IPVM's 12th Anniversary - Thank You!

By Donald Maye, Published on Apr 07, 2020

IPVM is proud to celebrate it's 12 anniversary expanding our commitment to providing the industry independent and objective information on video surveillance.

World Leader In Video Surveillance Information

With over 6,000 articles, 800 tests, and a community of industry professionals, there is no other source that rivals IPVM's expertise.

3,000,000 Annual Visits

In the last 12 months, IPVM has received over 3 million visits, which continues to set records for ourself and the industry:

Providing Industry Expertise

IPVM is now regularly and frequently cited by leading news organizations:

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

Indeed, in the last few weeks, IPVM has been cited by NBC News, Fortune and Brookings.

And IPVM is increasingly influencing the US Government:

As well as the US government speaking to IPVM about critical issues that impact the industry.

Whenever a major event impacts the industry, world news and governments turn to IPVM.

Expanding Testing and Research

Plus, we now have a 12,000sqft research facility that will allow us to significantly expand our industry-leading research and testing.

Developing Industry Leading Education

IPVM offers the most in-depth and current industry training. Each course is designed by experts with extensive integration and testing experience. Last month, IPVM launched courses on-demand, giving members the same content and instructor access, but the flexibility to take whenever you want.

Launching New Member Tools

We continue to develop new software, launching the first-ever phone calculator:

Any professional can take out their phone and design a video surveillance system right on the spot, no PC, no iPad, no app:

Disrupting Trade Shows With Online Shows

IPVM has launched online shows, ongoing events that allow sellers to pitch their offerings, moderated by IPVM, to IPVM members, that will disrupt trade shows.

Fighting for Ethical Video Surveillance Use

Most manufacturers, dealers, and integrator employees genuinely want to deliver quality, high-value, ethical offerings to users. Unfortunately, some do not and IPVM has been there to fight against this and expose such issues.

Improving The Industry

We are excited to continue to invest in more researchers, developers and testers to improve the industry even more.

Thank you, members, for your support and, as always, if you have feedback or questions, please let us know in the comments or contact us anytime.

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Congratulations on your first dozen years! Great job!

Most excellent indeed.



Thanks for providing us with such valuable information and reports.

Muito Obrigado!

Not to mention subscribers can get their membership for free if they contribute valuable conversations. Well done IPVM, I'm most thankful for you being the activist of our industry.

Congrats and thanks for the work well done! Keep it going!

Congrats! Happy to be a member of IPVM,

Congratulations IPVM team!

Congrats to you John and your team.

Congrats! I still catch myself typing in ipvideomarket.info


Hmm? doesn't ring a bell...

Some blogger started that!

Where is the party?

Contratulations John and your team! Twelve years with a lot of incredible innovations. IPVM transformed our profession -installers, integrators, consulting teams and so on- dramatically. I´ve never thought to have all camera models, all simulations, a camera calculator of such quality, manuals, courses at the reach of my keyboard for accomplishing my daily tasks in a fraction of a time.

Thanks IPVM for helping US work at top level. Juan.

Congrats! Happy to IPVM teams

Congratulations IPVM

Great job done over the last 12 years. Congratulations IPVM team!

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