Directory Of IPVM Access Control Company Profiles

Keep these coming. Love this! Can you do S2?

Can you put Feenics and BlueB0x on the list to profile?

while your at it add infinias (3xLogic)

Mr. Rhodes, I haven't seen a new profile posted in a while. Are you still doing these? These comparisons were some of my favorite articles to read!

Where is CDVI?

you are missing more than half of the market on that list !!!

Who do you want us to cover?

Note: I just added 3 that we did but were not included on the list, an S2 profile, Dahua tested and Hikvision tested.

few examples:

RBH, Securakey, Keyking, Silox, Rosslair, 3x Logic, Galaxy, Isonas.

these are some of them.....


I'd add Open Options to the list.



TAC, DMP Entre, and Axis would be awesome to see. It's been a while! I'm missing my Access Control Profile reports!

I think IPVM has done a good job covering all the major players. I agree Isonas and Galaxy would be a good ones to cover. Also, Identicard, TAC/Security Expert (by Schneider Electric), HID, Axis A1001 and Continental. 

Thanks.  Our coverage even includes some of those you mention:

With that said, we are adding to this list, and your suggestions are appreciated.  I'm working up a CDVI ( now based on member input.

how about milestone ? can you add it ?

is it possible to revise the list and the company profile ? since it is 3 years outdated. and really the profile a nice work which have been implemented. and for sure new features & licensing cost have been changed during that period till today

This discussion was posted 3 years ago but we have done various access profiles since. Brian will take a look what needs to be updated but access control companies do not generally change that quikcly.

How about RBH please?