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Oct, 2021: Defigo Solution presents security for buildings.

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Genetec Analytics

Sep, 2020: Genetec presents its portfolio of unified analytics for Security Center offering both open platform and thi... more

Microsoft Analytics

Sep, 2020: Microsoft presents Azure's Live Video Analytics (LVA), a platform to build AI-based video solutions and app... more

Lilin Analytics

Sep, 2020: Lilin presents its traffic management system featuring vehicle analytics, Edge AI, and private cloud.

Mobotix Analytics

Sep, 2020: Mobotix presents mask detection, person counting and social distancing analytics focused on the process of ... more

Ipsotek Analytics

Sep, 2020: Ipsotek presents people, vehicle, object and behavior detection.

Avigilon Analytics

Sep, 2020: Avigilon presents its Focus of Attention (FoA) video analytics monitoring.

Arteco Analytics

Sep, 2020: Arteco presents its analytics solution to classify objects by type, direction, speed, and color.

Ironyun Analytics

Sep, 2020: Ironyun presents Vaido, offering over 2000 vehicle model identification along with other AI-powered analytics.

Axxonsoft Analytics

Sep, 2020: Axxonsoft presents analytics for facial recognition, behavior recognition, and event detection.

Camio Analytics

Sep, 2020: Camio presents human and vehicle detection.

Intel Analytics

Sep, 2020: Intel presents their portfolio of solutions for edge-based, deep learning.

Agent Vi Analytics

Sep, 2020: Agent Vi presents InnoVi - featuring event detection, forensic investigation, statistical applications and ... more

Security And Safety Things Analytics

Sep, 2020: S&ST's presents AI video analytics developers for facial recognition and object classification featured in ... more

Bosch Security Analytics

Sep, 2020: Bosch presents cameras with on-board analytics and an introduction to the Inteox camera platform.

Axis Analytics

Sep, 2020: Axis presents its analytic portfolio with details related to artificial intelligence and deep learning supp... more

Oyla Analytics

Aug, 2020: Oyla presents person counting and social distancing analytics using lidar with visible camera streams .

ViiSights Analytics

Aug, 2020: ViiSights presents behavioral recognition capabilities for real-time video intelligence including some Covi... more

Davantis Analytics

Aug, 2020: Davantis presents its combined deep learning and machine learning for low resolution, long distance intrusi... more

Currux Vision Analytics

Aug, 2020: Currex Visio presents its edge based deep learning / AI ITS and "Smart Mobility" capabilities for highway, ... more

Cvedia Analytics

Aug, 2020: Cvedia, a FLIR-backed AI startup, presents edge-based analytics for people, vehicle, gun, behavior, and fev... more

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