IPVM To Disrupt Trade Shows With Launch of Online Shows

By IPVM Team, Published Mar 17, 2020, 01:20pm EDT

IPVM is launching Online Shows, a series of ongoing events that allow sellers to pitch their offerings, moderated by IPVM, to IPVM members, that will disrupt trade shows. Watch the video:

Flipping Trade Show Model / Free To Sellers

We are flipping the model of trade shows. 'Exhibitors' / sellers can present for free, completely eliminating the exorbitant fees charged.

The problem with charging sellers is the host becomes beholden to them, incapable of critiquing or educating fairly. SIA / ISC and ASIS / GSX demonstrate this continuously.

IPVM Moderates Seller's Presentations

While sellers can present for free, IPVM experts will moderate all presentations, asking critical questions and pointing out general risks that buyers should consider. Moreover, the IPVM community will participate, bringing its collective wisdom to raise relevant issues.

Why Sellers Should Present

Not only do sellers get to present for free, they get access to the world's highest quality audience of video surveillance professionals (10,000+), a who's who of integrators, end-users, consultants and investors who pay IPVM for information.

As long as sellers are confident in the quality of their offerings, they should be excited for the opportunity to present to IPVM members.

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

How IPVM Members Benefit

Hearing seller presentations are valuable to understand what the seller is offering and how they approach the market. With IPVM experts moderating and the participation of the IPVM community, they get additional insights and perspectives about the value and fit of that seller.

Online shows will be included in IPVM membership at no additional cost.

Structuring Online Shows By Topic

We plan to run online shows once or twice a month on different topics. Unlike a physical trade show, constrained by the cost and time of traveling, IPVM will do this on an ongoing basis.

Planned shows include:

  • New products - any seller that has a new product can present
  • Product category - VSaaS or Facial Recognition or Drones or LPR, etc. any seller in the specific category can present
  • Market segments - integrators or distributors or online sellers, etc.

The idea of doing 'shows' is to group related sellers so that someone interested in an area (picking a distributor or choosing a facial recognition vendor) could quickly, in a day or two, listen and ask questions at related presentations so that they could accelerate their buying decision.

First Show - New Products April 2020 - Submission Deadline is Friday, March 20th

Our first online show will run from April 14 - 16th covering new products.

IPVM Image

Since most products are announced in the first few months of the year, this is a great opportunity for sellers to present and for buyers to learn more.

Any sellers interested, just email us at OnlineShows@ipvm.com with a brief description of the new product.

UPDATE March 24th: We have received over 70 submissions for 36 spots so we are still in the process of determining who and how to structure the show(s) and will update by the end of the week.

Why IPVM Benefits

We believe this brings 3 benefits to IPVM:

  • Increased member retention: As we do when we release new shootouts or further develop our Calculator software, by improving and expanding our offerings, we give more reasons why members should continue to subscribe to IPVM.
  • Expanded member groups: By providing more information from more companies, we believe more integrators and end-users will expand their group memberships with IPVM (whether that be from going to a single user to 3, 5, 10, etc.)
  • New members: We believe that some industry professionals do not value testing or analysis as much as they do hearing from vendors themselves. By building an unrivaled collection of moderated presentations, we expect to attract more members from companies who have not yet joined IPVM.

Coronavirus Impact

Certainly coronavirus and the disaster of ISC West 2020 spurred the thinking of this offering. And if travel becomes riskier in the long term, this would make this even more valuable.

However, this is something that, viruses aside, IPVM should do. We have reached a critical mass of IPVM members where we can facilitate presentations that are educational and mutually beneficial for sellers and buyers.

Outlook For Trade Shows

We certainly do not think IPVM Online Shows will replace trade shows. Just like trade magazines and research firms still exist while IPVM has become the undisputed leader for video surveillance information, there is a role for trade shows.

There is clear value, especially for professional salespeople, executives and buyers to periodically meet in person. IPVM nor the Internet cannot replace that.

However, what IPVM expects to do here is enable buyers to less often have to go to trade shows and for sellers to become less dependant on trade shows for business development.

