Start-Ups Online Show May 2020 - On-Demand Recording of 40+ Company Presentations

Published May 15, 2020 14:49 PM
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All 40+ presentations can now be watched on-demand, with 20+ hours of recorded video inside this report.

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Here are the companies that presented and the recorded presentations inside this report:

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40+ Companies Presenting

Here is an overview of each companies presentation - all times are EDT.

May 12th

Recordings are available at the end of this report.

9:00am S&ST: The Bosch super funded 'startup' aims to disrupt the industry with an open app store

9:30am Vaion / Ava: With $20+ million in funding, bringing an open end-to-end AI video platform

10:00am Duranc: This US start-up is creating an AI VSaaS

10:30am Videoloft: Formerly Manything, aims to connect traditional systems to the cloud

11:00am Visual One: The YCombinator backed startup brings advanced AI analytics

11:30am: VergeSense: Y-Combinator backed AI-Powered Sensors for workplace environments w/ social distancing analytics

12:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm Cobalt Robotics: With $36+ million in funding last year, the Silicon Valley company aims to make security robots viable

1:30pm Indoor Robotics: Created an indoor drone, Tando, for autonomous, indoor patrolling

2:00pm Actuate: The former US Marine Officer led startup seeks to deliver cloud-based AI gun detection

2:30pm Mobiqam: Belgium-made, fully autonomous, battery-powered, rapid deployment surveillance system

3:00pm AndroVideo: Cloudless Facial Recognition IP Camera start-up

3:30pm Rhombus: Follows Meraki and Verkada, this California startup is developing a close end-to-end AI video surveillance offering.

4:00pm Iryx: Former FLIR and Arecont execs developing advanced AI thermal / camera offerings

4:30pm Oyla: Ex-Intel R&D head is looking to develop the next generation of 3D surveillance

May 13th

Recordings are live at the end of this report

9:00am Qumulex: The ex-Exacq team is back aiming for a win with unified cloud video and access

9:30am Vintra: The Silicon Valley / Spain startup is developing real-time and investigative AI analytics

10:00am ZeroEyes: Founded by former Navy Seals and Wharton MBAs - seeks to bring their gun detection solution mainstream

10:30am Nelysis: Israeli startup bringing cyber security for physical security systems

11:00am Airfob/Moca System: Totally wire-free mobile access start-up makes any reader BLE compatible.

11:30am: Asylon: MIT Engineer founded start-up looks to automate security with early detection drones. 

12:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm Proxy: Raised $42 million last month, see how they are using it to disrupt credentials.

1:30pm OpenPath: Raised $27 million for cloud mobile access control

2:00pm Density: Wants to improve access control with realtime analytics- backed by the same investors of Ring, Stripe, Twilio, and SpaceX.

2:30pm : aiming to replace badging as an access point identification method by leveraging facial recognition

3:00pm Genea /Sequr: Find out why the cloud building services company thinks its Sequr access is the next big thing.

3:30pm Smart Entry Systems: The low-cost multi-tenant access startup presents why their cloud solution is better than costly incumbent.

4:00pm Deep Sentinel: The Bezos-backed company wants to disrupt alarm monitoring with an AI video based system.

4:30pm EyePark: Visitor management for vehicles - long range, contact less driver.

May 14th

9:00am AnyVision: With $70+ million raised, this startup is looking to disrupt facial recognition.

9:30am Cawamo: Israel-based cloud and edge AI platform for detection.

10:00am Calipsa: London-based, deep learning AI company, working to reduce false alarms.

10:30am ViiSights: Israel start up focusing on behavioral recognition.

11:00am Monitoreal: AI targeted at the home market.

11:30am: SecuriThings: Israel startup uses AI to stop cyber-attacks on IoT devices in real time.

12:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm Boulder AI: Avigilon's COO is back taking the lead of this AI startup, see what his plans are.

1:30pm VXG: Canadian start-up offering an open AI VSaaS solution.

2:00pm Cvedia: US-based end-to-end AI Video Analytics.

2:30pm Defendry: AI-based remote monitoring solution.

3:00pm Safezone Tech: US start-up offering low-cost gunshot detection.

3:30pm Camect: US video analytics start-up focusing on the home market.

4:00pm Trueface: Analytics start-up offering face recognition, object recognition, threat detection, age analysis, and license plate recognition.

4:30pm Percepta: UPenn senior launching AI start-up detects shoplifting while preserving shopper privacy.

Recorded Videos

All presentations were recorded so members can watch them on-demand below:

Day 1 Recordings

Watch each presentation on-demand.





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