "Pete says he is not a paedophile". It will, of course, focus the listener on the negative. Instead, say something like:

With mass cancellations, angry partners and a looming pandemic, ISC West is excited to commence in just 12 days.

Phone conversation between Reed and SIA;

Reed: Guys, you know we are cancelling and postponing shows all over the Globe due to the corona virus. In light of the participants dropping like fly's, we should probably take the hit now and cancel the show . . .

Pause: SIA, are you still there?

SIA: (coughing sound) No way that's going to happen. We get 60% of our annual budget from this show and I'll be darned (coughing spasm) if I have to go look for a new job just because some ignorant people are afraid of the flu . . .

Reed: You know, if the CDC calls this a pandemic, we will have to cancel

SIA: (interrupting) That's fine, we have insurance for that (more coughing), but I can't pull the trigger until legal says it'a a go . . .

I could go on all day

They are in damage control now.

Reed Expo is irresponsible. Full stop.

ISC West instituting a "NO HANDSHAKE SHOW" policy is akin to introducing a "NO KISSING SHOW" policy. Did they really think anyone was going to be doing either right now?

Well - here in France, the typical greeting IS a kiss - and that is being changed here, so the NO KISSING SHOW is now policy.

Kissing goodbye to ‘la bise’? Coronavirus threatens traditional French greeting

Two days ago, I gave my team the choice not to attend ISCWest. We will make our formal decision tomorrow, but it is easier to not be there with the knowledge that many of our SI partners won't be attending.

Thanks for sharing. Another impressively defensive email.

To elaborate on the "NO HANDSHAKE SHOW" policy, I spoke with Reed about it. They are not actually banning or prohibiting handshakes. It's a bit convoluted as you have to opt-in by wearing a sticker. Wearing the sticker signals to others you do not want to shake hands.

Here is the handout they shared, excerpted:

It's a net positive to encourage this for sure.

By contrast, an even stronger policy has been put in place by SaaStr, a Silicon Valley conference running next week:

Strict no handshake + can't have been sick in the past 14 days + they take your temperature entering + can't be from a CDC Level 3 country + have to wash hands before entering sessions. If ISC West did something like this, it would significant boost confidence.

They should have added after "potty breaks" under the "Wash. Wash. Wash."

John, many other conferences are doing the same thing. This is not unique. For example, look up the HIMSS conference next week in Orlando which I believe averages slightly larger attendance than ISC West.

Update to my previous comment... HIMSS just cancelled. Wow. Trump was going to headline too.

Geoffrey, thanks, interesting their home page now declares that it is clearly necessary to cancel:

To now, HIMSS had been an example for show supporters about why there was no need to cancel. This + JCI is not good momentum for Reed.

That was a huge show.

Someone should start call all the "official" show hotels to see if there are any vacancies. I know from personal experience over the last decade+ you could not get into a hotel room that had shuttle service this close to the show.

I was able to cancel at the Venetian with full refund. I do not know if that is their standard policy. They said they were getting many cancellations for the show.

March Madness had a greater effect this year than previous years.

I wonder if the Ford Commercial Vehicles booth will still have anything in it in light of their travel ban until 3/27. Maybe the location is staffed with local employees?

The talent I saw at their booth last year, seemed local alright. Weren’t they spotted rehearsing their lines with no one present?

Does anyone know what the booths that say HELD on the show map are about? Are those booths that have been resold?

For example, the former Seagate booth is currently marked as 'HELD':

While I don't know what is going on in that specific case, in general, my understanding is that HELD is a temporary state when the show is working with a specific company about booking a specific location but the contract / move has not been finalized.

For example, for that booth, someone could have bought it who was not exhibiting at all or someone who was exhibiting in a poorer location at the far side or back could be moving into it.

So what we are seeing is not massive empty spaces come show time but rather a slow migration to the front. I bet the spaces becomes less costly each day. There will be a lot of empty space around the perimeter then.

Update: DSX and Arteco are out, both 20' x 20' booths:

I am sure we are missing some others as they keep popping up. From speaking with various execs, many more big companies are making decisions on Friday or next Monday.

Let's assume Reed cancels... if you cancel before they cancel does that make you ineligible for a refund?

Whether they would get a refund or not, one person's life is always more important than money. But still, those companies that cancel the event before ISC's announcement have my full respect.

Wow- I honestly thought Avigilon would be a one off. Guess I was wrong.

The thing that really scares me about this mass gathering are the odds (it is Vegas after all). There will be at least 1 person with the virus there, probably asymptomatic, that has the potential to infect, albeit inadvertently, say 1 other person.

If I was that lucky recipient and flew home Friday, drove to my Mom's assisted living center to visit on the way home and infected her, and in term all the other in her space, who is responsible for that?

