VSaaS Online Show June 2020 - On-Demand Recording of 25+ Manufacturers Presentations

By IPVM Team, Published Jun 24, 2020, 10:21am EDT

The show featured 25+ VSaaS providers showcasing their latest services. The show is available on demand at the bottom of this report.

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25+ Companies Presenting

June 23rd

Recordings are found at the bottom of this report.

10:00am Milestone: Comparison between on-premise, partner and AWS VSaaS offerings.

10:30am Blub0x: Cloud and mobile video platform with unified access control.

11:00am Airship: Enterprise-focused security management platform, offer real time asset tracking, dynamic mapping and radio integration.

11:30am Axxonsoft: DIY hybrid cloud with AI analytics.

12:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Genetec: Presents Stratocast, an open, direct-to-cloud VSaaS system.

1:30pm iVideon: Hybrid cloud platform for mobile live remote monitoring and analytics presented by Axel Tillmann (CEO)

2:00pm 3d Eye: This Cloud VSaaS platform unifies remote control and system health monitoring while stored on AWS.

2:30pm Avigilon: presents Avigilon Cloud Services.

3:00pm Morphean: Direct-to-cloud VSaaS focused on business intelligence and remote live monitoring.

3:30pm Camio: A analytics-focused VSaaS founded by Google Engineers presented by Carter Maslan CEO of Camio.

June 24th

Recordings are found at the bottom of this report.

10:00am JCI/Tyco: Tyco Cloud - open camera support, hybrid cloud platform.

10:30am VXG: Canadian start-up offering an open AI VSaaS solution.

11:00am SoLink: Hybrid cloud for secure remote monitoring with AI analytics targeting retail and SMB- presented by Mike Matta - (CEO)

11:30am IPConfigure: Orchid cloud services Internet connected servers automatically becomes part of a remote managed VMS.

12:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Eagle Eye Networks: Cloud-first VMS with strong funding, secure open camera support and cloud recording.

1:30pm Network Optix: Nx Witness is a free VMS aiming to bring easy remote management to everyone.

2:00pm Ironyun: Hybrid cloud AI analytics focused security management software.

2:30pm Duranc : Flexible cloud streaming and recording with native AI analytics.

3:00pm IntelliVision: OEM hosted video platform with AI object detection and facial recognition.

3:30pm Openeye: Cloud-to-cloud integration connects its OWS VSaaS to cloud-connected access control.

June 25th

Recordings are found at the bottom of this report.

10:00am Vaion: Unified data and physical security platform offering hybrid cloud, mobile and AI analytics.

10:30am Rhombus: Network and cyber experts offering smart cameras with onboard storage, cloud VMS, and hosted video backup.

11:00am Webeye: Intelligent cloud remote monitoring platform for virtual guard and alarm visual verification.

11:30am Evercam: AI smart cameras for remote construction project timelapse & site management.

12:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Qumulex: offering a cloud-based, mobile-first, unified access control and video surveillance solution presented by Dan Rittman -President, Tom Buckley -VP Sales & Marketing

1:30pm IPVM: IPVM overview of the VSaaS state of market

2:00pm Vcloud.AI: AI powered cloud video surveillance and video analytics with IoT and automation.

2:30pm Agent VI: Cloud or on-premise real-time video analysis with alerts, video search, and business intelligence.

3:00pm Cisco Meraki: No more NVRs, Built in Analytics, drastically Simplified Management / Operations and more.

3:30pm Acti: Cloud-ready solution that uses video analytics to optimize business with real-time event handling and reporting.

IPVM Moderates Seller's Presentations

While companies can present for free, IPVM experts will moderate all presentations, asking critical questions and pointing out general risks to consider. Moreover, the IPVM community will participate, bringing its collective wisdom to raise relevant issues.

Criteria Used For Selection

No presenters pay IPVM anything. It is free to presenters to ensure that anyone can present and IPVM is not biased towards the presenters (as traditional shows all work). We will reviewed all submissions and provide feedback individually on selection. IPVM will continue to host shows with different themes throughout the year.

How The Live Presentation Works

IPVM will moderate the 20-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute QA session. IPVM will ask questions on behalf of the audience.

Presentations Recorded On-Demand

IPVM wants to give presenters maximum exposure to the IPVM community. Every presentation will become its own IPVM post, e.g., “Company X Presents” that includes the video, a short written overview, video, the transcript, our analysis, the presenter’s contact information and any comments that members want to ask.

Future Shows - Access Control is Next

If you are an Access Control company that wants to present to the IPVM community, for free, apply by sending an email to onlineshows@ipvm.com or adam@ipvm.com.

