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Arcules Carries On Without CRO [New CRO]

While Canon-owned and Milestone spinout Arcules first looked to have a major advantage in the VSaaS market, the company has struggled. Now, it is...

By Louis Cid and John Honovich - 17 days ago | 15 Comments (Info+)

Xandar Kardian IR-UWB Radar Profile

Korean-Canadian Xandar Kardian, which raised $10 million at the end of 2021, uses ultra-wideband radar aiming to solve the limitations of...

By Nikita Ermolaev - 19 days ago (Info+)

Scylla AI Video Analytics Profile

Texas-based AI analytics firm Scylla said in 2019 that they aimed to reach a $1 billion valuation by 2024-25, based on $100 million in revenue. How...

By Louis Cid - 20 days ago (Info+)

Hakimo Access Control Profile

Access control systems suffer from various false positives plus missing tailgating events. San Francisco startup Hakimo aims to solve this problem...

By Louis Cid and Brian Rhodes - 24 days ago (Info+)

Access Control Mustering Guide

Determining where people are located during emergencies is critical, and access can play an important role in the 'mustering' process. In this...

By Brian Rhodes - 25 days ago (Info+)

Magos Perimeter Radar Profile 2022

Radars are a growing trend in the industry, with manufacturers such as Hikvision, Axis, and Dahua releasing radar devices. However, an Israeli...

By Nikita Ermolaev - 26 days ago | 12 Comments (Info+)

Displaying reports 26 - 50 of 6,697 in total