That's not counting all the other "post" exposure: booth mates, customers, dinners (staff), hotel contamination, etc., that I would be interacting with during the course of the show and travels home.

It's just insane that this show is allowed to continue. Park it for 8 weeks or so and see if the CDC can get a grip on it.

My company has just issued a ban on non-essential travel to include any trading or conferences. So though not a vendor will not be traveling.

Hearing of other security companies out their issuing similar orders and no airline travel, if travel approved to reduce risk.

Sounds like a mighty responsible choice on the part of your employers.

I spent 3 hours on hold tonight with my airline to see if I could cancel and make use of travel insurance to get a refund. I was hoping to build a case to our execs. The answer is no, there is an epidemic clause... of course.

In the past I could use the travel insurance to cancel for any reason including “I just don’t want to go”.

Delta was amazing. The hold time was 4 hours so I used the call back system. I explained that due to an event being canceled due Corona, I wanted to change a flight to leave from another city. Usually changing city pairs wouldn't be covered in these rebooking campaigns. I explained the issue and delta took care of it no problem. Change in fare applies, but fares are down. They even issued me a credit since the fare was lower 2 weeks away from the flight.

I had to cancel a Delta Flight to East Coast scheduled for End of March. Had I done it online there would have been a $212 penalty, so I called in and had the 2 hour callback as well

Once I finally talked to the rep she said the "city wasn't on her Alert notification" and refused to waive the penalty. I asked and was transferred to a supervisor who did waive the penalty but it requires me to call Delta to book with the full amount of the ticket in travel funds.

By Comparison, I was on Southwest to ISC. I cancelled online with the full amount going into travel funds for my next flight. No problems and done in 30 seconds

I was just telling one of my colleagues earlier today that it will be interesting to hear the gate number from Dana White for this weekend's fight. Its a rather good card with Adesanya vs Yoel at the top of the ticket. This is at the Tmobile arena and probably a worse case environment then ISC.

The email that ISC sent out this evening (announcing their new "no handshake show" policy) was laughable. They should be issuing face masks to every vendor and attendee!

Well if their expecting 30K and the CDC says no more than 8 hours per mask, that is roughly 120K mask. I can't even buy 10 online or locally. If I do see someone working for Reed, even if it's the guy checking the badges at the floor entrance, I'll take a picture and raise hell.

I'm not suggesting that they purchase 120k N95 or N99 respirators. A simple surgical mask would reduce exposure. There are bound to be folks there who've been exposed (perhaps overseas) and I would rather have them sneezing and coughing into a cheap surgical mask than directly into the air. It's not a perfect solution, but it certainly reduces risks.

UD #25 - Could not agree more, however . . .

At issue is, Reed/SIA are saying that following the CDC guidelines, the show is good to go.

Well, the CDC says that only symptomatic persons should be wearing mask to protect everyone not infected (i.e. they should not even be there). If Reed and/or SIA (employees, contractors, etc.) wear a mask, that throws their "following CDC guidelines argument" out the door. Let's call it a confidence issue (I show up reassured that all is good) however there seems to some insecurity within the host community.

If I walk into the SIA lounge and see Mary Beth (no slight on Mary, she is absolutely awesome) , or any other SIA employee wearing a mask, I'll post it online with a rebuttal to their CDC guideline stance. If I see an contractor (and there are at a minimum a thousand) with Reed wearing mask, manufactured or homemade, I'll do the same.

Reed and SIA set the rules using CDC as a scapegoat to keep the gravy train rolling, in as such, they to must be compliant.

Bottom of he 9th and I hear someone banging on a trashcan!

#14, I see your point. And nice touch with the reference to the trashcan banging, (I see what you did there)! Very nice. Of course, I'm still not going to the damned show!

The real problem right now is everyone is “following CDC guidelines” as their legal backup. The CDC is underfunded right now. The first batch of corona virus test kits that were sent out were faulty. The second batch has 2500 test kits going out per Mike Pence.


I dunno, the Vice President and the entire task force of health agencies giving a presser today, added in to all the other news, and it's not only "The show goes on!" but also "You ain't gettin' no stinking refund if you cancel, either." Really??

this must be a nice letter to get after a conference:

Let's see the CDC track 30K plus the local support population post ISC.

It would be criminally reckless for Reed and SIA to continue the countdown.

Vegas is a World Wide destination. The idiocy of keeping this show on the tracks will have repercussions as it relates to putting the population in harms way that roll way into 2~3 incubation cycles.

I guess some companies are trying to gauge whether to cancel or not...

The answer is yes. We want to know how many of our customers are going/not going so we can properly staff our booth. As I mentioned in another post, Optex is taking a "wait and see" approach. As some of you know, once the booth equipment gets loaded on a truck, the show expenses gets higher. I believe you will hear definitively from most exhibitors by Friday or Monday. Larger booths move in first before the smaller ones so this would be helpful to understand when decisions are being made.

