Grow A Beard, Make More Money

I always wondered why so many security people had beards.

Now I know. This experiment shows beards make you more money.

They also keep you young, healthy, and handsome.

I'm a living testament to all these facts, obviously.

I was still shaving every day when I started in this business, but... well.

And you no doubt attributed your growing remuneration to your ever increasing "technical expertise" and "industry knowledge" but we now know it was mainly due to "lack of shaving". ;)

And why there are so few women...

I'm still holding out for my unibrow to come in to style.

You haven't (and won't) see mine. I can't grow one - too many bald spots from Agent Orange exposure.....

My close ratio sky rocketed once I let the beard out. Highly recommend it for a least one sales cycle.

Guys are getting beard implants, no joke. Must want to get into security industry!

Maybe we could start a foundation to donate beards to hipsters. Like Locks of Love, but for beards. Beards for Bros? They can have mine.

Here you go beard people:

nooooooooo, ;)

Timely this is popping up again in time for No Shave November.

If the 'beard maketh the man', what maketh the lady?

(This should be interesting)