The industry needs an honest, independent broker to help facilitate smart buying and IPVM aims to deliver that.

Any questions, just email us at OnlineShows@ipvm.com.

IPVM Online Shows

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If you have ideas for specific topics to do a show on, let us know. For example we could do a show on just gunshot detection offerings, or a show on robots and drones, or other niche areas that don’t get as much attention.

Great idea, especially for those of us that are not huge fans of travel.

I remember the old virtual trade shows that (I think) Anixter conducted and I always enjoyed those. If you recall those as well is that the type set up you are envisioning?

I never attended them so I cannot comment.

We are not going to do a “virtual” show with virtual “booths”. It will be a series of webinars wear one company after the next gets to present and members get to ask them questions. We are focusing on providing quality information over a booth type experience which I don’t think works well on the Internet.

They were in that "booth" format but had general sessions where each company had its own time slot to present and take questions. Basically, if you were not interested in the company presenting at the general session you could drop into one of the booths and "speak" with any of the other companies, see the products, get more info, etc. etc. etc.

The issue I see with a series of webinars is that if I am not interested in who is presenting, I log off and probably don't come back because something else grabs my focus.

People can come and go to watch what they want. We will record all presentations and have them available on IPVM on demand, just like our other reports.

For the booths not sure how much you can see the products or speak with companies that well. I have been on other such virtual conferences and did not find it to be that useful. Not opposed to it as much as not convinced how valuable it would be.

Fair enough. I will say in my experience that I never have gone back to view a recorded webinar. If I am not participating live where I can ask things I am not interested. However, I can honestly see myself going back and watching on IPVM because someone probably asked the questions I would have.

Also two concerns I have.

One how am I going to get free booze virtually?

Two how will Verkada hand me my Yeti?

That’s a good description of how webinars usually work. I don’t know why they make it hard to access or review.

For us, we are going to make it easier and more informative. First, each webinar/presentation will be posted in a typical IPVM report. We will add analysis, links and member comments to provide more value.

I find that my ability to replay recorded content at a high speed is important to making good use of the content. YouTube videos let the user play them at speeds up to 2X. If I have to slog through content at 1X speed to find the "good stuff", well, often that doesn't happen.

Question 1:

For the small small down payment of $1000.00 USD booze can be sent to your home/place of business via Grub-Hub.

Question 2:

For the small small price of your soul Verkada will ship their Yeti to your house!

I have gone back and tried to watch a few webinars in the past as they were held at times when I would be unable to attend. The questions were generally left to the end.

I would be interested in this format with IPVM but I would want to make sure the audio was good quality on both ends. Generally in these webinars, the audio is phone quality and terrible to listen to, even when I'm interested in the content. I would encourage not using the phone for the audio recording and if the far end doesn't have a quality microphone, send them one with return shipping.

The audio contained in the IPVM video above is fine. Not to pick on them, but the audio should be better than the DW webinars. And DW is not the only one with this audio issue and simply one that came to mind. There are too many YouTube creators now with great audio quality.

DW Customer Webinars

I would be interested in this format with IPVM but I would want to make sure the audio was good quality on both ends.

I agree with your concerns. One thing we are considering is to include a transcript with the recording.

For me, at least, I prefer to scan through a transcript rather than listening to a full webinar because I can scan through, by sight, far quicker than listing to someone talk.

The benefit of the live part is asking questions but once it's recorded, I see a benefit in making it easy to scan the text and not be forced to watch the entire video / audio.

DW Customer Webinars

I agree on going through a transcript. As beneficial as video is, you cannot soak up as much pertinent information as you can by skim reading that same information to find the key things you wish to study.

So at the very least to have a written breakdown of the video would be crazy beneficial to your members.

You could have:

Table of Contents with timestamps where the video starts that topic
Questions where you list the main/key questions and their answers and again maybe even a table of contents for those with time stamps.

I find myself using video a lot more for research, including reviews of items and hate all the dribble I have to wade through to get to pertinent information.

Personally, I think this is a HUGE iceberg tip IPVM is coming upon and of course that's one thing that COVID-19 will force, is for people to start taking more advantage of the world wide interweb of tele video in high fidelity stereophonic sound.