Update: WatchNET is no longer exhibiting. Their message to IPVM:

We have booked a 10X10 Booth (34100) for introducing our IoT Products but considering safety of staff and customers visiting due to virus we will not be attending the show.

Update: Israeli companies and their employees are now unlikely to come as they face a 2-week quarantine returning from the show, as the Jerusalem Post reports:

[Israel] Citizens returning from international conferences will be required to enter quarantine as well.

One exhibitor told us since Reed will not provide a refund, they plan to send a skeleton staff only, adding that this "feels like we have no choice but to risk employee's health to avoid loss of finance and business."

We have reached out to Reed for comment.

My SO is an RN and her hospital system has a 21 day isolation policy for anyone exposed to an infected patient. I’ve also heard somewhere that it can be dormant for up to 24 days before becoming symptomatic. I guess the Israelis are setting their bar at 14 days.

Knightscope has posted a picture of their robot wearing a face mask to announce dropping ISC West:

As an integrator our company has decided not to attend this year. It's not worth the risk to our employees or their families. Hopefully we will see you next year.

One theme we have heard from a number of people is that more execs are planning not to go. Part of it is simply that with fewer people going, the value is less.

The other thing, especially in this industry, where the average executive is literally 55 to 60 and not always in great shape, it is hard to imagine taking the risk. I am sure some will, though.

Most of those 55+ exec's have 55+ spouses -- in my case, a wife with pulmonary issues. The risk to them is very severe.

I suggested that my 55+yo boss skip the show this year and he got suuuuper offended.

Thanks! Had not seen that, quote:

Dahua has seemed to revel in the Commerce Department's sanction.According to the video-surveillance researchers IPVM, Dahua Vice President Zhu Jiangming told the press in the week after the blacklisting that "the fact that we are under the US control list shows that we indeed have a strong technological capability."

UPDATE: that article has factually incorrect statement claiming Dahua and Hikvision can not sell in the US without a license. As industry people know, it's more nuanced, certain US technology can not be sold or shared to Dahua and Hikvision and Dahua and Hikvision products cannot be sold to the US federal government but those products can be sold to general commercial users today.

As of the morning, 162 cases in the US, a dozen or more are listed as "recovered." There were more deaths in Tennessee this week from tornados than nationwide deaths from the Coronavirus.

I think I might be safer in Vegas.

I don't think the problem is death. The problem is possible exposure resulting in long term quarantine. I don't know about you, but I have a family that would not be happy if I was gone for a long time.

On the other hand, my wife has my bag packed waiting on the front porch whenever I have a business trip. It's implied that I should take as long as required. ;)


It is sad what happened in your hometown, but it's a pretty safe bet that there will probably be no additional deaths attributed to the same once everyone is accounted for.

Sadly, the corona virus is the gift that keeps on giving.

Highly unlikely to get competitors to agree, but if most of the large exhibitors pull out and jointly agree to boycott ISC West 2020/2021 in exchange for exhibiting at GSX 2020 and 2021 (if the coronavirus situation is under control), maybe Reed would reconsider ISC West 2020 refunds..

This is not a Reed issue, this is SIA. While I'm sure Reed is more than capable of pulling the plug, they will not do so unless there is a SIA buy in.

I doubt the Sands would refund Reed though.

If other conferences manage it i'm sure SIA/Reed would have found a solution

Hi John. As I read through this string and several others on IPVM I often find myself clicking on the "Agree", "Disagree" and "Informative" buttons. Recently though I find myself wishing that there was an "Asshole" or "Idiot" button available. Please check with your web design people and see if this is a possibility. Thank you in advance.

I figure you are joking. That said, a broader clarification - this is obviously a heated topic that is hard to resolve with the virus being so new - that said, I would encourage everyone to respectfully disagree and try to reasonably learn or convince those with opposing viewpoints.

That would be a nice addition.

I could go from being UD#1 to AH#1.

I will not be attending and I know of five other companies who are not sending their teams. Reed/SIA needs to do the responsible thing and cancel the show entirely. I'm not sure my team will attend next year or the year after that. I'm very disgusted by how ISC is handling this and their lack of care.

I will not be attending and I know of five other companies who are not sending their teams.

#35, thanks for the feedback. It's hard to figure out the exact percentage of end-users who have decided not to go, but it's definitely common.

I think smaller integrators are more likely to still go, from the various manufacturer reports we have received.

Bullseye #35, Bullseye!

Apparently, Greed > Coronavirus!

Did anyone get any input on Fencetech that is in SLC right now?

One of my favorite examples of my mantra that "Data always lies. It only answers the questions you ask it." was when SIA sent out their announcement about how awesome the show was going to be and that simply everyone was going!

They said: "Registration this week is at or above registration at this time last year."

