New Products Show Fall 2020 Starts Today! Axis, Pelco, More

By: Adam Tyson, Published on Sep 29, 2020

Today, IPVM's sixth online show starts feature New Products from over 25 manufacturers. Secure your spot today - Register Now!

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25+ Companies Presenting

We have 25+ companies presenting already and will have another ~10 as we finalize the schedule. If you have a new product to present, email us now at

September 29th

10:00am: Axis: presents its first body worn camera offering, targeting private enterprise and commercial users.

10:30am: Pelco: presents their new Spectra Enhanced 7 Speed Dome as well as the Sarix Enhanced series.

11:00am: Vivotek: presents 2 new fisheye cameras as well as their OSSA product line.

11:30am: D-Link: presents its "Nuclias" cloud managed surveillance switches and a new Vigilance cameras.

12:00pm: Ava: presents Ava Aware Cloud platform and cloud connected cameras and appliances with AI analytics.

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

12:30pm: Hanwha: presents the Wisenet 7 Series of cameras that use a common SoC platform.

1:00pm: Network Optix: presents NxWitness version 4.1 with 5 new key VMS features and many improvements.

1:30pm: Deep Sentinel: To be announced.

2:00pm: Infiniti Electro-Optix: presents its new Vega platform triple sensor PTZ camera with visible, thermal and short wave infrared sensors for long range detection

2:30pm: Visual One: Claims to bring event detection analytics to the next level.

September 30th

10:00am: Genetec presents Genetec’s ClearID Access control that managing physical identities beyond credentials

10:30am: Milestone - To be announced.

11:00am: Rhombus presents two new cloud-connected camera models – R400 4K varifocal dome and R100 lower cost minidome.

11:30am: Avigilon: unveils their new H5 Pro camera, aiming to provide maximum coverage options with its most powerful ultra high definition cameras.

12:00pm: Western Digital: presents highest capacity drive for the industry as well a newer version of our health monitoring making it the most comprehensive for both HDD and uSD.

12:30pm: LifeSafety Power:presents the BiTSTREAM family of PoE midspan injectors and PoE powered, fire alarm integrated, access control power supplies

1:00pm: Eyelock: To be announced.

1:30pm: OpenPath: presents new integration with the Cisco Meraki video management system, and Openpath’s Presence Reporting helps organizations improve space utilization.

2:00pm: Geovision: To be announced.

2:30pm: Microsoft: presents (LVA) Live Video Analytics

October 1st

10:00am: Bosch: presents the DINION IP thermal 9000 RM and full solution kit.

10:30am: Tyco: presents the Illustra Pro Thermal EST contactless thermal scanning solution overview.

11:00am: Fever Inspect: To be announced.

11:30am: Avigilon: presents Avigilon's H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection solution, which leverages camera analytics to detect faces, accurately measure the temperature of a person’s inner canthus, and alert for elevated body temperature.

12:00pm: Kentix: presents a demonstration of the correct setup and usage of its SmartXcan body temperature scanner.

12:30pm: Hanwha: To be announced.

1:00pm: Flir: presents the newest version of FLIR Screen-EST software.

1:30pm: SeekScan: To be announced.

2:00pm: Viper Imaging: presents a Viper EBT Pro a temperature solution utilizing both inner canthus and blackbodies.

Temperature Screening Thursday

On Thursday, we are focusing on temperature screening solutions. Importantly, we are only including vendors who are committed to following international guidelines and refusing to market dangerous practices like screening with people wearing hats, outdoors, multiple people at a time, etc.

IPVM Moderates Seller's Presentations

While companies can present for free, IPVM experts will moderate all presentations, asking critical questions and pointing out general risks to consider. Moreover, the IPVM community will participate, bringing its collective wisdom to raise relevant issues.

Criteria Used For Selection

No presenters pay IPVM anything. It is free to presenters to ensure that anyone can present and IPVM is not biased towards the presenters (as traditional shows all work). We will reviewed all submissions and provide feedback individually on selection. IPVM will continue to host shows with different themes throughout the year.

How The Live Presentation Works

IPVM will moderate the 20-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute QA session. IPVM will ask questions on behalf of the audience.

Presentations Recorded On-Demand

IPVM wants to give presenters maximum exposure to the IPVM community. Every presentation will become its own IPVM post, e.g., “Company X Presents” that includes the video, a short written overview, video, the transcript, our analysis, the presenter’s contact information and any comments that members want to ask.

Up Next - 5 More Shows

If you want to join the New Products show or our next 5 fall ones featuring Consultants, Recruiters, LPR / ANPR, Storage, and Software Tools just email

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