Phone Camera Calculator Released

By IPVM Team, Published Mar 10, 2020, 08:10am EDT

IPVM has released the first-ever Phone Calculator, video surveillance design software that you can use on your phone, without installing an app.

Watch the video for an overview:

Any professional can take out their phone and design a video surveillance system right on the spot, no PC, no iPad, no app.

Developed in-house in the USA:

Features Google maps integration that lets you use satellite, road and street views:

Allows adding floorplans directly from your phone:

Pick from over 10,000 video surveillance camera models from 100+ manufactures embedded in the software:

Set markups to your plan:

Select your camera settings:

Plus, see PPF / PPM previews:

And lastly, take photos of what you want the camera to cover and load it to plans instantly:

IPVM's Camera Calculator design tool is the most used surveillance industry design software on the market - with over 600,000 cameras calculated. The Phone Calculator is a one-of-a-kind design solution that will save time and money.

Try it now and tell us what you think!

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