All you have to do!:)

Register and do the same

Motorola Solutions Video Security & Analytics Virtual Showcase

A not bad platform for Virtual show

I admire the bravery of any marketing person who wants to let John Honovich ask them questions, live and in public. Any company actually doing this would definitely earn points in my book.

Also, as the video states, "the IPVM community will participate, bringing it's collective wisdom to raise relevant issues."

Good stuff...

Totally agreed. This was the first thing that came into my mind. It will certainly weed out any presenters that know their product won't stand up once a few real questions get asked.

This is a great idea, kudos to you all, now our whole team can watch and be informed instead of our company just sending a couple of us to a big trade show. We will definitely keeping an eye on who is presenting!!

I'm sorry, but only people who have paid, current memberships to IPVM are allowed to watch. John has hacked your PC's camera so he can tell if there are people watching your monitor who aren't members. :-)

Good thing my whole team are members then 🤣🤣

I am going to see if our HQ will allow this. I will push them to grow a pair............

Great Idea IPVM team!

John, you should bring on Verkada first.

Posting the video of them being questioned by the knowledge base here will serve as a warning to others.

SIA AND REED can eat it!!!

Companies can now save on travel expenses and get better information from vendors and vice versa!!!

WIN/WIN for everyone except...

Excellent idea! The whole standard Vegas industry show model is expensive, time consuming and inefficient.

Just tried to send an email to OnlineShows@ipvm.com and it bounced back. Wanted to let you know.

Thanks so much for letting us know, this is now fixed and you can also send any questions you have directly to me at adam@ipvm.com.

I think this is a great idea, John. The networking and social aspect of a typical trade show is definitely important, but I could see this being more valuable on the education side. Probing questions and getting to the nuances of different manufacturers will be highly beneficial.

Alex, good feedback. I don't think any online event can come close to replicating the networking and social aspect of a trade show. Maybe there is and if someone has ideas, please share. For now, we are confident that we can out-deliver on the educational side, while leaving the social to physical shows.

It’s a great idea. I’d like to see a manufacturer that says “It’s so simple to set up, anyone could do it” have their guy do it from unboxing to finish ;)

It’s a great idea.

i think so too. btw, i should mention U13 likes it as well :)

"i should mention U13 likes it as well :)"

yes. yes I do.

but I'm curious to see which manufacturers will be the first to jump on board this new platform.

I have to imagine that those manufacturers that feel they've gotten no historical cred here at IPVM might be convinced to engage.... makes sense for them to (think Salient Systems or IPConfigure, etc).

but will Genetec or Avigilon engage?

I am genuinely interested in how manufacturers take to this new, unprecedented platform.

This is an awesome idea! Count me in.

But um, I'm going to presume that Hikvision and Dahua are NOT exhibiting? ;-P

100% "social distancing" compliant.

will there at least be a virtual cash booth?

as mentioned by many other above, I like this idea. however....

what do you imagine adoption will be from industry manufacturers willing to showcase their products 'with moderation from IPVM experts'?

I hope that lots of manufacturers will - but I imagine LOTS of 3-letter types in suits in meeting saying "no @#$% WAY!"

am I wrong?

Good, then we'll be able to trim the fat.

Welcome to a new world where your claims have to be substantiated for you to get rich off your product.

I really like the idea of this, but I'm not sure what the turnout is going to be and how useful the presentations are.

Turnout: I'd imagine solid industry members and startups would be willing to present. I also imagine anyone with something to hide, bad image, bad PR, etc., might not attend. Who knows, maybe Hikvision will surprise me and volunteer for this.

Usefulness: IPVM: "Relevant question. Your response?" Presenter: "I hear your concern, now let me dodge the question in a rambling, somewhat incoherent response that addresses none of your points."

Like I said, the idea behind this is solid. I support this. I just imagine it will turn a lot of potential presenters away. But then again, if all they really want is the experience of a booth to extol the qualities of their products, that's what the traditional trade shows are for.

I support this. I just imagine it will turn a lot of potential presenters away.