Show Recordings

Watch the entire VSaaS Show On-Demand including IPVM's 'State of the VSaaS Market', Presented by John Honovich.

IPVM's '***** ** *** ***** ******'









Cisco ******


Eagle ***









Network *****



Rhombus *******







Comments (28)

Some of these companies have presented VSaaS in IPVM Online Shows already. For example, Milestone and IPConfigure. Will the presentations be different this time around or will they cover mainly the same material?

Also, is Hanwha going to present WAVE? I see that NetworkOptix is also going to do a presentation, so...

Yes, we've asked that presentations be different. We will be reviewing all presentations before the show.

Hanwha is presenting Wave and Network Optix NX Witness VMS. Hearing both providers will give members an understanding how each of the company's solution is different- Hanwha is offering an end-to-end system with Wave. Network Optix is a software only platform.

We will provide updates on specific presentation topics later this week.

UPDATE: Show schedule updated with new additions.

No Verkada eh? hhhm.....

The show is open to any relevant manufacturer with no charge or cost to them, same for Arcules, as an example.

Why is the "IPVM - state of the VSaaS market" presentation at 1:30 on the last day? Wouldn't it make more sense as the first presentation or final presentation?

After doing three shows- we've found that the final afternoon has a drop off in attendance. We hope that adding this presentation will increase the number of attendees on the final afternoon.

Also, we added the "state of market" after we announced the schedule to presenting companies. So rather than inconveniencing an entire day for an IPVM presentation, we slotted ourselves in where there was an opening.

Its worth noting that all presentations will be recorded and can be watched on-demand.

interested in what others think....

is the 2pm slot on day 3 (following the IPVM State of the Market slot) a good slot to be in - or not so much?

my initial thought was that this would be a great spot to be in..... but I sense at least some danger in following such a thing.

I'm rooting for Vcloud

Does anyone know who is presenting the Cisco Meraki slot on Thursday?

We're in BST and CET and before we shift evening plans around, we wanted to make sure this will be demonstrating something new from Cisco MV that we've not already seen by attending European webinars earlier this year.

Many thanks!

Matthew Schaner : Sales Director : Commercial East is scheduled to present.

Matthew Schaner

Thank you!

Where can I watch on-demand video for yesterday?

We plan to post recordings tomorrow morning to this report. Thanks for your first comment!

Thank you for your notice!

Update: Day 1 recordings are available at the end of this report.

kind of interesting that VSaaS came out of the gate targeting SMB - primarily because of physical limitations they had no control over.... and now that these physical limitations have been mitigated to some extent, recent VSaaS offerings seem much more focused on Enterprise.

is this just an example of Sutton's Law?

Sutton's law - Wikipedia

IPVM Image

Can any of them support higher than 1080p uploads? With most IP cameras supporting above 4MP

Can any of them support higher than 1080p uploads?

Many (most) VSaaSes are still primarily storing locally. Do you want all video to be stored in the cloud?

We do. Have partners with 4K cameras streaming to the cloud.

I work for Eagle Eye, and we support up to 10MP. The reality is that bandwidth becomes a bit of a concern, but if you have the bandwidth, we can support it. Personally I have an 8MP camera running at my house, and it works great. (It's a bit of overkill for looking at my front door, but when the Amazon guy leaves a package I can practically read the barcode.)

Disclosing that I work for Tyco. Tyco Cloud supports 8MP resolution cameras (cloud cameras and gateways that support most common camera including Axis etc.. and ONVIF) up to 4mbps and from 7 days 24X7 (or 168 hours of motion detected video) up to 5 years of cloud storage.

Update: Day 2 recordings are available at the end of this report.

Update: Day 3 recordings are available at the end of this report.

Will the chat transcript be posted ?

Why now cannot view the online video ? PLease kindly advise of new link that I can view

Manminder, thanks for your first comment. I reviewed each video posted at the end of this report and confirmed they all play. Can you tell which video you are unable to view? Alternatively, you can visit the VSaaS show home page to view the presentations.

IPCONFIGURE UPDATE - After receiving feedback from the "VSaaS Online Show" IPConfigure has announced 1080p @ 15fps support and two lower cost pricing tiers for Alto Cloud recording...

- 500 GB Storage - $38 per camera MSRP

- 250 GB Storage - $32 per camera MSRP (purchased in blocks of 2 cameras)

- 125 GB Storage - $28 per camera MSRP (purchased in blocks of 4 cameras)

Note, with 500GB of storage we are seeing 99+ days of retention using Orchid's 24hr "Continuous Recording" profile on the scene below.

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