Which sounds an awful lot like: "The same number of people are going to actually ATTEND ISC West as last year."

But since they only asked the data the loaded question of "Compare the number of people who already registered in advance for their free badge from this year to the same time last year."

The data gave them the lie they asked for.

The Nevada Independent is reporting "presumptive" confirmation of the first COVID-19 case in Nevada. It doesn't specify where in Nevada but the test was performed at the Southern Nevada Health District. Interesting to see if an actual case changes show management's or attendees perspectives.

Two additional comments:

First, this post makes it sound like ISC West is the only game in town. There are multiple trade shows going on not only in Vegas but across the country, even in Nashville.

Second, with some of the large players pulling out there is a good chance that many of the folks who would normally spend their time with them will go visit the smaller exhibitors who also have some great products that might otherwise go unnoticed.

I'll be one of them in the very back of the hall.

Have you seen this ?

Update: CIAS Security is out. They had a 10' X 20' booth:

Funny they dropped just now, they are Italian like other Italian companies who dropped.

Sorry, but thought a little poignant levity was in order

They are shopping for their 2 week quarantine period. Most of em have probably already contracted the virus.

I wonder if the announcement of a presumptive positive for Coronavirus in Clark County, NV (the county that Las Vegas is in) will affect Reed’s decision

Nice Catch UD #40

Clark County is also test 8 others.

Southern Nevada Health District confirms presumptive positive case of COVID-19

Southern Nevada Health District confirms presumptive positive case of COVID-19

Courtesy and worrying article from The Economist.

"America has registered 159 cases in 14 states but as of March 1st it had, indefensibly, tested just 472 people when South Korea was testing 10,000 a day. Now that America is looking, it is sure to find scores of infections—and possibly unearth a runaway epidemic."

Covid-19 - The right medicine for the world economy | Leaders | The Economist

I literally still cannot believe anyone on here peddling the messages of:

a) Everything will be fine

b) ISC West is a local show

c) The flu is worse

d) Or any other ridiculous cobblers out there.....

At the end of the day this virus is morphing rapidly in to a pandemic. Italy is self isolating districts, France has cancelled a marathon, Saudi have closed their schools (Saudi for Christ’s sake!!) and Russia has cancelled a large global convention - all to mitigate the risks and endeavouring to CONTAIN this virus......

Yet REED (ISC West), INFORMA (IFSEC) NINETEEN EVENTS (The Security Event) think it’s OK to plough on unabashed and unashamed with their money spinning events....

Motorola Avigilon’s decision now looks like a masterclass of (PR) and what did they really do...??? Simple, simply put the health of people first.

Well at least we won't have to fight for dinner reservations with those folks in Vegas for the SAP conference at the same time. SAP had enough sense to cancel their Vegas show.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we have made the important decision to cancel SAP Ariba Live in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 16–18 and instead, create a virtual experience in close proximity to the originally scheduled event.

SAP Ariba Live Las Vegas 2020 | SAP Ariba Live Las Vegas

I don’t agree with the doomsday attitude of some, as such it’s super annoying to go to the second busiest COSTCO for normal things and watch people behave like animals.

I believe this was posted already but if you missed it. The Venetian is refunding rooms based on cancellation because of the possible health issue. I just got off the phone with them. They stated they were making an exception to the standard policy for this show.

I'd say keep your eyes on Milestone. Seems they dropped out of the APAC/EMEA MIPS conference in Dubai.

“The well-being of employees, partners and other stakeholders always take priority at Milestone. The MIPS conference is important, sharing insights and innovations as well as exploring upcoming trends, new technologies and challenges, together with our partners. While it has been difficult, we firmly believe that we have made the most responsible decision,” says Kenneth Hune Petersen, Milestone System’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

I heard the same thing.

Good point. It will be interesting to see if Milestone cancels at ISC West as well. Currently they are still listed as exhibitors.

Just heard JCI is out despite lifting travel ban this week. No SWH, Exacq, DSC etc. Man that is a big booth to walk away from if this is confirmed.

Thanks #43 for the tip! We confirmed with them directly as well, new post - JCI Drops ISC West

Nope.....Sorry to tell you but our (JCI) travel ban WAS NOT LIFTED this week. Not even looking to lift it until April at the EARLIEST!

Another Big Conference Postponed...….But not ISC West....SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!

BREAKING: 50th Anniversary, General Assembly & Industry FORUM | POSTPONED !!

Geovision is now out. They had a large 20' x 50' booth, especially for a smaller to medium-sized company:

Geovision does not market much so it is quite a sacrifice for them. However, the company explained to IPVM that:

With careful consideration, GeoVision deicides not to risk our employee’s health and will not participate 2020 ISCW due to the uncertainty of the CONVID-19.

Was really looking forward to them being there!

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