That's what manufacturers need to figure out.

Plus side - it's free. To do a webinar, they'd have to pay a trade mag or other outlet thousands of dollars. And they get access to people who pay money for information, making the audience highly qualified.

Downside - we and you all will ask hard questions.

They need to figure out if it's worth it. But virtually all manufacturers now talk to us because they recognize our 'thought leadership' (lol) so I think most will see the net benefit of participating. And if they don't, that's fine. Lots of companies to cover and we can always report and test them anyway.

Any thought of giving the first few who sign up a "dry run" with just IPVM on? Let them see what it will be like without exposing them to any potentially uncomfortable situations.

exposing them to any potentially uncomfortable situations.

Sure, they can do a dry run. So far I don't think that's been a concern but if they want.

For those interested in details about how this will work: IPVM New Products Online Show FAQ

More generally, we will review their presentation and give them feedback before they present so that we both know what will be shown and there won't be any surprises. This is not going to be Jerry Springer...

"This is not going to be Jerry Springer..."

I'm out ;)

You know you could take this in so many directions too.

Picture a new kind of shootout. One where after you've done you're research you first privately share your findings with the manufacturers allowing their technical team to respond and address the issues, then schedule a panel discussion webinar about the results allowing the manufacturers to be on the panel.

Similar but slightly different, picture a live shootout webinar where you've done your research and then show the results in a live fashion in the lab allowing viewers to ask question or expound on some results, etc. Offer the manufactures the opportunity to be part and even share video from their lab to address or show different results.

Picture a new kind of virtual trade show where you do video from a manufacturers facility and their lab allowing them to show their product in place...or better yet actually used in the field at a customers site (who of course agrees to be a part)...while still moderated by IPVM.

I think the biggest part of the value add of your idea is that it's moderated by IPVM. Filtering bad information, asking valuable technical questions, etc. is what will make the webinar of most value, vs. some marketing play.

EXCELLENT move. Disruption is good. Painful for some, awesome opportunity for others. Small, smart, and innovative manufacturers can now compete with the Big Boys. Product differentiation will no longer be based at all upon the size of someone's.............booth. You know what I mean.

Consider providing a real-time method for viewers to "rate" the live video. For example, if the presenter dodges a question, or makes an unsubstantiated claim, viewers can send a thumbs down immediately. This should self-correct presenters and inform other viewers. We see this kind of real-time viewer reaction on facebook..... Likewise, great products and presentations can rewarded with real-time thumbs-up feedback

Looking forward to seeing this project in action.


Great idea! I am interested to see how the manufacturers react to this.

Have you considered offering CEU credits. these will be educational, and one reason I go to trade shows is for the credits I need to keep my certifications current.

Rob, thanks. I had not thought of CEU credits but Ryan is checking with a few industry organizations for eligibility.

We are, for example, a Preferred CPE Provider with ASIS, though we need to determine if this event qualifies.

Great Idea : Stay to detail , and topic and I like the ability to replay in spare time, early hours when no disturbances or calls , Great Idea for future proofing the company's direction

I do think this will change the direction of the industry and reliance on trainers in the field or areas. with more companys going this direction

Think time will be better due to no disturbances

Is the schedule being released today?

Thanks for reminding us. The team is busy working on selections. We have received over 70 submissions for 36 spots so we are still in the process of determining who and how to structure the show(s) and will update by the end of the week.

10/4, thanks John and Team IPVM!

When will the schedule be posted?

Our team has been notifying companies in the past few days or our decision and timing. We plan to post the schedule and open registration this upcoming week.

We look forward to engaging with the IPVM audience and promise to not invite anyone from our BS department.

Can you disable the undisclosed commenting during the virtual tradeshow? Hopefully, it will keep the rock throwers from anonymously derailing the program trying to score gotcha points.

IPVM will be moderating comments to avoid this - it's important that people ask questions and raise concerns without worrying about being attacked for who they are. I appreciate the suggestion.

Great idea.

Am I missing where the posted schedule will be for next week? Just trying to plan my days around this given the different time zone and what we'd be interested in attending.

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